RNchat Transcript: October 29, 2009


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Transcript of #RNchat Twitter chat for registered nurses on October 29, 2009.

Topic: Drug Diversion.

NOTE: Twitter crashed just as the chat started. Here's the tweet that's missing:

T1 Drug Diversion: What have been your experiences (be mindful of confidentiality of course). Big problem? Getting better or worse? #RNchat

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RNchat Transcript: October 29, 2009

  1. 1. nursingpins: T1 - It is a bigger problem than most know about - often overlooked Waiting for ocdgirl2000 to respond #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:39 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 frequently methadone clinics are blamed for diversion of their medication, when more likely is pain management or Dr's offices. 10/29/2009 20:41 OSUMarkRN: T1: I think it is still on the rise. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:42 InfusionNurse: Happening a lot in the OR...diverting instead of wasting.. #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:42 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 methadone is one of the most overdosed drugs around, but usually the pills, not the liquid. pills often RX'd by Docs,not clinics. 10/29/2009 20:42 bthenextstep: T1 my experience has been limited to what I read, and hear about. just had an incident locally #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:42 nursingpins: T1, I have seen act go on for a long time (with nurses)- but all get sloppy & do themselves in (without interv.) #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:44 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 opiate use and abuse is ridiculously high. and overlooked. addiction to pills escalates, then..they end up with us! 10/29/2009 20:44 EllenRichter: T1 We were hoping that computerized dispensing units would prevent misuse, but anyone who is creative can get around that #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:44 bthenextstep: so are we asking the question of why it is happening? or how to prevent it? T1 #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:44 bthenextstep: @EllenRichter T1 my argument for that is.. a computer is only as good as its user. #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:45 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 before U know it, they are on lollypops, patches, diluadids, snorting, then nothing helps, the pain of withdrawal worsens. 10/29/2009 20:45 rnchat: @bthenextstep Haven't asked either yet, but you can answer that if you'd like. More about how big the problem is. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:46 OSUMarkRN: T1: I think there is a very large hidden population who have learned to adapted to computerized documentation. #RNchat #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:46 EllenRichter: T1 @ocdgirl2000 boy you must have some hair-raising stories #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:46 bthenextstep: T1 I'd only be guessing at how big the problem is. Lately I have read more and more
  2. 2. about it. And now seeing it locally! #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:47 nursingpins: T1, I think the comp. systems helps - esp. smaller unit doses for MS and Dilaudid #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:47 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 the addictive personality usually is a behavioral thing. recognize the BEHAVIORS. 10/29/2009 20:47 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 recognize the symptoms of opiate withdrawal vs pain do you know the difference? 10/29/2009 20:48 EllenRichter: TI @nursingpins Dont be fooled--there are staff who swap pts' narcotics for saline, even small doses add up #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:48 nursingpins: @ocdgirl2000 behaviors that are common (I've seen) works many extra days - mood swings etc - you are right. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:49 rnchat: @ocdgirl2000 T1 - so what are the key behavioral clues? #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:49 EllenRichter: T1 @ocdgirl2000 No, tell us what opiate withdrawl symptoms are #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:49 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 when I first started doing this I didn't know!LOL! also there is a "seeking" behavior quality that goes along with this. 10/29/2009 20:50 EllenRichter: T1 Many times healthcare professionals get hurt & take narcotics, only to find they get hooked on them. Then seeking @ work starts #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:51 AnthonyBurich: Sorry that I'm late. Nursing school student, Northern California. Howdy. #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:52 bthenextstep: T1 behavioral or not: one is having an RN treat another RN's patient for pain - knowing the patient has not had any pain. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:52 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 yes there is pain, stomach, cramping, diarrea, back,legs,inability 2 sleep, runny nose,watery eyes,(flu-like) profuse diaphoresis 10/29/2009 20:52 OSUMarkRN: @EllenRichter T1 Do you believe we should allow nurses to work if they have a Rx for pain meds? #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:53 bthenextstep: @AnthonyBurich welcome! #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:53 ctsinclair: RT @EllenRichter @nursingpins Dont be fooled--there are staff who swap pts' narcotics for saline, small doses add up #RNchat (shakes head) 10/29/2009 20:53
