ACIES: Introduction to Infinity Planning 20130226rl


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Introduction to Economic & Financial Planning, software solution, Infinity Planning by ACIES Informatica Ltd.

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ACIES: Introduction to Infinity Planning 20130226rl

  1. 1. Strategic Solutionsfor Business Management Introduction to Acies´sInfinity Planning and Exiplan Planest +55(21)2220-3541 / +55(21)8194-3210
  2. 2. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity Our AGENDA 1. The Company 2. The Owners 3. Owners’ Profile 4. The product: Infinity Planning 4.1. What is 4.2. How does work? 4.3. Competitive advantages
  3. 3. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity Our AGENDA 5. Customers 6. Acies’s Cashflow 7. Next Years Perspective 8. The Future 8.1. Private Funding 8.2. IPO / RTO 8.3. Joint Venture
  4. 4. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 1. The Company Acies is a developer of solutions for companies incorporated in complex scenarios, regardless of size, sector, age or location - companies looking to be strategically lucid and thus become leaders in their markets. Our solutions provide customers full control over their strategies, generating competitive advantage over the competition. The consequence is smart growth and business effectiveness, whatever the context in which the company is inserted.
  5. 5. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 2. The OwnersAcies is managed by three partners: Antonio Jairo dos Santos, MBA Adriana Scarpin Avanço, BSc José Antonio Cardone Limongi, BSc
  6. 6. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 3. Owners Profile Antonio Jairo dos Santos Executive with over 35 years of proven experience in Strategic Planning, Operational Budget and Business Management. Demonstrates a real passion for understanding client needs and developing innovative solutions. Excellent negotiation and creative problem-solving skills. QUALIFICATION / EDUCATION Unisinos - University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos Bachelor, Business Administration Lutheran University of Brazil Bachelor, Accounting UFRGS - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Graduate in Accounting and Finance Mackenzie Presbyterian University Masters, Corporate Controller Columbia University in the City of New York Masters, International Expertise
  7. 7. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 3. Owners Profile José Antonio Cardone Limongi PROFILE Executive with over 30 years in Corporate Budgeting and Accounting. Great skill in managing people and solutions to mitigate resistance in deploying new technologies in organizations. Exceptional knowledge in tax. QUALIFICATIONS / EDUCATION UFRGS - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Bachelor, Accounting
  8. 8. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 3. Owners Profile Adriana Scarpin Avanço PROFILE Great experience in Human Resources and General Administration. She is responsible for the overall management of the company QUALIFICATIONS / EDUCATION Toledo University – São Paulo – SP Bachelor, Accounting Fundação Getúlio Vargas Graduate in Accounting and Finance
  9. 9. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 4. Infinity Planning 4.1 - Concept Infinity Planning is a solution for designing and monitoring the Budget Economic and Financial that provides virtually infinite simulation scenarios as a tool to assist decision making. Module-based built, Infinity Planning enables dynamic manipulation of business rules of the company, through parameterization of its various events and transactions.
  10. 10. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 4.2 - Operation Infinity Planning is an integrated solution, containing modules for Human Resources, Production, Investment, Financial Indicators and WEB, all managed by the main module with native links. By creating scenarios and modeling of cost centers, Account Charts, Product Lists, Markets, Taxes, Events, and Indexers Calculator, Infinity Planning enables the projection of the amounts of revenues, expenses, investments and financing. All results are presented in pre-defined or customized reports. Infinity Planning allows the presentation of indicators in the form of reports, dash-boards or graphics. Infinity Planning allows results consolidation of several business units or companies. Infinity Planning presents business simulations functionalities in fully integrated solution.
  11. 11. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 4.3 - Advantages and Differentials • Virtually infinite building of scenarios consolidation, integration and comparison; • Flexible multilevel modeling, including parameters and business events. • Tree modeling allows a virtually infinite variety of organizations; • Decentralized data input data and queries (Reporting, Analysis and Dynamic Graphics) - controlled by a strict security system; • Business simulations in Real Time. Infinity Planning is the only application of its kind that offers a fully integrated business simulation; • Integration with Accounting and Management Systems such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle Applications, JD Edwards and various ERP systems;
  12. 12. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 4.3 - Advantages and Differentials • Preformatted OLAP-based reports, charts and views on spending, revenue, and commercial production; • Customized reports, queries and graphs, giving full independence to each manager to create their own pieces of analysis; • Accounting on accrual and cash basis simultaneously, exhibiting terms of payment and collection. • Differentiated Productive Process module, allowing production costs calculation from the start of sales or programmatically, including all movements of components stocks, composition sheet, concept of goods in process, cost absorption methods or RKW concept of idleness and allotment up to three levels. • Product cost determination by product, production line or other body modeled, automatic calculation of sales costs.
  13. 13. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 4.3 - Advantages and Differentials • Differentiated personnel costs projection module, covering all the events that make up the personnel calculation (costs, benefits, etc.). • Calculation of prizes, filters to calculations by functional category, adoption tables of social security taxes and incidents; • Differentiated investments module, allowing detailed planning, identifying sources of funds, payment, depreciation, divestment, including the possibility of integration to the projects module.
