Modern Day Marketing in the Food Industry


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Modern Day Marketing in the Food Industry

  1. 1. Modern Day Marketing inFood & Drink Industry
  2. 2. Marketing and advertising remains as dynamic andinventive as ever.At times when more and more people see eating outas an unnecessary luxury, there are a number of newand traditional Food PR and marketing strategiesavailable.Food Marketing
  3. 3. If your restaurant isn’t online, it might as well not beoffline.From social media to online reviews, videos and companywebsites, the opportunities in today’s online environmentare almost endless.Establish a strong social media presence through Facebookand TwitterSet up an attractive and search friendly website to enticecustomers.The growing rise of mobile search makes a mobile friendlysite crucial as wellGet Online
  4. 4. The menu is often the deciding factor in where to eat.It is displayed outside your premises for passing tradeas well as prominently on your website.Make sure your menu is attractive and stylish, andthat it is up to date.Treat it as advertising space and really sell thebenefits of your food and your restaurant as a whole.The menu is a reflection of your restaurant and itsquality so don’t cut corners.Treat your Menu as an Advert
  5. 5. Entice customer back and establish a regularcustomer baseLook after your regulars. Keep in contact and sendthem regular messages and updates.Not only will this boost your revenues but regularhappy customers will drive new business throughword of mouth by sharing their experiences withfriends and family.Drive Relationship Marketing
  6. 6. Once customers are in the door try to increase theirfood spend as much as possible.Encourage staff to promote additional dishes, drinksand desserts as a way to generate additional spend.Up-Selling
  7. 7. Offer a delivery or takeaway service.Many people seek the quality of food with theconvenience of home delivery or the less formalmeans of takeaways.Link your delivery service with your website andattract a new wave of online business too.Delivery and Takeaway
  8. 8. Develop a sizable email contact listSet up effective email marketing campaigns includingsending out news, promotions and vouchers.This works both in ensuring current and regularcustomers are kept happy as well as attracting awider range of new business.Email Marketing
  9. 9. In the modern world today, there is a groundswell ofinterest in health conscious dining andenvironmentally friendly practices.Implement eco-friendly systems and not only will youreduce costs and wastage but it also gives you anangle to promote your company over thecompetition.Be Health and Eco Friendly
  10. 10. Competitions are a highly effective means to promote yourrestaurant.They always garner a lot of attention from the public andpress alike, and allow you to quickly build up your contactdatabase.Events are also incredibly useful in ensuring repeatbusiness and driving people through the door.Offer your restaurant out as a venue for a range of eventsand activities including parties, live music, comedy,community events and tastings.Run Competitions and Events