A Foreigner in Britain


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Project about the book "A Foreigner in Britain" (Ed. Burlington) by Rita Bertolín, IES Mediterráneo (Málaga)

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A Foreigner in Britain

  3. 3. LONDONMONUMENTSBig Ben River ThamesChinatownTrafalgar SquareNotting HillWest End
  4. 4. LONDONCUSTOMSTRADITIONAL LONDON•In London, pubs close at 11 p.m.• In places where there are a lot ofpeople, everything is so civilised andnobody speaks loudly.• In New Year s Eve, people go toTrafalgar Square to celebrate it, andwhen the countdown of the Big Benstarts, people start shouthing andnobody can hear the bells.COSMOPOLITAN LONDON• In the tube, there are people fromlots of countries and nationalities, andit s something normal foreveryone, people from London is notsurprised.• Indian food is typically British.• There is a Caribbean Carnival lastweekend in August. Thousands ofpeople go and eat Indian food anddance Caribbean music.•There is a strange way of talkingcalled Cockney rhyming slang.Cockneys are from the East End ofLondon.
  5. 5. YORKMONUMENTSYork Minster Jorvik Viking Centre
  6. 6. YORKCUSTOMS• Vikings built the city, and there is a Viking museum in York.• There is a type of hotel, called bed and breakfast, and it s ahouse of a person who has some rooms and cooks breakfast forthe people who stay there. It s very cheap.• There is a window in the York Minster Cathedral which tells thestory of the beginning and end of the world.• There is a place called the Castle Museum, and there peoplesometimes hear the ghosts of former prisioners at night.
  7. 7. OXFORDMONUMENTSOxford UniversityMagdalen College
  8. 8. OXFORDCUSTOMS• The typical British meal is fish and chips.• Townspeople and university students don t get onwell. The problem began with the ScholasticaMassacre, two drunken students started to fight ina tavern, more people joined in the fight andhundreds of people were killed.• There is a medieval tradition which celebrates thearrival of spring. It s called The May Ball and theMay Morning. People dance elegant dances veryformal dressed, and in the sunrise people jumpinto a river with their expensives clothes and withbottles of champagne.
  9. 9. STAMFORDMONUMENTSBentleyMidnight Mass
  10. 10. STAMFORDCUSTOMS• They celebrate Christmas Eve in a very traditionalway, they eat turkey on Chistmas Day.• They go for a walk on Christmas morning, even if it ssnowing.• They sing a song called Oh Come, All Ye Faithful.• There are things called Christmas crackers, they arecylindrical, and made of different-coloured paper.Two people open it by pulling in each end, and insidethere is a coloured paper hat, a joke written on apiece of paper and a small present.
  11. 11. CARDIFFMONUMENTSCastle Coch Royal National Eisteddfod
  12. 12. CARDIFFCUSTOMS• A young man gives alovespoon to the girlhe likes as a symbolof his affection of her.• People do windsurfingon the beaches ofCardiff.Lovespoon
  13. 13. CORNWALLMONUMENTSTintagel Castle Chapel Porth
  14. 14. CORNWALLCUSTOMES• In Cornwall there are lots of stories about Giantsand Piskies. Piskies are old little men, twocentimetres tall, who are all indenticall. Theyhelp the old and play jokes on people.• There is a story about a priest who was memberof a group of pirates, but when he left the grouphe was brutally muredered by them.• Another story is about a Giant called Boster. Hehad terrorised the people of his village, but hefell in love of a girl. She told him to fill a hole in amountain and it didn t have buttom. The gianttried to fill it with his blood, and he died from theloss of blood.
  15. 15. MANCHESTERMONUMENTSOld Trafford Stadium Town Hall
  16. 16. MANCHESTERCUSTOMS• When people in Manchester see famouspeople, they get very excited, they startshouting, they try to speak with them andthey ask them for their autographs.• When people have to wait to go into a baror something, they stay in tidy lines andqueues, not in groups of people like inSpain.
  17. 17. EDINBURGHMONUMENTSMusic Festival of EdinburghOld Town of EdinburghEdinburgh Castle
  18. 18. EDINBURGHCUSTOMS• There is a Music Festival. There is an officialprograme of classical music, but at the sametime it started an unofficial festival on the fringeof the main festival. The festival has freeperformances and others that you have to pay.• In the Old City, when you go walking in thestreet, the actors of the festival advertise theirshows by giving leaflets to people who they see.You can collect 12 leaflets in only one street.
  19. 19. SCOTLANDMONUMENTSGrampian MountainsLoch Ness
  20. 20. SCOTLANDCUSTOMS• In Scotland it s always raining, and they don t cancell theevents if it rains.• There are a games called the Highland Games. In thesegames there are men who prove their strength. Theywear kilts.• A typical food in Scotland is the haggis. It s sheep sstomach with lamb inside it and onion, the heart…• There is a story about the building of a castle. The Lordof Cawdor filled a bag with gold to pay the castle, put thebag on a horse and he built the castle in the place wherethe horse stopped. The horse stopped under a tree, sohe built the castle around it.• The custom in New Year is that people stay at homeuntil after midnight, and a man with dark hair must comeinto your home bringing a piece of coal, a bag of salt anda drink.