  14. 14. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 5. Customers Petrobras is Latin America’s largest company and one of world’s largest integrated energy companies, with operations in the following segments of oil, gas and energy industry: exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation and petrochemicals; distribution of oil; gas natural, biofuels and electricity. TCI group is a Brazilian company, a leader in BPO solutions (Business Process Outsourcing), such as: Information Technology, Electronic Document Management, Logistics Management, Health Chain Management and Human Processes and Resources.
  15. 15. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 5. Customers MBP Group comprises a set of companies inserted in metal construction segments and livestock sector. Since 1944, MBP Group has expanded its operations through differentiated products and services, providing answers to a market hungry for quality innovation and excellence. In the field of metal construction, MBP Group provides various models of metal tiles, thermo acoustic, zipped, steel decks, flat and long steel, insulated panels, fasteners, steel shaping, among others. In the modular construction sector, MBP Group provides options in cleanrooms, modular projects, isothermal doors, among others. In the livestock sector, MBP Group runs through improved genetics and breeding cattle, becoming one of the largest specialized farm groups in Brazil.
  16. 16. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 5. Customers Built on the ideals of cooperatives, Unimed Northeast-RS was founded in June 9, 1972 by a group of 42 physicians, to provide health care services. Currently, Unimed Northeast-RS has over a thousand doctors members and more than 350,000 beneficiaries, distributed among the 16 municipalities in its geographic coverage. Their structure comprises emergency houses and clinic hospitals, which include 24-Hour attendances, clinical laboratories, home assistance, SOS emergency, occupational health, preventive medicine, image diagnosis centers, hemodynamics, pharmacies and hospitals. Founded in 1999, Arsystem is consolidated at the Serra Gaúcha, ensuring quality and credibility through the sale of equipment and tools from the best brands in the world. Currently Arsystem serves Brazilian market countrywide, providing solutions for metal-mechanical, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, food and footwear, among others.
  17. 17. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 5. Customers Caxias do Sul University - UCS - is a regionwide education institution, 6th bigger in Brazil,, with direct action over the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Sul, as subsidiary of UCS Foundation, to provide: • 80 Degree Courses; • 13 Graduate Programs Stricto Sensu, with 14 Masters and 4 PhDs; • 70 specialization courses, 9 MBAs; • 37,000 Students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, extension and technical high school; • 1,100 Teachers graduates (85% with a masters degree and Ph.D.); • 800 Laboratories for all areas of education; • 500 Classrooms; • 20 Research Centers; • 18 Centers of Innovation and Development; • 103 Research Groups registered at CNPq; • 250 Scientific Initiation Scholarships and Technology; • 55 patent records at the National Institute of Intellectual Property – INPI; • 14 libraries that together total more than 1 million copies and electronic holdings with more than 2500 textbooks.
  18. 18. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 5. Customers Habitasul Group is present in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, and also in Costa Rica, operating in the industrial segments of pulp, paper, packaging, woods, resins, furniture, metal mechanics, and real estate – generating more than 12,000 jobs. In recognition of its quality and pioneering companies, Habitasul won successive awards. Habitasul Group Companies: Habitasul Estate Developments S/A, Habitasul Mortgage S/A, Hotel Stone Slab Ltda, Jurere International, Cellulose Irani S/A, Koch Metallurgical S/A. Located in Island of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis-SC, Jurerê International is a real estate development, a residential and resort developed by the Habitasul Group, at Jurerê beachside. Jurerê International is today a reference in organic urbanization and sustainability for the whole country behind this success are the principles and guidelines set by Habitasul for over 30 years. Its basic commitment of differentiated quality of Jurerê International in its four dimensions: environmental, cultural, physics and human.
  19. 19. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity 5. Customers Lupatech SA consists of businesses mainly focused on the oil and gas industry, providing equipment and services for the production stage, conquering market leadership in Mercosur as manufacturer of industrial valves. Lupatech SA high valued solutions are distributed through companies located in Brazil and abroad. For the oil and gas segments, Lupatech SA supplies polyester ropes (platform anchoring in deep and ultradeep waters), wide range of valves, tools for well completion, special coatings for pipes, gas compressors, monitoring systems in optical fiber in addition to general services platforms. Lupatech SA also operates in the production and sale of industrial valves, especially in petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, food, pharmaceuticals, steel, among others. “Guerra S/A” is one of the largest manufacturers of road supplies in Latin America, with headquarters and three factory plants in Caxias do Sul (RS), Farroupilha (RS) and São Paulo (SP). The motto "Peace on the Road" also established itself as a quality brand, technology and innovation. “Guerra S/A” provide over 100,000 implements in operation, 10,000 active clients and a network of 62 authorized service points across the country. Their products are exported to 17 countries.
  20. 20. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity6. Acies’s Cashflow
  21. 21. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity7. Next Years Perspective • Consolidation of brands Infinity and Exiplan; • Expand the range of functionality and breadth of Infinity with increasing roles of BI and Workflow; • Launch Infinity Cash & Treasury Management • Launch Exiplan - Management of Shopping Centers • Launch Exiplan - Asset Management
  22. 22. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity8. The Future• Consolidate the company and our products.• Expand business, looking for solutions that will allow constant evolution of our products.• Sales force expansion, reaching the domestic and international market.• Partnerships with strong market presence in Corporate Management, which shall facilitate our entry into large organizations.• International Partnerships that enable our entry into Mercosur, North America and Europe;• Private Investors;• Financing Funding Agencies for technology companies and innovation;
  23. 23. Introduction to Acies - Strategic Lucidity +55(21)2220-3541 / +55(21)8194-3210