  3. 3. ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 1 of ours IS an RN, lost license.orthopedic, worked 4 Docs.soooo sad!! 10/29/2009 20:54 nursingpins: T1, most nurses I've known use (abu) oxy and hydro at first then MS and Demerol - then real problems. (we need more drug testing) #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:54 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 another is presently in nursing school, mom is RN too. 10/29/2009 20:54 bthenextstep: @OSUMarkRN @EllenRichter T1 I don't think we should make a blanket statement about any/all RN's who use/need Rx narcs #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:55 AnthonyBurich: @bthenextstep Thank you! What is T1? #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:55 EllenRichter: T1 @osumarkrn Tough question. Narcotics can interfere with decision-making, yet many are on chronic narcs & U would never know #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:55 AbbieCitron: T1 Many cases I work on, pt. starts with true pain, prescribed narcs by many MDs, become seekers, then have to be put on Methadone. #RNChat 10/29/2009 20:55 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 one was a physician, he lost his license, but not a methadone client. 10/29/2009 20:55 philbaumann: Even if you're not a nurse, I think the convo over at #RNchat is worth a lurk. 10/29/2009 20:55 InfusionNurse: T1 know of an RN who got hooked post surgery, then started taking, then sold her RX to an undercover narc cop and got busted! #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:56 OSUMarkRN: T1: "yet many are on chronic narcs", hence why at times we are not going to see the 'behaviors'. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:56 EllenRichter: RT @philbaumann: Even if you're not a nurse, I think the convo over at #RNchat is worth a lurk. 10/29/2009 20:56 nursingpins: T1 many patient drugs are taken when admitted - need better monit. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:57 bthenextstep: @AnthonyBurich scroll back through the search string of #rnchat. T1 is about drug diversion. 10/29/2009 20:57 rnchat: I'm tempted to let T1 keep going the full hour. Show of hands: would you like that? #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:57 shelisrael: RT @PhilBaumann Even if you're not a nurse, I think the convo over at #RNchat is worth a lurk.
  4. 4. 10/29/2009 20:58 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 there have been overdoses I have heard about in past of RNs who took methadone!they passed away!!!sick!!one actually owned clinic 10/29/2009 20:58 EllenRichter: T1 Monitoring of colleagues' behaviors relating to drug use is a very touchy situation...most would rather turn their heads away #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:58 OSUMarkRN: Reposting b/c it was lost... T1 "yet many are on chronic narcs", hence why we don't see the 'behaviors'. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:58 bthenextstep: @ocdgirl2000 T1 I agree w/ you. I think regardless of your occupation, nurse or patient - the behavior is the problem. #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:58 nursingpins: T1 You are right Ellen - I see that 1st hand. #RNchat 10/29/2009 20:59 bthenextstep: T1 don't you think the RN's who are guilty of this act would find another outlet had they not be/been an RN?? #rnchat 10/29/2009 20:59 AbbieCitron: RT @OSUMarkRN: Reposting b/c it was lost... T1 "yet many are on chronic narcs", hence why we dont see the behaviors. #RNChat 10/29/2009 20:59 SeerGenius: #rnchat i'm a lurker and not a nurse, but T1 sounds interesting - and not in a fetish kinda way, but informing way. 10/29/2009 21:00 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 the brain is wired for addiction in some and not in others. addiction info is fascinating! I would highly reccommend classes! 10/29/2009 21:00 EllenRichter: @rnchat What is question #2? Now you have me curious! ;) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:00 nursekris99: T1: Cancer nurse. See problems all the time from family members. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:00 AnthonyBurich: @OSUMarkRN Very similar to "functioning" alcoholics - and we know there are LOTS of them around. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:00 bthenextstep: RT @AnthonyBurich: @OSUMarkRN Very similar to "functioning" alcoholics - and we know there are LOTS of them around. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:00 OSUMarkRN: @AnthonyBurich T1: agree #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:00 nursingpins: @AbbieCitron - as long as they get the meds - will not see the behav. The problem is when they dont have them. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:01
