Tips for Getting a Bargain Hotel Stay


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Tips for Getting a Bargain Hotel Stay

  1. 1. Ross Moffat is a travel enthusiast and writesfor luxury hotels site Crisp White Sheetshome to its latest hotel at Fonab Castle
  2. 2.  Make the most of modern technology, in particular socialnetworks, and bag yourself a bargain. Most luxury hotels will have a social presence online andare likely to use it to promote any special one offdiscounts or deals. Check the hotel’s Twitter feed regularly. Interact with thehotel and make them aware of your upcoming stay. Talk about your excitement to stay there and tie your stayto a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Theymay well offer you a free upgrade.Get Online
  3. 3.  When it comes to getting a cheap hotel stay, timing iscrucial. Hotel rates can vary wildly on a month to month oreven week to week basis. By avoiding summertime, weekends or schoolholidays you can get a substantially reduced rate.Timing is Everything
  4. 4.  Make sure to check whether the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. Whilst an internet connection may be essential toyou many hotels still charge heavily for usage. Failure to check the regulations beforehand couldresult in a large unexpected bill.Wi-Fi
  5. 5.  One of the easiest ways to save money is to choose a hotelwith self-catering facilities. Having the ability to manage and maintain your food cansave you a fortune in restaurant bills. Often popular with business guests during the week, youcan save even more by visiting at the weekend. A number of hotel chains have redeveloped andrefurbished their facilities, offering guests stylish, sleekand modern cooking and dining facilities with everythingfrom energy efficient appliances to outdoor barbecuesand even personal grocery shopping staff.Self-Cater
  6. 6.  Hotels love repeat business. It is easier for them andthey can boast about all the return business theyreceive from satisfied guests. Most of the luxury hotel brands offer loyalty cardsand membership clubs allowing loyal guests tobenefit from exclusive deals, discounts or addedfeatures. These can include free Wi-Fi, access to an exclusivelounge or credit towards the hotel bar or leisurefacilities and they are often free to sign up for.Loyalty Pays
  7. 7.  One of the best ways to ensure a cost saving is to get yourhands on an expert agent. Whilst you can haggle over costs at a check in desk youare far more likely to secure substantial savings on a widerange of services if you use the services of an experiencedand expert affiliated travel agent. Not only can these agents negotiate better rates onaccommodation, they can also bag you a whole host offreebies from transport to breakfasts and even negotiateadmission deals on the best local attractions. If the hotel has spa or sporting facilities on site they oftencome at an additional cost. Agents can negotiatediscounts on prices or credit to use the facilities.Use an Expert Agent