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Global Golf Recruitment

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CMM Digital Brochure

  1. 1. Global Golf Recruitment
  2. 2. The future of golf depends upon excding performance. To make a sustain golf n., & v.i. 1. N. The future of golf depends upon exceptional people delivering outstanding performance. To make a sustainable difference, the industry must find and efficiently recruit these people.find and efficiently recruit these peop
  3. 3. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentA global solution Colt Mackenzie McNair (CMM) is the trusted partner for some of golf’s most successful businesses and brands CMM’s work is wrapped around its proprietary database containing the details of thousands of potential candidates,to golf recruitment across Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. in markets across the EMEA region and beyond, who offer best-of-breed service and professionalism in a wide range of From its offices within each of these territories it provides sectors, including: effective recruitment solutions to the global golf industry, searching for the finest talent whilst delivering the highest • Senior Management standards of client service. • Golf Operations • Retail The business has a strong heritage in the golf industry, and as its team of in-house researchers and consultants • Equipment, Manufacturing and Procurement all have an in-depth understanding of global golf, their • Real Estate knowledge ensures that CMM creates a high-quality • Golf Administration and Finance shortlist of candidates to every one of its search or selection • Sales and Marketing assignments. • Agronomy • Food and Beverage In addition to its database, CMM utilizes the latest social media networks, advertising, use of its online job portal, and networks beyond the golf industry, to pinpoint candidates that will make a measurable difference to your business.
  4. 4. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentHow we manage your requirementsColt Mackenzie McNair’s objective is to always BENEFITS OF RETAINED SEARCH BENEFITS OF TARGETED SEARCHidentify executives who are equipped to deal with (appropriate for senior appointments) (recommended for middle managementthe growing challenges of increased competition, positions)in both maturing and new markets, pricing pressures • Retained Search is the most effective wayand refined consumer expectations. to identify the best talent in the market • A targeted search is a fast and an efficient process for businesses needing to make • Mapping out the market takes away the riskHowever, before any search and selection process appointments rapidlybegins, CMM must fully understand your business • Systematic evaluation, comparison, benchmarkingand brand. This initial consultation will frame the • The mapping exercise is bypassed and a list of and selection, produces the top three or fourrecommended profile of preferred candidates and will suitable candidates are presented within a shorter candidates in the market from whom to chooseguarantee CMM selects quality business professionals time frame, agreed with youthat will deliver measurable results and, critically, have • You choose the best person, • The process works effectively as we draw on ourthe preferred attitudes and characteristics to thrive as not someone who is simply ‘good’ global knowledge, comprehensive databasepart of your team. and networking skills • By appointing the best candidate you create aCMM approaches its work in two different ways, tangible, competitive advantage for your businessby either executing either a Retained Search or • Ensures complete focus of each viable candidatea Targeted Search.
  5. 5. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentThe Process The Process Summary of Deliverables Recruitment Profile • Agree brief Candidates Information Pack WEEKS 1-2 • Define job description • Define person profile • Agree timeline Search • Identify long list of candidates Submission of Research Report WEEKS 3-4 • Profile & qualify candidates WEEK 5 • CMM interviews candidates and refines list Present Candidate shortlist WEEKS 6-7 Interviews • Review shortlist and hold first interviews WEEK 8 • Arrange second interviews WEEK 9 Negotiation • Assist in developing offer package Closure • Assist with appointment WEEK 10 of successful candidate • Advise unsuccessful candidates These timings are indicative and are subject to client availability for candidate interviews.
  6. 6. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentKey Attributes of CMM’s WorkResearch the defined job description and with the client and potential Questions you will the right professionals to join yourCMM research is a process criteria set by its clients and only candidates are tailored to be undoubtedly ask… team. But approaches like thiswithout compromise. It is a time presented when CMM is entirely sympathetic, timely, informative consistently provoke problems. satisfied there is an appropriate and trustworthy. What will it cost my businesshonoured and proven fact that to find the best talent?accurate research enables a firm match. They often result in a fundamental CMM recognises that with any To answer that question with lack of objectivity in identifyingto differentiate itself. CMM is no Discretion mandate it is also representing another, what will it cost your a cohesive and high-performingexception and this enables it to the client’s brand, beliefs and business in the long term if you team, and instead produceunderstand the dynamics of the CMM understands there can values and will always work as don’t find the best talent? Every a lackluster amalgam ofindustry and all key areas of the be sensitivities attached to any an ‘extension’ of the business it is recruitment business charges inappropriate skill-sets that failevolving world of golf. This aspect job search and will always work recruiting for. differently, but as a simple, to deliver the highest possibleits work is fundamental to the with the upmost discretion and transparent structure CMM bases standards and values for yoursuccess of each assignment. professionalism. Although CMM is a truly global its fees on a percentage of first- development. Do not be tempted business, it has not lost sight of the year basic salary, excluding any to treat recruitment as an activityBenchmarking Very often potential candidates fact that personal service is key to performance-related bonuses that can be done withoutCMM can identify and are not the people actively its ongoing value to clients. CMM or benefits. professional guidance.accentuate candidates’ strengths, searching for work – CMM invariably finds the best understands the power of a long- Your people remain the mostas well as assess their weaknesses term business partnership and will Why can’t you do it yourself? valuable commodity in your entireto establish whether they can performing staff that are already doing a good job for someone always adapt its approach to the Of course, there may be a project and will shape its successbe overcome. Each candidate needs of the client. – or failure. else – so its communications temptation to use your ownis therefore matched against network of influence to highlight