  5. 5. ocdgirl2000: RT @ nursingpins: T1 many patient drugs are taken when admitted - need better monit. #RNchat omg! I second THAT!!! 10/29/2009 21:01 rnchat: @EllenRichter It's about how nurses can leverage social web - but this convo amazing. I can save that topic for the next chat. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:02 AnthonyBurich: @bthenextstep Most definitely! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:03 rnchat: NOTE: I've decided to hold off on another topic. T1 seems to have sparked some juicy awesomeness. Continue my friends! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:03 RoRod101: Hi All, Sorry to be late. Can I join? My name is Ro. I am a RN NP Nurse Educator & DNP student. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:03 bthenextstep: T1 so yeah or neh to moving on to T2? I'm good w/ either. :) #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:03 EllenRichter: @rnchat Sure, we can fill an hour with this topic (T1) :) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:03 bthenextstep: T1 so should RN's be drug screened ? yearly? I remember only on hire? #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:04 ocdgirl2000: @nursingpins #rnchat they leverage the meds by selling, buy friends, love,superficial things, distorts reality, gets worse, other addictions 10/29/2009 21:04 OSUMarkRN: @bthenextstep T1: I think all h/c workers should be yearly. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:05 bthenextstep: T1 it is then #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:05 nursingpins: T1 - Nurses need to be drug tested at least every 2 monts - or we will not change things - sorry to say. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:05 EllenRichter: Welcome latecomers @rorod101 @anthonyburich @nursekris99 @seergenius #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:05 bthenextstep: @ocdgirl2000 so then we're still on the behavior of addiction. I agree w/ that. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:05 rnchat: @RoRod101 Welcome, Ro. Here's T1 - http://bit.ly/1VZZNc #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:06 bthenextstep: @OSUMarkRN T1 I do as well. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:06 EllenRichter: T1 ~For sure, random drug testing of health care professionals would certainly weed out noncompliant people #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:06
  6. 6. AnthonyBurich: @bthenextstep My class just got screened pre-clinical rotation. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:06 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 they have to screen us @ hire Gov is into it! LOL! I would love it! great plus 4 job like ours, hard to find good methadone RN's 10/29/2009 21:06 RoRod101: @rnchat Thx. About to ask that. :) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:06 InfusionNurse: shld be tested 2 when behaving suspiciously! RT @OSUMarkRN: @bthenextstep T1: I think all h/c workers should be yearly. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:06 AnthonyBurich: @EllenRichter Thank You!! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:07 bthenextstep: @bamagirlRN That was my point. LOL I think the behavior is the issue - AND they happen to be RN's. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:07 EllenRichter: T1 And those health care professionals on legitimate prescription drugs can have results waived with valid rx #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:07 bthenextstep: T1 I believe there is a protocol for testing when suspicion is found. But why not yearly testing - period. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:08 nursingpins: T1 - Critical care nurses are so strange - would be hard to tell when a behav. is new - ;) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:08 OSUMarkRN: @EllenRichter T1 agreed. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:08 chuymatt: so, are we talking someone watching me as I pee? I must say, the feeling with jobs like that is that we are not trusted. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:08 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 they should also breathalize RN's as well. especially in the AM. 10/29/2009 21:08 bthenextstep: @EllenRichter T1 good point about the valid Rx. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:08 OSUMarkRN: @nursingpins OUCH! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:08 bthenextstep: @nursingpins T1 HAH.. you are so right. Sad.. but true. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:09 EllenRichter: T1 I'm wondering if we would have many staff left to work if there were random drug tests!!! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:09 nursekris99: T1: Our company has a random testing policy, but has yet to enforce it. #rnchat
