For Release 03 August 2009: Corp-to-Corp Direct Only

 Subject:    Availability for Contract Engineering Design/Analysis ...
optimizing reliability. Methodology centers on circuit and mathematical analysis, doing AC
mathematical analysis using Mat...
DC/AC resonant output power supply 100 W loaded by eight or more CCFL lamps,
while at Ceyx.
•   One and a half year co-design, and one and a half year as sole-responsible
    electrical engineer for concept to manu...
verification tests at outside compliance verification    labs   in   their   anechoic
        chambers, labs, and open air...
•   Analyze and correct faults in prior-art MOSFET bridge AC/AC UPS using ultra-
                                 CONTRACT RATES

Corp-to-Corp ‘direct-only’ rates are presently $120.00/hou...

                       ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

       RESEARCH                                  DEVEL...

•   Delaware Corporation, Incorporated April 30, 2008.
•   Federal Employer Identifica...
Ray Maroon
                                               158 Coop Court
Ray Maroon page 2

Engineer/Consultant, 2008-Present, (Self-employed) Volt Amp Consulting, Inc., Solana...
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Vac Cover Letter, Business Profile, Resume Graphics E Letterhead Handout 03 August 2009


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B-to-B services-offering letter.

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Vac Cover Letter, Business Profile, Resume Graphics E Letterhead Handout 03 August 2009

