RNchat Transcript for December 23, 2010


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Transcript of #RNchat - a Twitter chat for registered nurses - for December 23, 2010.

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RNchat Transcript for December 23, 2010

  1. 1. #RNchatHealthcare Hashtag Twitter Transcript From: Thu Dec 23 17:45:00 PST 2010 To: Thu Dec 23 19:15:00 PST 2010Learn more about #RNchat at The Healthcare Hashtag ProjectRNchat Just a few minutes until #RNchat! 9pm Eastern. Consider using http://ow.ly/3tQRc during the discussion. Thu Dec 23 17:45:01 PST 2010SarahBethRN excited for my first #RNchat in 5 minutes! Thu Dec 23 17:57:18 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter Hello Ellen #RNChat Thu Dec 23 17:58:07 PST 2010EllenRichter Good idea with that link to Tweetchat, Phil! I like that! Makes it simple #RNchat Thu Dec 23 17:58:45 PST 2010EllenRichter @Reach4MoJOYRN Hi to you too! Theres a new name! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 17:59:11 PST 2010s_eller Good evening @EllenRichter, @sarahbethrn - #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:00:13 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter Yep...changed my display name :-) #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:00:42 PST 2010makingsofanurse My first time actively participating. Excited to be here! :-) #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:01:40 PST 2010s_eller Good evening all! Susan from Chicago - long time ED nurse, now teaching interprofessional teams via simulation #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:01:45 PST 2010s_eller @makingsofanurse Welcome to your first #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:02:38 PST 2010
  2. 2. Reach4MoJOYRN From Ky...Training Strategist #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:03:02 PST 2010NurseTeeny Excited to be meeting so many great nurses! #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:03:36 PST 2010EllenRichter @makingsofanurse Welcome to you! You are not the only one for a first tonight! Good to meet you! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:03:44 PST 2010chemosabe Glen - Day Oncology NUM Brisbane OZ, Christmas EVE here already, Tweetchat not working 4 me, corporate system maybe? #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:04:38 PST 2010EllenRichter I see I have a few new people to follow tonight! :) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:05:04 PST 2010NurseTeeny Thanks for making me feel welcome! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:05:35 PST 2010makingsofanurse Thanks for making me feel welcome! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:05:35 PST 2010EllenRichter @chemosabe Twitterfall is an old program but it always worked for me when everything else failed #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:05:45 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @chemosabe Hi glen....great to tweet with you again #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:05:59 PST 2010CyFanRN #RNchat Amy from Iowa...clinical research nurse w/ cardiac background. Hi everyone! :) Thu Dec 23 18:06:07 PST 2010EllenRichter @NurseTeeny Nice to see you! Welcome :) & hi there @chemosabe #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:06:28 PST 2010s_eller @CyFanRN Good evening Amy - #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:06:42 PST 2010EllenRichter @CyFanRN Welcome! Nice to see so many new "faces"!! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:07:30 PST 2010chemosabe @Reach4MoJOYRN hey Toni...& u #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:08:15 PST 2010
  3. 3. EllenRichter @Biebert Theres a challenge! Welcome! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:08:29 PST 2010RNchat Before we begin, please prepend your tweet with T1, T2, etc. That way we can track for the transcript. #RNchat ... T1 coming up! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:09:10 PST 2010InfusionNurse @chemosabe: hi Glen...good to see u.. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:09:40 PST 2010EllenRichter @s_eller @InfusionNurse Hi folks! Good to see you again! :) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:09:51 PST 2010RNchat T1 Foreknowledge of Alzheimerʼs: What concerns do you have re: PTs getting tested if there is not treatment? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:10:06 PST 2010s_eller T1 - not sure I do have concerns - allows patients to make informed choices re: treatment or possible clinical trials #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:12:05 PST 2010EllenRichter T1I think its so important to plan ahead if you know you are predisposed/ at higher risk for Alzheimers #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:12:43 PST 2010s_eller T1 @EllenRichter it will be interesting to see if we have different convo than #mdchat #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:13:15 PST 2010CyFanRN #rnchat T1 I think we could end up dealing w/ mental health issues from the early dx, ie. suicidal, depression, etc... Thu Dec 23 18:13:26 PST 2010RNchat @NursePru Welcome...no worries if ya gotta get rest. Cheers! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:13:31 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @RNchat T-1...I have mixed feelings about foreknowledge #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:13:32 PST 2010makingsofanurse T1: But if they knew, it would also allow them to plan ahead, prepare advance directives, etc. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:13:38 PST 2010SarahBethRN T1 are we talking at a genetic level? or early testing for actual disease? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:14:03 PST 2010EllenRichter Exactly!! RT @makingsofanurse T1 But if they knew it would also allow them to plan ahead, prepare advance directives, etc. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:14:37 PST 2010RNchat T1 To follow-up to question: Patients have choice, but lots of nuances/ramifications.