  7. 7. 10/29/2009 21:09 bthenextstep: @chuymatt T1 so then how do you keep the workplace safe without offending someones trust? (w/ yearly screening) #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:10 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 you would be surprised how high the blood ETOH level is 4 someone who has a tolerance is!people who drink maintenance q day?heh! 10/29/2009 21:10 AnthonyBurich: @EllenRichter Do you think a healthcare pro consuming narcotics on a script is still a danger to patients and coworkers? #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:10 nursingpins: T1 - Drug div. is a much bigger problem with nurses than most know about - I see it! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:10 chuymatt: "to clock in, swipe your card, pee in the cup and breathe into the mouth piece." #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:10 RoRod101: T1 Have not seen 1st hand. But one thing I keep in mind is nurse are human first, therefore susceptible to human afflictions. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:10 OSUMarkRN: @nursekris99 T1: that's the prob with most random test P&P - it is never enforced. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:10 RoRod101: @EllenRichter Thanks for the welcoming party. :) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:11 chuymatt: @bthenextstep keep a random drug testing policy that is signed off with hire. Ed. on s/sx of diversion. Test those who seem it. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:11 bthenextstep: @AnthonyBurich @EllenRichter w/ that in mind.. aren't we all a pot threat to the patients? (mere safety - not just nard use)#rnchat 10/29/2009 21:12 nursingpins: T1 -nurses are human - same addict. personalities as gen. pop - but WE have more axcess. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:12 nursekris99: @OSUMarkRN They DON'T test the ones who need it, and threaten people they just don't like. But no one pees in a cup. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:12 EllenRichter: T1 @anthonyburich Yes, working with patients' lives requires a sharp mind, not a drug- induced state. But I know there R exceptions #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:12 ocdgirl2000: @RoRod101 #rnchat howdy! this is a fun chat!LOL! welcome! 10/29/2009 21:12 Geek2Nurse: Hopping in late - Psych RN working toward PMHNP. My super power is insight into *other* people's problems (not so easy with my own!) #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:13
  8. 8. false2scams: T1 @ocdgirl2000 No, tell us what opiate withdrawl symptoms are #RNchat http://tinyurl.com/yjrrqck 10/29/2009 21:13 chuymatt: @bthenextstep T1 on further thought, yearly testing does not seem like a horrible thing to do. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:13 philbaumann: I worked in one facility that had random tests. No biggie - unless you didn't drink fluids for an entire 12-hour shift. :) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:13 bthenextstep: @philbaumann what.. a nurse not drink fluids for a 12hr shift? never heard of such a thing? ;) #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:14 AbbieCitron: T1 So I'm curious, how and when is drug testing done at your hospital? or is it done? #RNChat 10/29/2009 21:14 chuymatt: I think that there might need to be further policies in place to address addiction as a disease too. For those who are, Tx. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:14 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 you go in room w-out anything to hide stuff, they don't stare so close, not so bad!we do this to patients 2x/wk! get levels of RX 10/29/2009 21:14 EllenRichter: T1 I know that firefighters, pilots, & many other professions require mandatory testing & there are urine kits used to taint results #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:14 RoRod101: @ocdgirl2000 Hey there! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:15 nursingpins: You are right Ellen - some nur are still the best - even when imp! - It is the tail end when they get sloppy that does them in. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:15 bthenextstep: @chuymatt but it would still have to be done randomly.. so that no one could prepare ahead. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:15 chuymatt: @bthenextstep I have a timer set on my watch for q2h to drink some water. So sad. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:15 bthenextstep: @AbbieCitron i only know of the initial hire screening.. then only when suspected will they drug screen. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:16 AnthonyBurich: @bthenextstep Agreed! Random prevents any detox attempts or other shenanigans. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:17 RoRod101: @bthenextstep That's how I know it too. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:17
