I pad 101


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I pad 101

  1. 1. iPad 101:Just theBasicsRobert PetittoInstructional Technology Specialist
  2. 2. iPad Overview
  3. 3. Overview Multi-touch technology Up to 10 hours of battery life Instant on Internal mic WiFi HD video camera Built-in accessibility features Free iOS updates
  4. 4. Product Care/Safety Do not leave the iPad unattended  Geolocation is possible when absolutely necessary  Do not delete or disable Location Services! Cleaning the iPad  Do not use  Window cleaners  Household cleaners  Aerosol sprays  Alcohol, Ammonia or other Solvents  Use  Lint free, non-abrasive cloth
  5. 5. iPad Controls
  6. 6. Home Screen StatusBar Grid of Apps App Dock
  7. 7. Status Bar Time Wireless connection indicator Bluetooth Rotation Lock Battery status Tap on the Status Bar once to quickly scroll to the top
  8. 8. iPad Navigation
  9. 9. Home Button Press 1x = Home Screen Press 2x = Multitasking Menu Bar Press 3x = Enable Guided Access Long Press = Activate SIRI (iPad 3, 4)
  10. 10. Multitasking Menu Bar Open  Double-Press Home Button Switch Between Open Apps  Swipe horizontally and press app icon Access iTunes Player controls  Swipe left-to-right (max) Close Open Apps  Long-press on icon until it wiggles; press on red ‘-’
  11. 11. 1-Finger Swiping. Top to Bottom  Notifications Right, left  Switch between screens Left-to-Right (max)  Spotlight Search
  12. 12. On-Screen Keyboard Activate/Hide Long-Press = Symbols/Characters Split
  13. 13. Rearrange Apps . Long-pressan icon until it wiggles Drag and drop icon to a new location/screen
  14. 14. Creating Folders Long-press an icon until it wiggles Drag the icon on top of another to group them together into a folder Type in the name of your created folder
  15. 15. Multi-Touch Gestures 4-Finger Swipe  Left, Right = switch between open apps  Bottom-to-Top = view Multitasking Menu Bar 5-Finger Scale  Return to Home Screen from an open app
  16. 16. iPad Settings
  17. 17. Wi-Fi Select/Connect
  18. 18. General Settings Software (iOS) Updates Date & Time Auto-Lock Restrictions Accessibility
  19. 19. Privacy Location Services MUST STAY ON!
  20. 20. iPad Apps
  21. 21. Absolute Management AbsoluteApps  If an App the district installed needs to be updated  If the district wants you to install a particular App  DO NOT DELETE AbsoluteSafe  Used by the district to manage the device  Used to share documentation  DO NOT DELETE
  22. 22. Web-Browsing Click textbox to open keyboard Add new tab Close tab Clear text Add a bookmarkSafari Long press for more
  23. 23. Requesting Apps1. As a committee, research apps  Read app reviews on iTunes  Consider vetted apps from sites like Appitic2. Compose a list of apps  Be as clear, specific and detailed as possible  Include Name, Publisher, Cost, Category, Purpose3. Email list to Building Administrator for approval4. Admin. emails approved list to HelpDesk