  4. 4. How best to guide? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:14:50 PST 2010makingsofanurse T1: Find out what it is that is driving the decision to know. That will help in guiding. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:16:42 PST 2010EllenRichter T1 At #MDchat it was discussed that someone can get unnecessarily depressed, possibly self harm if told they may develop Alzheimers #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:17:20 PST 2010SarahBethRN T1 I would tell my patients to Test. Prepare. And Cope. LIfe with an impending dx is never desirable, but doable #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:17:31 PST 2010RNchat @SarahBethRN Either. Each have their own ramifications in terms of interpretation. See http://nyti.ms/gZvBt6 (for later ref). #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:18:42 PST 2010chemosabe T1 currently caring for as in right now pt with PML, wife has nursing home and respite care plan in place already #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:20:54 PST 2010CyFanRN #rnchat T1 Would any of you want to know? Thu Dec 23 18:21:06 PST 2010EllenRichter Very good point! Plan anyway! RT @Reach4MoJOYRN: T1 -agree, but I believe everyone should plan even without knowledge of disease. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:21:30 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter Planning is important. Should encourage wellness planning in states. Why wait until pathology presents? #RNCHAT Thu Dec 23 18:21:37 PST 2010EllenRichter @Reach4MoJOYRN Dont forget to type the hashtag so your tweets get saved in the chat log! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:21:57 PST 2010InfusionNurse Yes, so i can plan ahead and prep my family RT @CyFanRN: #rnchat T1 Would any of you want to know? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:22:25 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter Thanks for the reminder...forgot to add #RNChat :-) Thu Dec 23 18:22:43 PST 2010s_eller @rnchat @CyFanRN Yes, I would want to know - would discuss/plan with my family - and appreciate all the time I could #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:23:06 PST 2010EllenRichter T1 I would absolutely want to know. No questions about it. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:23:20 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter Agree with you #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:23:33 PST 2010
  5. 5. RNchat @sarahbethrn But would you "tell" them - or offer the information, the considerations & refer them to other resources/professionals? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:23:48 PST 2010RNchat @Reach4MoJOYRN Try signing into TweetChat - http://tweetchat.com/room/rnchat #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:24:52 PST 2010NurseTeeny Yes I would. To me, knowledge is power. Am getting tested for the BRCA genes next yr RT @CyFanRN: #rnchat T1 Would any of you want to know? Thu Dec 23 18:25:02 PST 2010EllenRichter @rnchat I was under the impression it was screened for, so the patient knows ahead of time that they are being tested for Alzheimers #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:25:19 PST 2010SarahBethRN @RNchat good point. I would suggest the availability of testing, after all, each pt is in charge of their own care #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:25:54 PST 2010InfusionNurse @rnchat We as nurses, or help them after they r told by their doc? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:26:12 PST 2010mcgaula T1-I think that families need to be aware of the progression of Alzheimers disease, what to expect #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:26:16 PST 2010EllenRichter T1 Yes anyone with a positive screening result should have counselling & be referred to professionals who can help the process #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:26:46 PST 2010NurseTeeny State of WA has a living will registry: http://bit.ly/f4NLqX #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:27:31 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @philbaumann Agree with you. #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:27:46 PST 2010RNchat @EllenRichter I was looking at it as "would I want to know I had AZ" #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:28:02 PST 2010NurseTeeny Partner and I both have advance directives. Advanced planning is something everyone should be doing, not just people with AZ dx #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:28:32 PST 2010mcgaula @CyFanRN I would be afraid of the burden, but I would still want to know #RNChat. Thu Dec 23 18:29:36 PST 2010
