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Importance about my film career profession & its newer developed film career details
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Importance about my film career profession & its newer developed film career details


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  • 1. Date : 025th / MAY / 2012.[ Business Networking : Importance About My Film Career Profession & ItsNewer Developed Film Career Details ]. [ My Top Corporate : M/s. Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. Co.; A Time WarnerCompany ; Edinburg – Scotland ; ScotLand ; with Concernity The CorporateBig Personalities : Mr. Dennis Rodman [ Managing Director ] ; Ms. McCarthyG. ( V.P. Communications ) From the Scotland Corporate Offices; [ Mr. JonGilBert [ President ) From the CaliFornia Office ]. [ All Total Set :02 Nos.] .To : The Web Site Connection MembersSubject / Topics : [Business Networking : Importance About My Film CareerProfession & Its Newer Developed Career Details].Dear All Concernity ;Its Always The Big Business Life In Future Time To Be On Great Lines ForHollywood / Bollywood / Tollywood Industries .Due to Newly English Film Released From Top Principals i.e. M/s. SonyPictures Inc. Co. & M/s. Paramount Pictures Inc. Co . That’s “ The Secret ofUnicorn : TIN TIN “ .[ It Coincidentaly Work For Me ; Too Be Very Good Fortune About toAcquire the Details Like the Secret Of Unicorn ]These Provides the Scientifically Explored Like Astrological Data FromAncient Time By Many Recognised Big Astrologers. Its with Some BigAstrologers with Astrological Data For Various Creativity Associating AboutSecret of Unicorn Leading Too Like : Baahya / Gaandharvaa / PrajaapatyaaFor The Human Life & Generations Life ] .Now : In This My Newer Reset Life ; That reminds Me During the Meditation010 Days Course .[That started From 015th May Till 026thMay;In Year 2002].It were My Prayers & Prathana About My Life To Be Saved From theAccident . It was the My New Reset Life.That’s Reason I Thought Too Provide All Details with Some Spiritual &Astrological Data In Context To Me & For Me .In Therewith For Me ; Some My Astrological Data Provides Class Inputs InContext To This Present Newer & Future Film Career Profession;The Newer Film Career Life Developed By Me Especially For The Film ContentProducer For M/s. Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. Co; A Time WarnerCompany ; Edinburg-Scotland ; Scotland.
  • 2. [ Continued ]…It Too Includes About The Following :The Art Film Direction Concepts /My Sporting Qualities /The Talents In Me /Creative Direction Concepts .[ Its Firstly The Credits To My Corporate For My Class / High ProfileExperience . with My Customers / Team Members Supportative Roles ].## [ It May Be the : Next Could Be Some Important Qualities From PreviousLife InHereint in My Soul Talents .Its Like : the Art Direction Concepts For Writer Role & Stage Events ] / theSportsManship / Freindliness / Singer / Drawing Design Paintings CreativeOptions / Some Dramatics My Positive Role Plays ]. ##The Newer Importance with Business Networking For Films / Movies . ItsAbout Very Good Business Life .The Friends Network / Big Personalities Interest with Inclination Now CouldBe My Next the Positive Acting Role Plays In Films If its Casted By FilmProduction Principals / The Film Corporates / Film Production Teams / BigProduction Houses .Importantly For Me : Singer .I Already had connected in Bigger Strategic Plan For Exploring Business InMany Continents . In My Important Some Business Networking DocumentsFor The Big Strategic Plans About Future Business Prospective Life.The Latest was From Me About Big Business In Many Continent Like ;ForExample Communicated About “ Big Graphics Station Plan “ In MyDocumentation .[“ Big Graphics Station Plan “ : Its Like Exploring Graphics Film Scenes to AllFrom One Bigger Firm / Oraganisation From Certain Location . Its InContributing Their Ideas with Interaction From their Employees & Team withTop Film Corporates For the Budegatary Latest Avaliable Film GraphicsScenes ].Very Good Business Prospect & With Very Nice Business Life To All.From : Mr. Deepak S. Sawant [ Nick Name : Mr. Ronnie ] .…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………