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C:\Documents And Settings\Jferral\Desktop\Roe Temps\Fingerprint Department\Fingerprint Process


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2010 Fingerprint Consortium

2010 Fingerprint Consortium

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Sccroe fingerprint department2010
  • 2. TheCriminal Background Check
    School Personal Public Acts 93-909 and 94-219On August 12, 2004 of the State legislature passed which amended school districts to perform a fingerprint-based criminal history records check for all certified and non-certified applicants for employment. [105 ILCS 5/10-21.9]. Any individual who applies for employment with a school district after august 12, 2004 must submit to a national fingerprint-based criminal history check before the individual begins employment with the school district. The criminal history check must be initiated prior to employment, but the individual may be hired and begin employment, pending the outcome of the criminal history records check.
  • 3. Fingerprint Process
    As guardians of the safety and welfare of children we are charged with ensuring that those who work in and around schools do not present any threat to children.One of the most effective ways of screening potential school employees is the nation wide fingerprint based criminal history check. This system is based upon Illinois State Police and FBI records. The SCCROE automated system uses both State and FBI data in their check and is both accurate and quick.
  • 4. The SCCROE Fingerprint Department staff are trained and certified by the State of Illinois. We conduct five (5) levels of criminal background check history. Criminal activity, if any on the part of your candidate, will be disclosed by the following agencies:
  • 5. 1. Illinois State Police (ISP)2. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)3. Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)4. Sex Offender Database local5. Sex Offender Database national.
  • 6. TheLive ScanUnit
    The Fingerprint Print Department uses a state of the art Live Scan machine to service clients in the background check. The name of the machine is called the Guardian. This small user friendly unit delivers speed, accuracy and mobility for
    applications from civil background checks to large-scale access
    control solutions. Auto capture capability. For increased accuracy, Guardian utilizes Cross Match patent-pending, auto capture technology to automatically evaluate the quality of each fingerprint image.
  • 7. The technology displays images on a computer screen and formats the captured biometric data.Guardian electronically produces a full set of slap -fingerprints, including thumbs, in less than 15 seconds. With the ability to capture nail-to-nail rolled prints.
  • 8. Fingerprint Quality
    Recording the TransactionDuring the fingerprint process, the Fingerprint Department records the quality of each finger that is printed. The Guardian determines print quality by a set of numbers.Image Range Quality100 - 91 Excellent90 - 76  Good75 - 51  Fair50 - 31 Poor30 - 0  UnacceptableThe best you can get is a 100 on a finger. Anything below 30 will be rejected by the FBI.
  • 9. Between the ages of 18 through 45, there is a good chance of capturing acceptable fingerprints. For individuals who do not fall within this age range and/or teachers who do not fingerprint well the following chart below is as follows:
  • 10. Special Situations
    Special SituationsSpecial attention is given when fingerprinting an individual with abnormalitiesof the fingers, thumbs or hands. Special situations include: • Amputations• Bandaged Fingers or Hands• Scars• Deformities• Worn Fingerprints• Extra Fingers• Webbed Fingers
  • 11. Turnaround Time
    The turnaround time for a background check is *7 business days *Due to poor fingerprint quality, an FBI Name Check may have to be provided regarding results.The results will be emailed to the agency that has paid for the background check service.
  • 12. OnsiteFingerprinting
    The SCCROE is the second largest system in the United States.- Covering 702 Square Mileswith a number of 143 School Districts have 374,736 students total.The Fingerprint Department can schedule a day to provide onsite fingerprinting to a distant agency. On the SCCROE website, the Fingerprint Department has a schedule of the onsite fingerprinting. Appointments will have to be made for the onsite Fingerprinting.
  • 13. SCCROE
    Online 24/7 access to the SCCROE Website which includes:- Latest news updates - Downloadable content- State and Federal Laws- Online database - Frequently Asked Questions
  • 14. Cost of Fingerprinting
    The cost of the background check service at the SCCROE is $50.00 for 5 levels of background check service.As a result of a recent survey conducted in April. We have discovered the average cost of a background check from other fingerprinting agencies is between $55.00 to $60.00 dollars. With a turnaround time of 5 to 10 business days. This does not include the 5 levels of background check.
  • 15. Contact Information