  9. 9. bthenextstep: @EllenRichter I think we all could agree - regardless of what can/could be implemented: someone will always find a way around it. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:17 nursingpins: YES - Randon tests are needed. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:17 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 @chuymatt addiction IS a disease.& it is treatable,or we would not be in business!bless addiction treatment & funding 4 doing it 10/29/2009 21:18 EllenRichter: @bthenextstep T1 Yes!! Anyone who is cunning & manipulative can find a way to beat ANY system #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:18 AbbieCitron: RT @bthenextstep: I think we all could agree-regardless of what can/could be implemented: someone will always find a way around it. #RNChat 10/29/2009 21:18 bthenextstep: So then - is there such a thing as a foolproof method? #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:19 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 there is no way around the spit tests, sorry! they are expensive as all heck! 10/29/2009 21:19 Geek2Nurse: Darnit, I keep forgetting the tag. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:19 InfusionNurse: I agree..RT @nursingpins: YES - Randon tests are needed. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:19 Geek2Nurse: T1 I'm not against random testing, tho it's a pain for me, since Adderall makes me show positive for amphetamines. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:19 nursekris99: We had an alcoholic on staff;her busting meant no alcohol even at office social functions. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:20 Geek2Nurse: T1 Also take occasional Valium for Meniere's symptoms, & it sticks around for a few days in the bloodstream. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:20 bthenextstep: @Geek2Nurse try using tweetchat- that's what helped me. or tweetdeck #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:20 chuymatt: @Geek2Nurse As long as you have the Rx, it should not be an issue. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:21 Geek2Nurse: T1 So I worry about perceptions. Even tho my Rxs are on file with HR, anyone looking at lab results doesn't know that. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:21 RoRod101: @Geek2Nurse U bring up something interesting what would happen with false positives? #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:21
  10. 10. bthenextstep: @Geek2Nurse but I think these are all s/s that would be accounted for as long as they are known ahead. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:21 EllenRichter: T1 @rorod101 I didnt know there could be false positive drug tests...what causes that? #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:22 OSUMarkRN: Ok. Need to sign off. Good night. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:22 bthenextstep: Join me for a #rnchat TweetChat at: http://tweetchat.com/room/rnchat - drug diversion is the topic of discussion #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:22 nursingpins: The long term imp nurses are the ones that are the most destructive in the end - and the ones that need the most help. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:22 AnthonyBurich: @bthenextstep Nothing foolproof. It's a vicious cycle - just look at all of the sports doping scandals. Constant oneupmanship. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:22 Geek2Nurse: T1 And I can assure you, they wouldn't want me doing patient care *off* my Adderall. :) I absolutely won't pass meds without it! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:22 chuymatt: @RoRod101 usually there is a 2° check. They should also check your teeth for poppy seeds... #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:23 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 what we do is send out our pos n patients 2 the lab for LEVELS & break down to consituents of exact drug content!falses eliminate 10/29/2009 21:23 bthenextstep: @Geek2Nurse only the ones who need to know should be looking at the results anyway. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:23 AnthonyBurich: @nursekris99 That sucks! The action of one ruins for all. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:23 RoRod101: @EllenRichter False in the sense someone taking therapeutic meds #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:23 rnchat: T1 Follow-up: So what the noblest way for facilities to approach nurses caught diverting? #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:23 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 sorry for typos, we are like lab rats where we work!LOL! 10/29/2009 21:23 bthenextstep: @EllenRichter isn't that like the poppyseed false positive? #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:24 AnthonyBurich: @OSUMarkRN Good night. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:24
