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Metallica Presentation for Rock & Roll History class

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Metallica presentation

  1. 1. #Kill Em All#
  2. 2. Who is METALLICA? Kirk Hammett Lars Ulrich James HetfieldCliff Burton
  3. 3. Early Metallica• Name from “Encyclopedia Metallica”• Originally Dave Mustane was in band prior to Hammett replacing him• Quickly pieced together “Hit the Lights” for Brian Slagel‟s Metal Massacre mixtape• No “Life til Leather” demo tape• Left L.A. for San Francisco bay area scene• Cliff burton joins permanently upon relocation
  4. 4. *The Juggernaut Grows... Dominatio• Metallica‟s goal from creation:• Dave partied to much… had n go. to• Band rewrote “mechanix” on their demo to “Four horsemen” on kill „em all• Band finds niche: be metallica not motley crue• Underground hit gets attention of Elektra Records
  5. 5. * PRODUCTION & RE-RELEASE *• Originally Released on megaforce in 1983• Rereleased after Ride the Lightning went GOLD• Elektra remastered it to try to profit on Thrash Metal movement
  6. 6. #Boosting Associated Genres#• Re-release sparked interest in underground genres:• Power Metal• Thrash Metal!• DID NOT SPAWN GENREs!
  7. 7. PlaguedSuicidal Tendacies Insanity Testament Anthrax KreatorSlaughter Megadeth Thrash MetalEXODUS Toxic Holoca Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Nuclear Assault Slayer Sodom Voivod
  8. 8. What is Thrash THRASH METAL!!!! #Fast paced percussion HardcoreNWOBHMNew Wavecomplexity Punk: and of British Heavy of NWOBHMMetal: Dead +Judas PriestSaxon Kennedys *power, angerIron Maiden and speedAngel Witch of punk Circle JerksWitchfinder General Bad Brains Bad Religion Agnostic
  9. 9. Noble Beast HelloweenManowar Iced Eart POWER METAL Jag PanzerHammerfall Turisas Blind Guardian Brocas Helm
  10. 10. Power Metal is…• Faster and more Riff driven than NWOBHM• More fantasy based than Thrash Metal lyrically• Clean singing vocals rather than shouting• More “Traditional” style of metal• No punk influence
  11. 11. The impact of this album on the world of metal• Kicked out Dave Mustane for being an alcoholic after the release of ‚No Life Til Leather‛ demo• Mustane created Megadeth• Exodus became legends in their own right with ‚bonded by blood‛• Over night Kill ‘em All & ride the lightning decimated glam metal• Opened the door for european Power metal to gain mainstream popularity
  12. 12. Well, Cliff Died• … or rather got crushed by a tour bus Kinda like that 
  13. 13. Let the ego’s roam• After Cliff died, they hired a much abused bassist named Jason Newsted• Did “…and justice for all” mixed out bass• Could hear Newsted in Black album• After black album progressively became less “metal” culminating in Load & Reload Albums• In 2000 lawsuit with napster, online tape trading became “traitors to metal”• After napster trial, metallica made st. anger and death magnetic
  14. 14. #Their Legacy#• Brought about the death of Glam Metal (Poison, Dangerous Toys, Whitesnake, Bulletboys, Motley Crue)• Brought Power Metal and Thrash Metal into the homes of billions leading the way for a new era of metal• Without metallica chances are you wouldn‟t know of slayer, mercyful fate, rammstein, cannibal corpse, or pantera• Fell victim to becoming too big and became detached from their genre for greater popular appeal, abandoned metal in the 90s• Ultimately became what they Destroyed in the first place, ironic
  15. 15. Giving Credit where it is due• Sound of the Beast, The Complete Head Banging History of Heavy Metal. Ian Christe•• www. *naturally*• www.•