Ontario Human Rights Commission 2 Of 2


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Ontario Human Rights Commission 2 Of 2

  1. 1. ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION PUBLIC ADVISORY NOTICE ON THE PROHIBITED GROUNDS OF DISCRIMINATION – ACCESS TO EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES – ONTARIO WORKS PROGRAM Canadian Human Rights Commission – Air Canada is a federally regulated and HR Ontario is provincially regulated. ● Toronto (September 02, 2009) A York University law student, who was formally forced to withdraw from school, filed a notice of complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission on September 02, 2009. ● Pursuant to the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Minister's Office of the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services was served with notice of complaint following nuisance calls that were made over a period of time in between March 2009 and September 2009. ● At an online forum held today, September 04, 2009, the York student said that she has asked the Minister's Office to intervene since program officials were asked to cease and desist contacting her about information that is governed by the Canada Revenue Agency. ● In a public inquiry held online on August 20, 2009, the York student maintained that without a proper disciplinary hearing she is still a student and that any questions related to her employment history is a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code. ● The public outcry on this issue is palpable. There are profound concerns regarding York officials operations with members of he Special Investigations Unit dated to the time of York University's closure from the Supreme Court of Canada in 2006. ● The Ontario government's investigation calls for due diligence since the student had no public record at the time she sustained her admission to York University in 2003 since she had been already considered in 2000. ● The Canada-Ontario student loans program role serves us to show that York University is not autonomous and that it can be sued. The prohibited grounds of discrimination identified in this case are lack of access to employment resources and accommodation in education. ● The student is calling on the Ontario government who would like to share their specific concerns about the employment assessment process in Ontario for recent graduates and provide any information that they may have about their experience within the system. Anyone with information who can assist in this investigation can call (416) 534-5483. ● The Ombudsman is an officer of the legislature and is independent from the Ontario government. Similar to the Ontario Human Rights Commission it investigates complaints to oversee that systemic barriers can be reversed. ● Anyone who believes that they have information that might assist the Ontario Ombudsman in its investigation or the Ontario Human Rights Commission in its most recent discovery, please visit our website at www.slideshare.net/RosemaryDeCaires. ● 04/09/2009 00:00 EST Posted by : Rosemary DeCaires