  6. 6. mcgaula @EllenRichter @CyFanRN agreed. and every pt progresses differently #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:30:22 PST 2010EllenRichter @NurseTeeny You are so right. Everyone should create advanced directives when they reach adulthood. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:30:37 PST 2010CyFanRN @mcgaula would you find out but not tell fam? #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:31:53 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @PamelaKline Hi Pam! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:32:10 PST 2010s_eller T1 - advanced knowledge - hits close to home #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:32:46 PST 2010PamelaKline @Reach4MoJOYRN Hello! #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:32:57 PST 2010EllenRichter @chemosabe If you search for the hashtag #RNchat on plain Twitter site, you can keep refreshing & see all the tweets Thu Dec 23 18:32:58 PST 2010chemosabe thanx Phil... worked a treat #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:33:17 PST 2010mcgaula @CyFanRN I would definately tell them that way should future generations can be tested #RNChat i dont like keepn fam secets on these things Thu Dec 23 18:33:45 PST 2010SarahBethRN T1 @S_eller: good point. Does research play a factor in us suggesting testing to pts? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:34:01 PST 2010EllenRichter @PamelaKline Pam! Welcome! We are talking about the benefit (or not) of learning about your own alzheimers early #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:34:25 PST 2010chemosabe T1 r u all saying there is some routine alzheimers ax that is performed up there? #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:34:32 PST 2010mcgaula @CyFanRN and who knows maybe by that tme, there will be a cure all for AD #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:35:14 PST 2010PamelaKline @EllenRichter T1~ I agree Ellen! The best way to treat something like AD is to plan ahead! I think family will cope better that way. #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:35:34 PST 2010EllenRichter @NurseTeeny I find that nurses always tell it just the way it is. I like that. People need to know the facts #RNchat
  7. 7. Thu Dec 23 18:35:45 PST 2010PamelaKline @EnduringCare welcome Cora! #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:36:30 PST 2010EllenRichter @EnduringCare Hi there! Stopping in? Nice to see you :) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:36:53 PST 2010SarahBethRN t1 food for thought: imagine the lives that could be saved with the clinical trials for pts predisposed to Alz. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:37:14 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @NurseTeeny Yup....RNs often keep it real :-) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:37:17 PST 2010mcgaula @EllenRichter @NurseTeeny education is everything when it comes to these types of illnesses #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:37:41 PST 2010RNchat T2 New technologies in clinical: See http://bit.ly/g1vXCx How can nurses best integrate iPhone, etc into care w/o “looking bad”? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:37:52 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @rnchat T2 Can b done As long as they keep their focus on the pt. and not the technology #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:39:24 PST 2010mcgaula @RNchat we have PDAs in our home care company and we are struggling with this very issue. #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:39:37 PST 2010SarahBethRN T2 new technologies are inevitable(and most beneficial). Education is key! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:40:04 PST 2010CyFanRN @sarahbethrn very true! I run clinical trials @ our hosp/clinci so that certainly give us a great pt base #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:40:17 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN T2-Nurses need tools to increase workflow efficiency. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:40:24 PST 2010NurseTeeny @chemosabe Thanks :-) #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:40:29 PST 2010mcgaula @RNchat Again, patient education is of utmost importance, they need to know its not a video gameand is to help facilitate care #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:40:36 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @Reach4MoJOYRN and safety #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:41:11 PST 2010