  1. 1. For Release 03 August 2009: Corp-to-Corp Direct Only Subject: Availability for Contract Engineering Design/Analysis of Power, Analog Circuits Reference: Program Requirements Suitable for Contracted Resources To The Senior Technical Manager: V olt Amp Consulting, Inc. (VAC) invites you to consider the merit of applying Amp Consulting, V skills which they offer to your company’s contract-engineering needs. A business profile and the principal’s personal resume are appended to this correspondence. Over 20 years experience in research, design, and development of power conversion, analog, digital, and control circuits and systems is available for contributing toward success of your project. RESEARCH •• FOUNDATIION FOR DESIIGN RESEARCH FOUNDAT ON FOR DES GN Research capability focuses on providing answers to each new question raised during an investigation, building an “…first find a new understanding on the foundation of having effect; then try to successfully worked through prior questions. explain explain it.” A laboratory notebook is kept to identify SOURCE UPON REQUEST and record any deficiencies in understanding; consideration is then devoted to each deficiency until an answer, or working hypothesis is developed. Activities during the mornings may be devoted to laboratory studies, testing previous hypotheses, and putting to use the previous learned lessons; and activities during the afternoons to following-up and developing answers or hypotheses to new questions uncovered in the morning’s session. Goals vary as do business plans for various entities, but generally the objective is to create product for spin-off to a center of competency for commercial design. DESIIGN •• PERFORMANCE AND LIIMIITS DES GN PERFORMANCE AND L M TS Design analysis emphasis is on optimizing functional performance, limiting worst case parameter drifts within end-of-life tolerance limits, controlling effects of faults, and
  2. 2. optimizing reliability. Methodology centers on circuit and mathematical analysis, doing AC mathematical analysis using MathCad to process the matrix algebra comprising circuit nets and Laplace variables. Mathematical analysis is the primary method to stabilize feedback control loops, where PSPICE AC simulation is sometimes used as an adjunct. Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a more methodical approach to the aforementioned design and analysis emphasis, and a FMEA spreadsheet can be provided which formalizes, and documents its results. A mission-critical design will therefore be approached differently than a high-volume manufactured low-cost consumer design, in terms of addressing fault modes. The goal here is to avoid unexpected results which would translate into end user dissatisfaction; and which adversely affect manufacturer’s reputation in its market, or unnecessarily reduce manufacturing efficiency thus increasing operating costs. DESIIGN •• ELECTROMAGNETIIC COMPLIIANCE DES GN ELECTROMAGNET C COMPL ANCE A year of skills experience is concentrated in studying, promoting and verifying electro- magnetic compliance (EMC) of several models of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS’s) from 500W to 3kW. Laboratory work involved use of both Advantek and Hewlett-Packard spectrum analyzers, different line impedance stabilization networks (LISN’s), and a custom fabricated test area with grounded copper sheets lining the back wall and floor. Verification lab work was participated in at independent EMC laboratories, in their anechoic chambers and on open-air stages. An emphasis on high-volume manufactured low-cost UPS products, and mitigation of their inherently noisy technology resulted in a need to perform extensive design and verification efforts. The goal here is to establish as statistically significant a level of assurance as feasible that the manufacturer’s product will continue performing within compliance limits throughout its manufacturing life; and avoid the expense of frequent retesting or of addressing complaints generated by competitors or end-users. RESEARCH AND DESIIGN •• ANALYTIICAL MODELIING RESEARCH AND DES GN ANALYT CAL MODEL NG To support research, design and development activities, VAC provides skills using PSPICE for AC and transient simulation studies from several job assignments, notably at Elgar; and with using MathCad in several assignments, for matrix-based mathematical analysis at Elgar, and Fourier Series analysis which approximates first order skin-effect power dissipation for POWCON. MATLAB was used to solve matrices and generate graphical results for an attempt to model the high voltage performance of a bridge
  3. 3. DC/AC resonant output power supply 100 W loaded by eight or more CCFL lamps, while at Ceyx. Tasks such as modeling output behavior with negative resistance loads and time- variant relationships are among the most difficult for which to try to achieve satisfactory results, especially when limited to AC methods of non-hysteretic linear analysis. Mathematical analysis involves also solving algebra or calculus equations manually to yield an analytical solution form, for comprehensive level of understanding and easier dissemination of conclusions. Essential analytical assistance and coaching has been passed along to associates at all levels. See VAC’s web site for exhibits of prior analytical approaches and results: RESEARCH AND DESIIGN •• POWER CONVERTERS EXPERTIISE RESEARCH AND DES GN POWER CONVERTERS EXPERT SE The following describes design experience that relates most closely with switched-mode power conversion (SMP), very often also involving mentoring of associates: • Two years as sole responsible electrical engineer for concept to manufacturing hand-off of auto- ranging single phase 110/220 VAC input, MOSFET forward converter AC/DC SMP, up to 40 V at 140 A output electronic welding system. Used MathCad to create a first- order model of skin effect power dissipation using Fourier Series.
