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Creating and Implementing Green Plans: EU Case Study
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Creating and Implementing Green Plans: EU Case Study


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Herman Sips, an environmental policy maker with the Netherlands and EU describes the EU Green Plan

Herman Sips, an environmental policy maker with the Netherlands and EU describes the EU Green Plan

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Crises, Houses and lending policy Herman Sips October 16th 2008
  • 2. Courtroad See you in court
  • 3. Crises, what crisis?
    • The time is ticking
    • It may effect billions of people
    • It is a system crises
    • The costs of non-action are higher then the costs of action
    • We need a global respons
  • 4. Our capital
  • 5. Crises
  • 6. People: HJ Bodem Food, fibres Renewable Non renewables Abiotisch Sun, wind Fossils, minerals, metals Profit : products, services ,physical stocks Biotisch Biobased economy Flux-based economy Minerals-based economy t 4Footprint 5 Ecosystem services Space 1 2 3 E nergy Natural capitaal Design 6 Valuation planet
  • 7. Opportunities
    • Clean Clever Competitive
    • Sustainable Industrial Policy/SCP
    • Natural Resource Strategy
    • Climate and Energy package
  • 8. Toprunners
  • 9. “ It’s the environment stupid”
    • A new inconvenient truth?
    • Decouple neg.impacts from resource use from GDP-growth
    • Knowledge gathering, Pol.Assessment
    • Prioritisation
    • Targetsetting
  • 10.  
  • 11. Proposal Commission, jan 2008
    • Review EU ETS
    • Effort sharing non EU ETS
    • Directive on promotion of renewable energy (targets and trade)
    • Directive on carbon capture and storage (legislative framework, demonstration projects)
  • 12. Proposal Commission
    • A EU wide cap (40% of all emissions, 28 billion Euro)
    • CO2 allowances available in 2020: 1720 Mt
    • - 21% compared to 2005 emissions
    • Can be adjusted to stricter target
    • Increase scope: aviation to be included
    • Harmonised allocations rules
  • 13. Proposal: allocation
    • Basic principle for allocation is auctioning
    • Full auctioning power sector as of 2013
    • Partial free allocation to industry- in principle fased out by 2020
    • Report on carbon leakage by 2011 and make proposal if apprioate
    • Auctioning rights distributed to Member States: more rights to MS with lower GDP/capita
    • Earmarking of revenues??
  • 14.