  8. 8. EllenRichter T2 I wish my facility was cutting-edge enough to be using technology like the iphone! We are still waiting for EMR! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:41:11 PST 2010s_eller T2- the @sarahbethrn post - looking forward to this discussion #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:41:38 PST 2010mcgaula @CyFanRN I would want my family to know there is a risk #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:42:00 PST 2010SarahBethRN T2 It is not just the pts we have to educate! It is our very own nurse colleagues! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:42:19 PST 2010EllenRichter T2 I think nurses can only benefit from using technology like medical & nursing apps in pt care. Its just a matter of time...it is. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:42:29 PST 2010s_eller T2 - at e-learning #AMEE2010, we talked about different ways of knowing - not just memory, but knowing how to access information #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:43:01 PST 2010chemosabe T2 did we not do this recently here..#rnchat or #ivchat? tech can be bad in "wrong hands", this is when it gets bad for rest of us #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:43:05 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN T2-Balance is the key to intro. new technologies must consider workflow, safety, usability, environment. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:43:38 PST 2010CyFanRN @EllenRichter T2 I was just going to say w/ the start of EMR it might be easier to get pts to understand our use of multiple techs #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:43:53 PST 2010SarahBethRN T2 #RNchat @Doctor_V had the same problem as me with the iphone. check out http://33charts.com later Thu Dec 23 18:44:53 PST 2010mcgaula T2-patient education important on what the device does and how it can help wtih their care #RNChat Thu Dec 23 18:45:00 PST 2010EllenRichter T2 There are educational apps/ websites that nurses/doctors can share with their pts @ the bedside via hand-held devices like ipads. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:45:12 PST 2010s_eller T2 - Patients need understanding that healthcare team using tech 2 make informed decisions - teach pts how to use apps - even better #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:45:59 PST 2010chemosabe @RNchat thanks phil still goes to my previous comment tho #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:46:12 PST 2010
  9. 9. EllenRichter True, but we will do it! RT @sarahbethrn: T2 It is not just the pts we have to educate! It is our very own nurse colleagues! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:46:37 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter...yes, We live in an information rich world, thanks to the internet..patients are seeking info. #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:46:39 PST 2010s_eller @EllenRichter - believe that is the job of healthcare educators - to teach providers & patients to effectively use tech #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:48:46 PST 2010EllenRichter T2 Apps are being made as we speak. Every month new programs are developed to eventually enrich healthcare. We need to run with it #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:49:53 PST 2010RNchat T2a What obligation do facilities have in ensuring staff up-to-date w/tech? Do they have a moral responsibility to be aware? #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:50:12 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @PamelaKline agree, for sites intro. new tech. My org did this when the EHR,BCMA were introduced. Most pts. now expect tech. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:50:25 PST 2010mcgaula sorry to sneak out on #RNChat early tonight, I have to get up really early and go to work Good night. Thu Dec 23 18:50:38 PST 2010CyFanRN #rnchat T2 Pts always want to know info stat & having quick access to answers w/o having to leave the room could be a benefit! Thu Dec 23 18:50:39 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter agree! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:50:44 PST 2010chemosabe @SarahBethRN surely it would just become part of the spiel when u admit or educate them #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:51:01 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @rnchat yes, to do no harm with new technology :-) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:51:35 PST 2010makingsofanurse T2a: My hospital rolled out a new med rec process via a module that few people actually did. It was a mess #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:52:04 PST 2010EllenRichter T2a The sad part to your question abt facilities ensuring advanced nursing technology is:some states dont even require CEUs for RNs #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:52:15 PST 2010EllenRichter T2a We need to raise the total bar of nursing education level and simultaneously raise awareness of technological improvements #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:53:41 PST 2010