  7. 7. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentOur Candidates’ Experience Jim Croxton Austen Gravestock Wayne Sheffield Chief Executive of the British and International General Manager, Chief Executive, Golf Greenkeepers Association London Golf Club The Wisley“As a candidate for a senior management job I was keen “Colt Mackenzie McNair have become a significant “Colt Mackenzie McNair work with some of the biggestto clearly understand the opportunity that CMM presented partner in my working life as not only was I initially a brands in the game. This positioning is hugely attractive forto me prior to being appointed at BIGGA. They expertly candidate, I have now gone on to become a client, with candidates as it becomes quite clear that CMM are oftenguided me through the process, understanding my London Golf Club in Kent. From a candidate’s perspective at the heart of many key golf industry appointments, notneeds and requirements, whilst at the same time clearly it is important to highlight that CMM understood what I just in the UK, but across the EMEA region.demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the job role and was looking for in my career. They took time to researchquickly answering any questions I had. It is important to state my personal aims and ambitions and this led me to my This is highlighted by the opportunity they presented to methat CMM strike a perfect balance between managing current role at London Golf Club. at The Wisley, one of the World’s leading private membersthe needs and requirements of the candidate with the golf clubs. I needed little introduction to The Wisley, but CMMexpectations of the client. “You demand a lot of trust and discretion from a business were able to manage and act upon my own personal that is effectively helping you manage your career path requirements and this led to a very professional process with“From a candidate’s perspective they understand that and CMM have delivered on both counts. It was clear the club, who eventually went on to employ decisions are not just about the role, they can to me very early on in our working relationship that theyaffect your family and the way you live your life. They also understand golf and recruitment and I was surprised at Even though CMM operates a global business they havedo what they promise, and are trustworthy and honest, all the level of communication, re-assurance and feedback I not lost sight of the need for a very personal and friendlyimportant attributes from the eyes of a client.” received when I was a candidate for my current role.” service and this is undoubtedly what sets them apart from their competitors.”
  8. 8. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentTestimonials“The approach CMM took to present “Through using the services of Colt Mackenzie “Recruiting the right quality of staff to head ourus with a shortlist of candidates was McNair, we were able to identify many excellent various teams was our number one priority andvery refreshing. We have used other candidates for the role of Chief Executive of key to setting up and establishing a five starexecutive search companies in the BIGGA, all with a diverse range of experience. brand such as Elea from scratch.past, across different facets of the business, but often they CMM’s process helped us to focus on the criteriahave disrespected the brief we have given them. which will be important to BIGGA as we move forward.” “CMM was directly involved in the recruitment of some of our top management positions. They played an important“CMM listened to what we required, and then subsequently Andrew Mellon role in ensuring that we get access to the best professionalspre-selected candidates who all delivered against the Chairman of BIGGA available in the market, meeting our strict criteria, and insearch criteria in the brief. Interestingly, they also pinpointed assisting us to make the right choices to match our brandone particular individual who they believed was perfect requirements and business plan.for the role. Their advice was spot-on, and we ending up “CMM sit at the heart of the global golfoffering this person the position. I was very impressed with business and understand not only how the “We are happy to say that thanks to the commitment andCMM’s in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese market, they industry works, but have an encyclopedic support of CMM we today enjoy a great managementcertainly knew all the right people.” network of contacts that are invaluable to team, with the right attitude, skills and experiences. businesses seeking the highest level of employees. Not A team that constitutes our most important assetIvan Livschitz only do they always deliver, they go about their work in an and the foundation of the success of Elea Estate.”Vice President, Vidago Palace Hotel, Portugal efficient, discreet and highly professional manner, giving you direct, honest feedback from start to finish.” Andreas Anastasiou General Manager, Elea Estate, Cyprus Iain McInally General Manager, The Address Montgomerie Dubai, UAE
  9. 9. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentOur Strategic PartnersKPMG Golf Advisory Practice British and International Golf Professional GolfersThe KPMG Golf Advisory Practice is part Greenkeepers Association Association of Europeof KPMG’s global network of professional BIGGA is the UK’s leading professional The PGAs of Europe is an Association offirms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. association actively working to enhance National PGAs (30 European and sevenIt operates in 146 countries and has 140,000 people the professional reputation and well being of golf International) with a collective membershipworking in member firms around the world. greenkeepers and other sports turf professionals. in excess of 18,500 golf professionals whose objective is to represent, promote and advise PGAs on a business-to-business basis.Club Managers Association of Europe Asian Golf Industry FederationThe Club Managers Association of Europe The Asian Golf Industry Federation is International Association of Golf(CMAE) is a non-profit making professional a not-for-profit regional organisation Tour Operatorsassociation with members involved in the with a distinguished member rostermanagement of sports clubs (golf, tennis, sailing, representing leaders in the Asian golf industry including IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators)rowing, rugby, football, cricket), health & fitness clubs, golf course and club suppliers and professional is the global trade organisation for the golf tourismleisure, city and dining clubs located throughout support services, and golf course architects, to golf real industry. Established in 1997, IAGTO’s membership nowEurope. The CMAE is also the pan-European ‘unifying’ estate and development companies. comprises 1,808 accredited golf tour operators, golforganisation for a variety of national professional resorts, hotels, golf courses, receptive operators, airlines,associations for club managers and secretaries. tourist boards, approved media and business partners in 89 countries including, at its core, 430 specialist golf tour operators in 56 countries. British Golf Industry Association The British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) is the lead trade body representing UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services. It operates as one of 17 trade associations under the auspices of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations (FSPA), Europe’s largest sports trade body.