  4. 4. • One and a half year co-design, and one and a half year as sole-responsible electrical engineer for concept to manufacturing hand-off of single phase 110/220 VAC input, bipolar transistor bridge AC/DC SMP, providing up to seven output levels in 300 W output power systems for computer devices. • One year as sole-responsible electrical engineer for research to design hand-off of 12 VDC input, MOSFET bridge DC/AC SMP, 6 kV 100 W resonant output sub-system to drive cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) load for back-light display. Used MATLAB to attempt to model performance, and create a design tool to spin-off to commercial design group. • Four years experience, as sole-responsible electrical engineer, using adapted prior-art design modules with my custom magnetic designs and packaging, for concept to manufacturing hand-off of three phase 220/460 and 525 VAC input, MOSFET double-ended and paralleled single-ended forward converter AC/DC SMP, multiple units ranging from 10 kW to 20 kW, 400 VDC plasma metal arc cutting systems. Also, several months experience as sole-responsible electrical engineer paralleling two existing 60 Hz current sourcing AC/DC power systems for up to 1000 A plasma arc metal cutting, including my custom designs for remote ignition of plasma arc, sequencing arc ignition with combinations of fuel gas, shielding gas and water shielding. Used PSPICE. • One year supporting development of single phase 110/220 VAC input, MOSFET and IGBT bridge AC/AC SMP, multiple UPS units 500 W to 3 kW AC output. Used PSPICE for various small simulations. • One year as sole-responsible electrical engineer, designing electromagnetic compliance solutions for various MOSFET bridge AC/AC UPS’s, with activities including bench testing using spectrum analyzers and LISN’s; and participating in
  5. 5. verification tests at outside compliance verification labs in their anechoic chambers, labs, and open air measurement facilities. The pre-concept goals of this design are usually set in priority of schedule, cost, performance, and reliability. Priorities are seldom independent of each other: a more ambitious schedule may be met at a higher cost. RESEARCH AND DESIIGN •• ANALOG//DIIGIITAL SYSTEMS EXPERTIISE RESEARCH AND DES GN ANALOG D G TAL SYSTEMS EXPERT SE The following design experience relates to non-power train analog circuit design: • Five years sole-responsible electrical engineer designing analog and digital ‘glue’ circuits for precision instrumentation programmable bridge AC/DC SMP systems; design and analysis of feedback control circuits. One notable project involved paralleling of two power modules in a manner that retains original calibration precision of component modules, yet doesn’t require recalibration for each unique pairing. Active analog two and four pole filter designs were of the Bessel type in order to closely match the time characteristic, but with insertion of a constant group delay. Butterworth active filters were investigated, and discarded as not being a best-fit for the specific applications. Designed optically-isolated analog signal channels with high bandwidth capability, and -0.5 V to 5.0 V output range. Designed buffer filter circuits which accepted inputs in one range, and produced outputs scaled to a different range: either or both inputs and output were affine functions, where offsets and gains were not identical. Designed complex asynchronous digital circuit, later assisting in conversion to a programmable gate array, for controlling sequencing between master and slave paralleled power modules, and interface with embedded microcontroller. Anticipated and addressed potential fault mode through use of industrial type fail- safe: start/stop functions were logically separated, which later facilitated easier retrofit design to meet new requirements. Used MathCad, with PSPICE AC simulation as an adjunct, in a major way to design and verify feedback stability, and verify second order Bessel filter and other amplifier circuit performance measures. • Design of ultra-low stand-by power, fault-tolerant voltage monitor circuit for battery system comprising ultra-capacitors, including many protection features for mission-critical NATO field application. Stand-by 12V battery current draw was below 1 uA. Used MathCad to verify fourth-order Bessel active analog filter, and affine transfer function amplifier circuits.
