Agile Tour 2010 - SCRUM Turning Scum - Ignoring the false negatives


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Agile Tour 2010 - SCRUM Turning Scum - Ignoring the false negatives

  1. 1. SCRUM turning ScumIgnoring the False Negatives Ravi Kumar 2010 November
  2. 2. Agenda False Negative: AProcess Smells ( SCRUM - set ofpractices Not Process) result that appears• Practice Framework – Is it a Necessary Evil? negative but fails• QA Audits – are they real or delusions to reveal a Stories from real world - Lessons to situationlearn• Starting on a wrong footing....still finding theelusive sweet spot.• When improvements start to stagnate?• When Necessary Evil helps....safeguardingorganization/teams from the trap.Management Apathy• It Takes Two to Tango• Empowerment• Shooting in the dark…recipe for failure 20/11/10
  3. 3. Process Smells (SCRUM – set of practices Not Process) •Practice Framework – Is it a Necessary Evil? •QA Audits – are they real or delusions20/11/10
  4. 4. Practice Framework – Is it anecessary evil?Agile has gone mainstream.• Historically agile grew in smallcommunities and projects.• Large organizations has started toadopt agile. FALSE NEGATIVE: Good intent may not propagate as desired.Agile Nirvana…OrganizationalLevel Focus Groups• Setup/formalise the agile practices. Is it a• Project Assessments• Facilitate QA Groups• Metrics definition• Mentoring , Training & Consulting• Community of Practice20/11/10
  5. 5. QA Audits – are they realor delusions•QA Monthly Audits•Audit Checklist FALSE NEGATIVE: •Audit scores – means to an end.•Agile Compliance Score •Safeguarding individual interests•Survey/Questionnaire basedaudits/assessments may tend tobe misleading and inaccurate. • Person dependent. • Cannot ignore project context and complexities.20/11/10
  6. 6. Stories from the real world • Starting on a wrong footing....still finding the elusive sweet spot. • When improvements start to stagnate? • When Necessary Evil helps....safeguarding organization/teams from the trap.20/11/10
  7. 7. Story 1: Starting on a wrong Access to Client environment from Vendorfooting location does matter. FALSE NEGATIVE: Ignoring the teething issuesQuality Deliverables• Having a Scrum Master onsite withthe team offshore• Lack of agile and technical skills.• Traditional planning Get the Business, Architects, QA and Dev teams aligned and working together• Frequent status updates and micromanagement. 20/11/10
  8. 8. “I would like to see the team escalatingStory 2: When improvements any hindrances in their way and doingstart to stagnate so early enough.” Continuous improvements – Where are they? FALSE NEGATIVE: SCRUM without Engineering improvement can’t go a long way. CSAT Score 6.7/7 “I would like to see the team using the• Co-relate metrics and’s daily SCRUM meetings morecritical. effectively. They need to bring up essentials to the attention of the• Pressure mounts …reduction in team.”Sprint lengths may not yield results. 20/11/10
  9. 9. Story 3: When necessary evil helps CSAT Score 6.2/7…prettyimpressive. But… • Disjoint teams • Duplication of work (Multiple Trackers) FALSE NEGATIVE: • Requirements in phased manner Customer is happy with releases • Varying sprint lengths ; no every 6 months and is fronted by the tracking. IT department • Estimation by leads and tasks assigned. • Lack of req. clarity, overwork and major reworks . • No participation from business users. 20/11/10
  10. 10. Management Apathy • It takes two to tango • Empowerment • Shooting in the dark…recipe for failure20/11/10
  11. 11. It takes two to tango Vendor• CxO directive to go agile.• Customer managers and vendormanagers not aligned. FALSE NEGATIVE:• Customer QA is not aligned with Multiple contracts within singlebusiness and development teams. engagements creating boundaries in project execution.• SLAs and Contracts that inhibitcollaboration and communication• Multi vendor projects• Engineering skills are sidelined. Customer 20/11/10
  12. 12. EmpowermentEmpowermentApplies to both Customer &Vendor teams• Synergize delivery and focusgroups.• Agile to be treated on par withrest of the methodologies in the FALSE NEGATIVE: Agile drive more based oncentral organization. Opportunity rather than Conviction• Metrics and data collation isimportant. • Separation of concerns please. • Engineering metrics along with project metrics.
  13. 13. Shooting in the dark… recipefor failure• RFPs and project bids won basedon traditional approaches.• Hybrid models - waterfallrequirements followed bydevelopment in agile. FALSE NEGATIVE: Winning deals more than long term• Traditional contracts. project success.• Agile as cover-up to avoidwaterfall.
  14. 14. SCRUM FALSE NegativesBeware of it !!!! can cause the projects and teams dearly. 20/11/10
  15. 15. Thank You !!! ravikumar.rk@gmail.com20/11/10
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