"The RMS Cloud" - Presented at the RAA's Cat Modeling Conference 2014


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Paris Georgallis of RMS speaks about the RMS cloud strategy and deployment, ahead of the launch of RMS(one). This was presented to the attendees of the RAA Cat Modeling conference in Orlando, 2014.

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"The RMS Cloud" - Presented at the RAA's Cat Modeling Conference 2014

  1. 1. RMS Cloud Status: Strategy & Deployment Paris Georgallis SVP Platform Operations ©2014 Risk Management Solutions, Inc. Confidential
  2. 2. TOPICS What  is  the  RMS(cloud)?     Our  cloud  strategy     How  did  we  build  it?     Our  guiding  principles   ©2014 Risk Management Solutions, Inc. Confidential
  3. 3. Our  Guiding  Principles  for  the  RMS(cloud)   Predictable Performance Highly Available Elastic Secure   Control
  4. 4. How  We  Built  The  RMS  Cloud   Buy/Rent what you can. Build what you must. Leverage allies and partners. Talented  Human  Capital   Hire   Hardened  Tier  III  Data  Centers   Rent   ElasDc  Compute  Capacity   Rent   Enterprise  Grade  infrastructure components with high SLA   Buy   Wide Area Networking, Add On Services, Support   Buy   Specialized  Purpose-­‐built  Architecture   Build   24x365  InformaDon  Security  &  Network  OperaDons  Center   Build  
  5. 5. Tier III Hardened  Datacenters   DR & BC Iceland Production Canada Production England
  6. 6. Cloud  Deployment  Under  RMS  Management  
  7. 7. Guiding  Principles     Predictable Performance
  8. 8. GUIDING PRINCIPLES High Performance Enterprise Grade portfolio Fast Storage Area Network
  9. 9. Guiding  Principles     Ø  Robust  enterprise  grade   Infrastructure  Deployed   Ø  EMC,  CISCO,  IBM,  Palo  Alto   Networks,  VMware   Ø  AcDve/AcDve,  N+N,  N+1   architecture   Ø  Local  Backup   Ø  Local  Snapshots   Ø  Dedicated  D/R  Site   Ø  AcDve  IPS/IDS  Systems   Ø  AlerDng/Monitoring   Ø  OperaDonal  Intelligence  gathering   Highly Available
  10. 10. GUIDING PRINCIPLES •  Robust  enterprise  grade   infrastructure   •  AcDve/AcDve,  N+N,  N+1   architecture   •  Fast  vendor  SLAs   •  Local  Backup   •  Dedicated  DR  site  for  BC   •  AcDve  IDPS   •  Monitoring  &  AlerDng   •  OperaDonal  intelligence   High Availability
  11. 11. Guiding  Principles     Elastic
  12. 12. Guiding  Principles     RMS Cloud Security Perimeter Elastic
  13. 13. GUIDING PRINCIPLES Elastic Elastic Capacity RMS Cloud Security Perimeter Base Compute Elastic Compute
  14. 14. Guiding  Principles     ü  Clients own their data ü  Client data is private & secure ü  Physical storage is owned, managed, and secured by RMS24x7 monitoring & analytics ü  Periodic penetration and vulnerability assessments ü  Periodic audits; internal and external third party ü  Executive Level Governance/Security Council Ensuring Data Security and Privacy Compliance Restricted personnel access §  Biometric multi-factor authentication for physical access control All persistent storage within a dedicated security perimeter Isolation of client data §  Clients never have direct access to the data warehouse §  Private schemas and collections ensure privacy Data security §  FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption at rest §  HTTPs/SSL/TLS encryption during transit §  On-site destruction (shredding) of failed storage devices Continuous backups & Datacenter Disaster Recovery Secure  
  15. 15. Key  Security  Points   Secure   ü  Have not yet identified any client today with an ISO Cert Ø  Data  transfers  data  by  ?p/  email  /  USB  drives  -­‐     Ø  the  "weakest  link"  in  a  chain  is  your  lowest  standard     ü  Current Industry workflow & challenges Ø  You  have  no  idea  where  your  data  is  at  any  point  in  Ime   today   Ø  Data  o?en  not  be  wiped  a?er  analysis,  previous  years   versions  may  sIll  be  around  in  a  data  center?   The  future  you  may  have  to  be  ISO  compliant  before  receiving  a   submission  from  your  clients!!  
  16. 16. GUIDING PRINCIPLES Security Network Security Certifications & Compliance Encryption Identity and Access Management Auditable Logging Comprehensive & Multi-layered Stringent Change Management System Hardening Hardened Tier III Data Centers Business Continuity
  17. 17. Guiding  Principles     Control ü  Rapid Deployment of Virtual Machines ü  Rapid Patch Deployment ü  Automated Provisioning ü  Automated Elastic Compute
  18. 18. RMS  Cloud  Team   53  and  growing   Dedicated  NOC/SOC  24x365   Control Server,  ApplicaDon  &  Network  Monitoring,  Performance  and  AlerDng  Pla]orm   Apica - 3rd  party  system  for  syntheDc  user  tesDng  of  availability  and   performance  
  19. 19. Managed  Servers,  Network  &  Physical   Managed  O/S  Support   Maybe  managed  ApplicaDon(s)       A  cloud-­‐delivered  enterprise   wide  risk  management  pla]orm   delivered  as  a  So^ware  as   Service     We  have  been  hosDng  RL  on  the  cloud  for  clients  for  the  last  4  years   Similar  challenges  exist  as  on-­‐premise:     Ø  No  3rd    party  models  or  3rd  party  applicaDons   Ø  No  elasDcity  &  No  data  secure  data  exchange  
  20. 20. The  Forbes  Global  2000  is  an  annual  ranking  of  the  top  2000  public  companies  in   the  w loud  gy  Forbes  magazine,  based  o Their  corld  buy  from  their  best  performing   n  a  mix  of  four  metrics:  sales,  profit,  assets   and  market  value.   division  
  21. 21. Our  Guiding  Principles  for  the  RMS(cloud)  -­‐  Review   Predictable Performance Highly Available Elastic Secure   Control