  10. 10. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentA Selection of our Clients Luffenham Heath Golf CLUB
  11. 11. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentThe CMM Team Richard Wood Douglas Philip Biddy Lloyd Jones Richard is the co-founder of Colt Mackenzie Research Consultant Douglas has a human Biddy is Head of Consultative Services at Colt McNair and has more than 20 years’ experience resource management degree from Stirling Mackenzie McNair. She is an experienced in the international sports market, managing top University, Scotland, and uses knowledge gained development consultant with a distinguishedamateur golfers and professional cricketers before establishing from a wide range of sports to pinpoint new business talent career in her field. She has worked in the private, SMEa successful sports marketing agency, Mondosport. Richard from outside the EMEA golf industry. and public sector, with companies such as Easyjet, BDOis a 2-handicap golfer and is a member of the Honourable Stoy Hayward, London Underground, UK Atomic EnergyCompany of Edinburgh Golfers, Muirfield, Scotland. Authority, NHS, Izodia, The Serpentine Gallery and Qatar Ryan McKinnia Airways. Biddy’s area of expertise is enhancing the Research Consultant Ryan has a business success of businesses through the effectiveness of its Stewart McNair and marketing degree from Bristol University leaders, by coaching and developing individuals and Stewart McNair, co-founder of Colt Mackenzie and significant golf industry experience across teams responsible for its future success. She focuses McNair, has more than 25 years’ experience many functions including sales, food and beverage and on behavioural and culture change, management in executive search in the UK, Europe, Middle day-to-day golf club operations. Ryan has worked at two development and dynamic working relationships.East, Africa, Asia and the USA, and is known as one of the of the Home Counties’ premium golf clubs, Worplesdonindustry’s leading figures. For many years, Stewart specialised and the financial services sector and was retained by leading David Juliusmultinational businesses and globally recognised brands. David is a member of Colt Mackenzie McNair’sWhile based in the Middle East, he travelled extensively around Tim Orgill Advisory Board and acts as a Senior ConsultantAsia, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the cultures Tim heads up Colt Mackenzie McNair’s office on the global platform. David has spent moreand business needs of markets that have benefited from in Hong Kong and is Principal Consultant for than 35 years in the commercial property sector anda rapid growth in golf. Asia. With over seventeen years experience in was previously a Partner in one of London’s leading West event management and operations management, Tim End agencies, D E & J Levy. When David left the business, offers a wealth of working knowledge in implementing aged 40, he became a consultant to the practice and Ian Timberlake and delivering sports and non-sporting events as well as simultaneously launched his own commercial property Ian is Colt Mackenzie McNair’s Principal Consultant sponsorship management and delivery. investment company. He also diversified into a highly for Europe. With more than 15 years’ experience successful tourist related retail business in London’s West End, in the golf industry, ranging from tournament which he subsequently sold. Tim graduated from the San Diego Golf Academy.promotion to corporate golf management, via a senior role at He has worked for the Asian Tour as well as the Europeanthe La Manga Club, Spain, Ian is a well-known and popular golf Tour in event operations and television. Tim has managedbusiness professional. A serial networker with one of the best and run over thirty five professional golf events throughoutcontacts books in golf, Ian joined Colt Mackenzie McNair in Asia and Europe.2007 and is a key member of CMM’s Executive Search team.
  12. 12. How we manage The Key Strategic CLIENT The CMM Company About US your requirements PRocess attributes Experience Testimonials Partners LIST Team Contacts Global Golf RecruitmentCompany Contacts Designed and produced by TC CommunicationsCMM HQ CMM Middle East and Africa CMM Asia PacificKingswick House, Kingswick Drive, DIFC, Gate Village, Building 7, Suite 1005 Enterprise Building,Sunninghill, Berkshire SL5 7BH, 1st Floor, PO Box 506634 236 Queens Road, Central,United Kingdom Dubai, UAE Hong KongTel: +44 (0) 1344 292299 Tel: + 971 4 323 0025/6 Tel: + 852 2541 7452E-mail: E-mail: E-mail:
  13. 13. Global Golf Recruitment