  11. 11. bthenextstep: @chuymatt hah! beat me to the poppyseed punch. LOL #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:24 bthenextstep: @AnthonyBurich night! thanks for the input! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:25 AnthonyBurich: RT @chuymatt: @RoRod101 usually there is a 2° check. They should also check your teeth for poppy seeds... LOL #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:25 nursingpins: T1 - need to be confront. - they know when they are caught. - Phil #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:25 AbbieCitron: Good Night All. Enjoyed the informative chat! #RNChat 10/29/2009 21:25 nursekris99: @rnchat A hospital I worked at removed narc privileges for a certain time. Then rehab, testing, etc. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:26 EllenRichter: T1 The noblest way to deal with nurses (or any other health care professionals) is to offer help #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:26 nursingpins: Good noct all - Thanks Phill #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:26 bthenextstep: @OSUMarkRN night. thanks for playing! LOL #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:26 chuymatt: @bthenextstep for those who have not seen the Mythbusters episode, it was a wonderful, forgone conclusion. Very entertaining. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:26 bthenextstep: RT @EllenRichter: T1 The noblest way to deal with nurses (or any other health care professionals) is to offer help. well said #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:26 rnchat: Holy Cow! We're coming up on another fast hour of #RNchat - feel free to continue, but we'll be wrapping up soon. See next few tweets. 10/29/2009 21:26 ocdgirl2000: RT @rnchat: T1 Follow-up: So what the noblest way for facilities to approach nurses caught diverting? #RNchat REFER 2 TREATMENT!!! 10/29/2009 21:27 bthenextstep: @rnchat noblest way is open and honest communication toward helping those who need it. period. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:27 RoRod101: RT @ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 sorry for typos, LOL! ~ I'm not at work :0 #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:27 chuymatt: @EllenRichter suspension? laying off? I have no clue. Tx must be in the plan or we will be out much needed RNs. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:27
  12. 12. AnthonyBurich: Does the ANA or some other governing board have protocol regarding diversion? #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:28 Geek2Nurse: @RoRod101 T1 In my case, it's not really a "false" positive. Adderall is an amphetamine; Valium is a benzo. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:28 EllenRichter: T1 We let a staff nurse leave an hour early once a week to make her AA meetings. Thats what I mean by help & support, too! Very impt #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:28 bthenextstep: @rnchat i forgot how fun these chats are Phil. You DA-MAN #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:28 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat T1 well, what did you expect me to say? I get paid to say that!LMAO!! 10/29/2009 21:28 bthenextstep: @EllenRichter that's awesome. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:29 RoRod101: @Geek2Nurse Got it :) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:29 chuymatt: RT @bthenextstep: "@EllenRichter thats awesome." Indeed. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:30 InfusionNurse: Thanks Phil! Good chatting with everyone! Good night, till next chat! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:30 rnchat: Thank you everyone! Wonderful chat tonight! Transcript will be up in a bit. Next tweet will tell you when the next #RNchat will be. 10/29/2009 21:30 RoRod101: Great chat all! Nice to chat with fellow nurses. #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:30 Geek2Nurse: T1 Ironically, @RoRod101, I've never done any kind of illicit drugs, don't even drink alcohol. :) #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:31 ocdgirl2000: @RoRod101 #rnchat I'm not at work either, lol!although sometimes it's hard to leave there!typos I'm sooo tired get up at 4 am.. 10/29/2009 21:31 bthenextstep: RT @nursingpins: Good noct all - now that there's funny. LOL #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:31 AnthonyBurich: @rnchat Thanks Phil for hosting another awesome chat. Really fun with so many great participants! Thank you all - and good night! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:31 EllenRichter: T1 Very interesting topic. Thanks for all the great conversation, people! :) #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:32 bthenextstep: FYI I hope I didn't miss anyone - I tried to add all the new faces to my Twitter acct. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:32
  13. 13. rnchat: Next #RNchat - 11:30 EST (15:30 UTC) Wednesday 11/4 10/29/2009 21:32 EllenRichter: @ocdgirl2000 you were our specialist tonight! Thanks for your thoughts on this subject! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:32 bthenextstep: have a great night everyone #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:33 RoRod101: RT @AnthonyBurich @rnchat Thanks Phil for hosting another awesome chat. Really fun with so many great participants! Thx all! #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:33 chuymatt: goede nacht, all. #rnchat 10/29/2009 21:33 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat @AnthonyBurich: Does the ANA or some other governing board have protocol regarding diversion? prob suspension! report to AADA 10/29/2009 21:33 EllenRichter: RT @AnthonyBurich @rnchat Thanks Phil 4 hosting another awesome chat. Really fun with so many great participants! TY & good night! #RNchat 10/29/2009 21:34 ocdgirl2000: #rnchat here's a good link http://www.samhsa.gov/ 10/29/2009 21:37