Seaworld® Weekday Wanderer final draft


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Seaworld® Weekday Wanderer final draft

  1. 1. Seaworld® Celebrates 50 Years in 2014!!
  2. 2. ANTARCTICA: EMPIRE OF THE PENGUINS® Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will get you closer than ever - and out among - its colony of penguins including gentoos, rockhoppers, Adélies and kings. Your encounters with the penguins will be a first of its kind.
  3. 3. WILD ARCTIC® Explore a frozen wonderland of ice and Arctic animals. Meet our extraordinary beluga whales, colossal walruses and powerful polar bears.
  4. 4. DOLPHIN NURSERY® The Dolphin Nursery is a great place to introduce kids to the beauty of life in the animal world from its very first chapters. Watch as dolphin calves practice jumping, playing, and communicating with their moms and other newborns through clicks and vocalizations.
  5. 5. DOLPHIN COVE® Here, one of the largest interactive dolphin pools in the world is home to a playful group of bottlenose dolphins, who you can watch both above and below the surface of the water.
  6. 6. TURTLE TREK® Learn about the incredible journey these amazing animals face throughout their lives. From a turtle’s point of view, go on the epic journey to see the challenges and hardships faced to survive and make it back to the beach where you were hatched.
  7. 7. SHARK ENCOUNTER® Enter into a fascinating journey through one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels. Experience a rare, up-close look at prehistoric predators whose ancestors dominated the sea over a hundred million years before dinosaurs walked the earth.
  8. 8. PACIFIC POINT® Sea lion? Seal? What’s the difference? Here’s a clue: if you’re all ears, you’ll get the answer! Have fun getting to know these California comedians with a visit to Pacific Point. You can even get a chance to feed these famously fun animals.
  9. 9. MANTA AQUARIUM® With ten unique, naturalistic aquariums inhabited by more than 3000 marine animals—including hundreds of rays and a giant Pacific octopus— Manta invites you to share in the wonders and mysteries of the sea
  10. 10. MANTA COASTER® Experience the only flying roller coaster of its kind in the world. A seamless blend of up-close animal encounters with a head-first, face-down thrill ride, Manta is an adventure only SeaWorld could create.
  11. 11. KRAKEN® SeaWorld Orlando's mighty Kraken is a monster coaster like no other. Consistently ranked one of the world’s top coasters by ride enthusiasts, this blazing fast floorless steel coaster rises high above the horizon, daring you to take it on!
  12. 12. JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS® This exciting flume ride/roller coaster hybrid treats you to more than its share of surprises as you explore dark, watery passageways through the sunken city before being flung from its gates down a thrilling plunge into the waters below.
  13. 13. SHAMU EXPRESS® Shamu’s Happy Harbor is just the sort of place that proves there’s never been a cooler time to be a kid. Bring out the young adventurer in your kids with these fun, family rides.
  14. 14. FLAMINGO PADDLE BOAT® Climb aboard one of our paddle boats for a leisurely tour of SeaWorld's large central lake. These flamingo-themed boats are fun for both the young and young at heart.
  15. 15. SEAWORLD ANIMAL RESCUE® With a legacy of animal rescue spanning more than four decades and benefiting more than 22,000 animals, responding to wildlife in crisis is a commitment we take to heart.
  16. 16. THE HEART AND SOUL OF SEAWORLD® Working in partnership with state, local, and federal agencies, our rescue teams are on call 24/7 assisting animals that are orphaned, ill, injured or in need of expert care.