  6. 6. • Analyze and correct faults in prior-art MOSFET bridge AC/AC UPS using ultra- bridge capacitors as energy storage elements. Previous stated goals, and results that integrate well into a system are sought. NATIIONAL CONTRACT PEDIIGREE NAT ONAL CONTRACT PED GREE The principal’s prior contract engagements date back to 1991 in West Lebanon, NH for one year, assisting in development of forward converter power modules for a 20 kW plasma arc cutting system; 1993 in San Diego, CA for two years, designing a forward converter 5 kW welding system; and recently, to provide evaluation services on OEM hospital installed equipment, both at client’s office in Southern California, and at VAC’s home office in Encinitas, CA. VAC can assume either definite or indefinite term contracts, and can provide a high quality of service at its home office, your site, or your client’s location. VAC’s business ethic recognizes that as a client, you should have a right to expect a formal report for reference purposes. Here is an example of the report format which VAC provides:
  7. 7. CONTRACT RATES CONTRACT RATES Corp-to-Corp ‘direct-only’ rates are presently $120.00/hour for work sites from San Diego to North County, CA; and $140.00/hour in other areas. VAC’s tools are available for use in many situations. Contract work may also be performed from VAC’s home office at times, or exclusively, and a blended rate is available if this is something you might appreciate. Please contact VAC for availability and a quote. VAC’s goal is to satisfy you with the level of service and value that will ensure your use of our services whenever future need arises. Sincerely yours,
  9. 9. CORPORATE PROFILE LEGAL ATTRIBUTES • Delaware Corporation, Incorporated April 30, 2008. • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) 26-2532413. • Sole Officer: Ray Maroon, 158 Coop Court, Encinitas, CA 92024. • Corporate Physical Address: 158 Coop Court, Encinitas, CA 92024. • Primary Business of Corporation: Electrical Engineering Consulting Services to OEM Clients. BUSINESS ATTRIBUTES • Primary corporate checking account: Chase/Washington Mutual, 105 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024. • General liability insurance: Travelers, policy 60467-12-82, general liability aggregate limit $2M. • General liability insurance agent: Carlos Kremer, agent 99-56-355, office (858)-486-5400. • Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S number: 808759661 . • Web address: • Usual billing interval, terms: Weekly, Net 15 Days. HOME OFFICE CAPABILITIES • Color LaserJet (FAX, color laserjet scanner/copier/printer). • Desktop computer: 3 GHz Pentium 4CPU; 1 GB RAM; 70” 1080i display. • Floor safe: 211 lbs, 2 hour-fire; 8”, 24 hour-water ratings; protects digital data media. • Paper shredder: paper cross-cut 5/64” X 5/16”; CD/DVD shred . • DSL broadband service. REMOTE SITE CAPABILITIES • National Access Broadband service; wireless broadband service capable; ethernet capable. • Laptop computer: 2 GHz Pentium 2 duo; 4 GB RAM; OfficeJet portable color printer. • Laboratory instruments & tools: 500 MHz real-time digitizing oscilloscope with HF probes of 10:1 & 100:1 & 1000:1, current amplifier with HF current probes rated 20 & 100 ADC, true RMS (0.7%) multi-meter, ESD-safe soldering station.
  10. 10. Ray Maroon 158 Coop Court Encinitas, California 92024 USA (800) 865-8267 / (800) Volt Amp SUMMARY OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Expertise designing Bridge and Forward-Converter switch-mode power (SMP) systems •• Over twenty years of R & D experience designing analog circuits and systems for power, control. •• Sole electrical design responsibility: Bridge & Forward-Converter AC/DC SMP systems; analog & digital interfaces. •• Researched and developed 60 kHz Bridge DC/AC resonant 4 kV 100 W dual polarity for CCFL backlights. •• Sub-system design responsibilities for programmable AC/DC SMP: analog and control circuits. •• Designed all SMP magnetic components. •• Designed novel circuits; awarded patent. •• Designed system, and sub-system circuits for power instrumentation. •• Designed Bridge & Forward-Converter AC/DC welding and cutting systems to 10 kW; computers 180 W up. •• Designed ignition energy circuits to 10 MHz and 7 kVAC to ignite electrical plasmas in argon, nitrogen and air. •• Designed circuits for controlling 100 kW DC arc cutting process by sequencing nitrogen, fuel gas, shielding water, arc ignition, pilot and process currents. •• Proficiency with PSPICE, Mathcad. Experience with MATLAB, Altium, Autocad. •• Analyzed heatsink temperature cycling with electrical analog; transformer current skin effect with Fourier Series and Mathcad. •• Experience with EMC meeting Class A and B requirements of FCC 47 CFR Part 15 and CISPR22. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Designed and developed novel and innovative solutions •• Advanced employer’s technology with solution to permit precision current programming of parallel modules.. •• Advanced employer’s technology with circuit, US Patent 6,239,961, to protect against misconnected sense leads. •• Generated customer interest in over $500K of equipment by contributing article to NASA Tech Briefs. •• Reduced cost with sense winding on an output filter inductor. Showed to Unitrode who included in UC3848. •• Reduced cost in 1991 with permanent-magnet biasing of inductor core. •• Reduced power dissipation in 1993 with two-step voltage-driven MOSFET gate drive circuit. •• Reduced diode susceptibility to arc-voltage transients in 1991 with saturable output inductance. •• Increased switching speeds for interleaved MOSFET modules in 1992 with current fed gate drive circuit. •• Improved output cross-regulation with coupled inductor in 1981. Group subsequently adopted technology.
