DevOps Days 2012 - Going LEAN in IT Services Organization


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DevOps Days 2012 - Going LEAN in IT Services Organization

  1. 1. HCL Technologies Ltd.
  2. 2.  DevOps as a core strategy Meaningful implementation of DevOps Role of tool vendors
  3. 3. DevOps as a core strategy
  4. 4. $6.2 31 90000BILLION COUNTRIES P E O P L E
  5. 5. London, UK Local Market China, Shanghai SAP Consulting Poland, Krakow Near shore Local Market Consulting & Multi-Lingual Support Support including Mandarin USA, Raleigh Finland Mainland Delivery Japan India (5) Centre Local Language ITAR compliant Offshore AMS Delivery Centre Local Consulting & ADS 24x7 Monitoring Centre Singapore Local Market US Nearshore- Consulting ITAR compliant South Africa, Cape L2 SAP Support TownPuerto Rico Australia, Melbourne Local Market Consulting Local Market Consulting South America Delivery Centre including Portuguese & Offshore SAP Configuration & Support Local Market Consulting Spanish Coverage Basis Support Centre Local Training Academy New Zealand, Auckland Brazil, Porto Alegre Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Penang
  6. 6.  Infosys TCS Wipro CTS Lot more…
  7. 7.  CLOUD – Infrastructure and Platform Centralized Release Management Consolidate Tools & Governance Newer Skills….Of Course there’s… Lean Processes Agile Ways of Working Mindset and Culture
  8. 8.  Many verticals and LOBs Apps Service Lines Varied Quality Standards CMMi and Metrics Centralized Project Management Tool Process standardization Managing fresh talent and skills Margin pressures more…
  9. 9. SCRM Improvement Drivers Expert’s View  “An efficient change process can cut up to 33% off the typical product development cycle time” – McKinsey & Company  “80% of outages are due to people and process, and of those at least 50% are due to integration handoff issues across change, configuration and release” – Gartner  “54% of companies lack a single repository to review, analyze, approve and track changes across products and applications“ – Gartner  “Companies now recognize that better change processes can deliver top-line benefits...and are therefore developing change management with an eye towards improving speed to market” – Aberdeen Group
  10. 10. Quality Early and Continuous FeedbackAcross Services …Custom Development, Apps Maintenance, Enhancement,Support etc.Especially where code is involved.
  11. 11.  Elimination of waste by… Is this possible at  Implementing Factory model: all in Software Development …. Support & Maintenance – maybe Enhancements and Development – NO  People utilization and productivity: Can this be achieved without right skilling and re-skilling
  12. 12.  Offshore Delivery Centers and Non Disclosure Agreements… exercise full control on people and execution Customers on a Lean and agile transformation….conflicting with vendor transformation initiatives Outcome based pricing models… estimates used for billing.
  13. 13. Meaningful implementation of DevOps
  14. 14. • Limit WIP balance based on Capacity and Cycle time.• Process Policies Explicit via centralized delivery process & engineering metrics for early and continuous feedback• Visualization via multi- level dashboards and CFD• Mange Flow automated compliance audits
  15. 15. Mindset & Culture DevOps Customer IT Service Vendor Delivery Rigor (Technology)
  16. 16. Role of tool vendors
  17. 17. • Looks as though the Large IT Services are ignored… …engage with IT service organization and understand their psyche, needs and challenges. on the path in• Larger IT Services are embracing Lean and Agile; proactively or reactively… ….thankfully CMMi is out of the way….things will change sooner than expected…
  18. 18. • DevOps tools is critical to Synergize delivery and enabling functions… … currently it looks more of tech toys for the geeks … equally important are the non-geeks… the business folks.• Ignoring IT Services organization might be costly mistake and a huge Opportunity lost. …IT services industry constitute a large chunk of business… at least IT Services in India.
  19. 19. Ravi Kumar Srinath
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