  10. 10. SarahBethRN T2a Hospitals have the utmost responsibility to ensure implementation of new technologies in clinical settings. For our PTS sake! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:53:47 PST 2010FreshRN I never knew that--wow! Can you give an example? RT @EllenRichter: ...some states dont even require CEUs for RNs #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:53:51 PST 2010chemosabe T2a not if the employer is Qld Health...could not even make change 2 payroll system without huge impact on staff...google it 4 a lol #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:54:32 PST 2010EllenRichter @FreshRN Not every state requires annual or biannual contact hours to maintain RN license #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:54:43 PST 2010EllenRichter @sarahbethrn T2 I totally agree with you that hospitals must teach staff abt new technology, but RNs need to expand on their own too #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:56:07 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @InfusionNurse @EllenRichter @FreshRN Ky requires annual Contact hours. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:56:24 PST 2010PamelaKline @sarahbethrn~ LOL, GREAT minds think alike :) #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:56:36 PST 2010EllenRichter T2 I work with a few RNs who still, to this day, will not text & are resistant to using the hospital email system~this is the battle #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:57:26 PST 2010EllenRichter Yes stay!! Gosh the hour goes fast, eh? :) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:57:50 PST 2010CyFanRN #RNchat Certainly the hosps have the utmost impt to educ staff but specific units & even each individual should take respons for learning Thu Dec 23 18:57:55 PST 2010chemosabe @InfusionNurse @EllenRichter etal...Australia introduced something like CEU with national registration in July this year #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:58:10 PST 2010SameConspiracy @FreshRN @EllenRichter Colorado does not require CEUs for RNs. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:58:52 PST 2010EllenRichter @chemosabe I think that national registration for nursing CEUs is a fabulous idea! Good for Australia! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:58:57 PST 2010s_eller @EllenRichter - yes - I do know nurses who are reluctant to e-mail and are challenged by "cut & paste" #rnchat Thu Dec 23 18:59:06 PST 2010NurseTeeny WA requires CEUs every 3 years, I believe #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:59:48 PST 2010
  11. 11. EllenRichter @s_eller Yes, so imagine how those types of nurses will struggle with advanced electronic technology as a staple to nursing care?+ #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:59:52 PST 2010Biebert T2 I agree that we need to embrace tech for healthcare #RNchat Thu Dec 23 18:59:53 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter @sarahbethrn some Nsg schools are incorp. informatics in their currs. Does not help those on the job get up 2 speed. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:00:04 PST 2010InfusionNurse @rnchat @philbaumann great chat as always...gotta go..thanks...happy holidays to all! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:00:10 PST 2010RNchat @InfusionNurse Cheers!! Enjoy your holiday and your time! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:00:50 PST 2010EllenRichter @InfusionNurse Take care! Nice "seeing" you again! Happy holiday to you!! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:00:54 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @Biebert totally agree..work in the field of informatics for >10 years. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:00:57 PST 2010PamelaKline @InfusionNurse Happy Holidays! #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:01:32 PST 2010s_eller @InfusionNurse - good night and happy holidays #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:01:34 PST 2010SarahBethRN T2a #RNchat So the question remains...How do we help hospitals implement new techs into pt care? Thu Dec 23 19:01:37 PST 2010chemosabe oh the stories we all have about our tech challenged colleagues... we used 2sharpen needles & wash & sterilise glass syringes lol #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:01:50 PST 2010makingsofanurse I am taking a class on informatics for my MSN next semester. But use of technology should be incorporated much earlier than that! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:02:20 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @sarahbethrn help them with their budgets :-) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:02:20 PST 2010chemosabe @InfusionNurse so long cora, merry christmas etc #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:02:55 PST 2010