  11. 11. Ray Maroon page 2 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Engineer/Consultant, 2008-Present, (Self-employed) Volt Amp Consulting, Inc., Solana Beach, CA Provide electrical engineering contract services to OEM clients. Evaluate power quality of hospital. Evaluate AC/DC SMP design, workmanship, reliability, susceptibility to line transients. Make formal reports: results, conclusions, safety issues. Senior Engineer, 2006-2007, Maxwell Technologies, San Diego, CA Designed system to monitor voltage/temperature of ultra-capacitor modules: analog affine signals; fourth order Bessel; standby current less than 1 uA. Used Altium schematic capture. Analyzed ultra-capacitor energy and voltage utilization for optimum series capacities. Supported manager’s presentation of conclusions by supplying results of ultra-capacitance tolerance analysis. Used Mathcad to verify Bessel filters, and affine transfer function amplifier circuits. Mentoring. Senior Engineer, 2005-2006, Ceyx Technologies, San Diego, CA Research effort and subsequent development of CCFL backlight DC/AC SMP to host proprietary IC. 100 W, 60 kHz resonant output half-bridge. Discover and describe theory of operation; analyze parasitic effects for dual, interleaved opposite polarity 2 kVAC outputs. Kept daily detailed technical log of oscillograms, results, hypothesis, and conclusions. Subsequently determined and demonstrated a tuned solution. Developed MATLAB model attempting CCFL performance sensitivity analysis and prediction. Mentoring. Senior Engineer, 1997-2002, Elgar/Sorenson, San Diego, CA Helped design Phase-Shift PWM Bridge AC/DC 1200 W converter: feedback control and compensation, front end. Designed analog five-channel, 70 kHz bandwidth, output-isolated programming/read-back circuits; Butterworth and Bessel filters. Designed load-sharing and control interface to parallel programmable power systems; derived equation for novel precision programming; authored paper to describe. Designed controls and supervisory circuits for precision-instrumentation power systems. Designed circuit, US Patent 6,239,961, to protect against overvoltage: authored paper in NASA Tech Briefs published, August, 1999. Analyzed feedback stability, affine transfer function amplifier circuits, other circuits using Mathcad and PSPICE. Layout consulting to Intel, for my high speed, low voltage test load circuit. Mentoring; supplying direction to technicians. Senior Design Engineer, 1995-1997, Deltec, San Diego, CA Assisting development of Swedish team’s design for Bridge AC/AC UPS line, to 3kW. Extensive EMC mitigation. Autocad, PSPICE, modeling IGBT losses, solving microprocessor broadband noise susceptibility. Mentoring; supplying direction to technicians. Consultant and Senior Electrical Engineer, 1993-1995, POWCON (Miller Electric), San Diego, CA Sole EE design and development responsibility for portable Forward-Converter AC/DC 130 A electronic arc welding system: 50 kHz closed-loop; novel circuits; analyzed skin effect with Mathcad, heat-sink with electrical analog. Supplying direction to technicians. Contract Employee and Senior Electrical Engineer, 1991-1992, Thermal Dynamics, West Lebanon, NH Assisted in developing a modular paralleled Forward-Converter AC/DC SMP plasma-arc cutting 20 kW system. Input-series output- parallel (ISOP) architecture. Saturable inductance protects diodes from arc-voltage transients. Permanent magnet biased inductor. Project Engineer, 1988-1991, L-TEC (ESAB), Florence, SC Developed AC/DC SMP systems to plasma-arc cut with 400 VDC, 35 A and 70 A. Double-ended Forward-Converter used MOSFETs. Plasma ignition circuits; novel high voltage tank circuit, 1000 A PLC state-machine. PSPICE. Supplying direction to technicians. Business Equipment Leasing Broker & Manager, 1985-1988, Delray and Boca Raton, FL Leased business equipment. Managed business. Trained, supervised employees. Senior Associate Engineer, 1980-1985, IBM, Boca Raton, FL Sole EE design/development responsibility of Bridge AC/DC SMPS for computer equipment. Mentoring; supplying direction to technicians. Received bonus/award. Controller, pre-1980, Locations in Easton, PA, NYC, NY Six years overall experience, three as sole-responsible manager, managing bookkeeping office personnel, for meat packing plants, and chain of six supermarkets in NYC. Managed corporate banking affairs for up to seven banks simultaneously: initiated daily telephone funds transfer and aggregation. Full-charge bookkeeping responsibilities. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual statements and reports. EDUCATION Rutgers University, College of Engineering, New Brunswick, NJ, 1980, BSEE, high honors, GPA 3.59, Bio-Med Option includes coursework in Biology with labs, Cell and Animal Physiology with labs, and Organic Chemistry. Completed self-study during 2008 and 2009 of 1000 pages from ‘Human Physiology’ and ‘Anatomy & Physiology’ textbooks. INVENTIONS, AUTHORED PAPERS, AND PUBLICATIONS • • Granted US Patent 6,239,961, May 29, 2001: “Overvoltage Protection Circuit” • • “Supplementing Overvoltage Protection”, 8/99, published in NASA Tech Briefs • • “Accurate Programming of Output Current for Paralleled Converters in Modular, Multiple Output Power System”, 3/2000,unpublished