Matter part 1 types 2013
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  • 1. Matter – Part 1Matter – Part 1
  • 2. What are some different ways to classify matter?
  • 3. In Chemistry one way we useIn Chemistry one way we use isis:: Elements Compounds Mixtures
  • 4. Element - a substance that cannot be broken down by chemical methods Examples- anything on the periodic table
  • 5. Compound - a substance composed of two or more elements bonded together, always in the same ratio
  • 6. Law of Definite Proportions - a chemical compound always has the same ratio of elements (by how many and their mass) ex. H2O has 2 hydrogen 1 oxygen
  • 7. Examples of compounds:Examples of compounds: Salt (NaCl) Sugar (C6H12O6) Carbon dioxide (CO2) Dinitrogen monoxide (N2O)
  • 8. Compounds can be broken down into elements by chemical methods (breaking bonds)
  • 9. Substance (or pure substance) - has the same composition, must be either a pure element or a pure compound
  • 10. Mixture - a combination of two or more substances (elements or compounds), can be combined in any ratio (variable composition)
  • 11. Two types of mixtures:
  • 12. Homogeneous Mixture or Solution - always the same throughout, no matter where you take a sample
  • 13. Examples - salt water, air, alloys, soda Note - Solutions don’t have to be liquids!
  • 14. Heterogeneous Mixture - contains parts that have different properties and composition
  • 15. Examples - Pizza, ice cream sundaes, sand and water
  • 16. Label the Following as elements,Label the Following as elements, compounds, homogeneous mixturescompounds, homogeneous mixtures or heterogeneous mixturesor heterogeneous mixturesBlood Pizza Steel Diamond Carbon monoxide Neon Chili Ammonia Nitric acid Gatorade Heterogeneous mixture Heterogeneous mixture Homogeneous mixture Element Compound Element Heterogeneous mixture Compound Compound Homogeneous mixture