  12. 12. s_eller @chemosabe - that one did make me laugh out loud - yes the things that we have done in past - nursing somehow always adapts #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:03:10 PST 2010EllenRichter @sarahbethrn T2 I think administration or at least nursing/education dept need to be dedicated to introducing bedside technology #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:03:37 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN T2-Most hosp. know tech. will help, but funding is another issue. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:03:42 PST 2010RNchat @Biebert lol #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:04:24 PST 2010SarahBethRN Hope exists for us Gen Y rns! RT @s_eller: @chemosabe the things that we have done in past - nursing somehow always adapts #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:04:46 PST 2010chemosabe @Reach4MoJOYRN Qhealth spending AU$20million fixing payroll debacle #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:05:03 PST 2010EllenRichter T2 Eventually technology will flourish at the bedside & all over healthcare, in offices, labs, everywhere. This is only the start #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:05:44 PST 2010CyFanRN #rnchat Great convos tonight! Merry Christmas to all! Thu Dec 23 19:05:52 PST 2010Biebert They always blame the tech first... “@Reach4MoJOYRN: @Biebert totally agree..work in the field of informatics for >10 years. #RNchat” Thu Dec 23 19:05:53 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @sarahbethrn @s_eller @chemosabe -agree, nursing is one of the most adaptable professions around...Yeah nurses! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:06:21 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @CyFanRN Merry Christmas!!! and a JOYful New Year! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:06:56 PST 2010EllenRichter T2 This is just the very tip of the iceberg. We have just begun to tap into the immense benefits of technology. Dont be frustrated. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:07:00 PST 2010chemosabe @CyFanRN Merry christmas, may the jolly fat fella be good to ya #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:07:14 PST 2010PamelaKline @CyFanRN Merry Christmas!!! #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:07:22 PST 2010
  13. 13. Reach4MoJOYRN @EllenRichter Spot on!!!! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:07:32 PST 2010makingsofanurse Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! #RNChat Thu Dec 23 19:08:43 PST 2010PamelaKline Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! This was a great chat and went waayyy tooo fast! #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:09:27 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @makingsofanurse Merry Christmas and JOYful New Year!!!! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:09:44 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @PamelaKline Same to you Pam...yes, it did move fast tonight. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:10:07 PST 2010NurseTeeny Hope everyone enjoys the holidays (even if you have to work). :-) #RNChat Thu Dec 23 19:10:31 PST 2010s_eller Wishing everyone happy and safe holidays - enjoyed the chat, met new tweeps, & am inspired to continue working & teaching #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:11:20 PST 2010EllenRichter @chemosabe Yes, we are both in the Sunshine States!! LOL :) Enjoy, my friend. #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:11:40 PST 2010SarahBethRN Been Fun! #RNchat thanks! Merry Christmas! Thu Dec 23 19:11:40 PST 2010chemosabe I would be liking an ipad, anyone wanna help out...;) #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:11:42 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN Parting thoughts...I think Meaningful Use (MU) will usher changes with introducing new technologies in Healthcare. Follow Ellen!! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:12:08 PST 2010makingsofanurse Proud to be a nurse - my one year anniversary of RN-hood is 12/31! :-) #RNChat Thu Dec 23 19:12:09 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @chemosabe we could take up an offering for ya tonight :-) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:12:36 PST 2010PamelaKline @makingsofanurse CONGRATS!! #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:12:45 PST 2010
  14. 14. EllenRichter Remember, #nurses from now on, #RNchat will be every Thursday at 9 pm EST!! So mark your calendars for the year! :) Thu Dec 23 19:12:46 PST 2010s_eller @makingsofanurse - congrats on the one year #rnchat Thu Dec 23 19:13:03 PST 2010chemosabe @Reach4MoJOYRN @chemosabe we could take up an offering for ya tonight :-) roflmao #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:13:28 PST 2010EllenRichter @Reach4MoJOYRN Great point about meaningful use! I love it! Thats so true. And yes, follow me! Haha :) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:13:35 PST 2010RNchat THANK YOU everybody!! Good to see new faces. Great convo. Enjoy your holiday festivities! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:13:43 PST 2010EllenRichter @makingsofanurse Congratulations!! My 35th RN year anniversary was in June 2010!! Hurry & catch up, GF! :) #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:14:28 PST 2010Reach4MoJOYRN @rnchat Thanks and Happy Holidays to you. Wishing you a JOYful New Year! #RNchat Thu Dec 23 19:14:44 PST 2010