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Hệ thống quản lý máy chơi game tiên tiến đã triển khai ở nhiều nơi trên thế giới. Thay thế đồng xu (token) bằng thẻ. Khách hàng có thể dùng thẻ để nạp tiền, chơi game, ăn uống, xem phim, tích điểm, …

Hệ thống quản lý máy chơi game tiên tiến đã triển khai ở nhiều nơi trên thế giới. Thay thế đồng xu (token) bằng thẻ. Khách hàng có thể dùng thẻ để nạp tiền, chơi game, ăn uống, xem phim, tích điểm, đổi quà, đổi chò trơi.
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Công ty R-Keeper Vietnam

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  • 2.  
  • 3. Main function of system : Change of game tokens to plastic cards with magnetic strip
  • 4. Game-Keeper – is control system of game type machines Auto -, moto - simulator Fight imitator Shooting simulator Sport simulators Prize cran-machines Ticket distribution machines etc .
  • 5. Game-Keeper – is also control system of attractions and other game-zones Game rooms Fear room Disco Autodrom Jungle Carting Q-Zar Skating ring
  • 6. System combines management of different service types : Integration of following systems Game-Keeper , R-Keeper and Premiera allows automating all objects of game entertainment complex Management of game machines Access control to attractions and other game-zones Payment the bill in café, restaurant Ticket buying to the cinema
  • 7. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex Efficient management of cost of game is fulfilled by means of fixing different tariffs. It depends upon: - machine type , - day time, day of week, season, hold events, - guest loyalty, etc. Tokens Tarification is fixed : 1 game = N of tokens Plastic cards
  • 8. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex Plastic cards Management and control of game collection in the mode of real time , receiving detailed reports on usage of game equipment. Statistic analysis allows effective manage the price policy and place all game machines. Tokens Possibility to read the information from build-in register once a day ( but first machines should be opened )
  • 9. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex Tokens It is impossible to hold award loyalty program. Plastic cards Technology of debit cards allows realizing different club programs, personalizing VIP guests. It is become possible to hold award loyalty program – bonus, discount, act system.
  • 10. Plastic cards Exceptions of personal misuse when you use cashless payment on complex territory . Tokens As you know , cashier can sell tokens and does not fix the sell of it on cash desk. It is impossible to sell debit card without usage of cash desk. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 11. Effective management of guests flow. It will be enough to equip one working place for cashier for small game complex (around 50 machines). He will activate cards and replenish guest’s account. Quantity of approaches of the guest to cash desk is reduced at the expense of big sum that is put to the card. Thus, there is no queue to cash desk. Plastic cards Presence of queues to cash desk. Guest should come to cash desk several time to buy new tokens. He should always carry tokens. Tokens Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 12. Kiosk with note receiver replaces cashier working place and gives a lot of advantages. Guest can buy activated card with specified nominal, replenish his account and view the information by himself. Kiosk can work twenty-four-hours a day. You economy on expenses spend on paying salary to cashier and keeping him in company staff. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 13. Ensuring worth service of game complex. In the judgment of guests , convenience is enclosed not only in absence of necessity to carry tokens everywhere you go , but also in that all operations are fixed and you can always track how much money was spent, view statistics about played games. In case of disputable situations, you can solve the problem by viewing operations with account. Parents may put to kid’s card certain sum. Guest can view history of his account at any time: when and how much money was put to the card, what game machines were used and how much games were played and what bonuses were charged. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 14. Full functioned automation of prize shop . Guest can put won prized tickets to his or child account, in case if every member of the family has his own card. In future, guest may change saved tickets to a toy in toy shop at any moment. You can see in reports how much prize tickets were actually given out in game machines, how much money guests put to their accounts and how much they spent. Replenishment to the account is fulfilled with the help of special device « Ticket Eater » (ticket destroyer) . Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 15. Game-Keeper integration with program products of R-Keeper and Premiera Account replenishment of game points thought R-Keeper Payment of restaurant bill and buying tickets to cinema at the cost of game points Usage of game card as bonus card in R-Keeper and Premiera Usage of game card as discount card in R-Keeper and Premiera Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 16. As game card can be used as pay card, it can be used not only to start the game, to pay the bill in restaurant, but also in other components of entertainment complex: Game-Keeper integration with program products of R-Keeper and Premiera I . e . non-cash way of payment can be realized at all territory of entertainment complex . It can be used as unique way of payment or additionally to the cash payment. Cinema Pool jet Bowling Skating ring Rollerdrom Disco Attraction park etc . Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 17. It is possible to manage the net of game complexes effectively only with the help of debit card technology. Several game centers may use single authorization server of plastic card , that allows building corporate lans of game clubs with one payment system. Meanwhile is does not matter, how far game room is located. Card that was bought in one game complex can be used in others that are included to the lan. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 18. Debit card unlike tokens stimulates to form brand of game center , as it can be used as advertising carrier of logo of entertainment center. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 19. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex Protected card code Code that was written on magnetic stripe of the card, include accidental component. thus it is impossible to falsify the card in order to get access to it.
  • 20. High-productive SQL - server SQL - server handles all data processing and its saving. Such decision provides not only safety and security, but also flexibility. Corporative owner can develop his own information analysis system . Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 21. Possibility of parallel work of plastic card system and tokens allows easily moving from work with tokens to debit cards in functioning game centers without stopping the work of game complex. Advantages of use of Game-Keeper software-hardware complex
  • 22. Plastic magnetic card (the most economical variant for mass distribution) is used to start the game on game machine and also to enter the attraction zone through the turnstile instead of tokens. Game machines are equipped with readers. On the entrance of game complex guest buys card for personal property and also buys game points as many as he wants. Further account replenishment by game points can be fulfilled through the cash desk of receptionist of game complex, kiosk with note-receiver or at R-keeper cash desks (in café or restaurants). Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 23. When guest buys points, money will be transformed into points automatically ( in standard variant rate equals «1»). To activate game on game machine or entrance through the turnstile, guest should run the card through the reader. After system read data from the card, it defines belongs this card to this system or not and also it checks the current balance on the card. If there enough money on the card, system starts the game or opens the entrance and on the same time it write-off the sum of points that correspond to game tariff on given machine at the present time. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 24. Account : Game points : 3560 Prize tickets : 38 Game machines with giving tickets for a good game give prize ticket that can be put to guest’s or other account in prize shop (in case if guest wants to give his tickets other person). Tickets can be changed to toys in the same prize shop. There are two balances at guest’s account: balance of game points and balance of prize tickets. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 25. Return Card will be deactivated and stays in game center. Guest’s account will be closed. Card can be sold to a new guest. Guest can return the card to game complex and get back current remains and amount of guarantee for card. Points-bonuses and balance of prize tickets become zero, when guest returns card. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 26. Bonus types Automatic Manual Possible to charge : through GK cash desk through application « Card management » GK bonuses External bonuses : For one-timed put sum of money or points For accumulative sum of points or money R-Keeper bonuses Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 27. Automatic bonuses Given bonuses are charged automatically by the system but under definite conditions that are described in bonus manual. For example, if guest replenish on his card definite sum of money, than bonus in definite size will charged on his account. Or , for example, guest often goes to game room and always put money to his account. Meanwhile, total sum of bought points for all period of cad usage reach definite number. Guest receives bonus for this amount of points. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 28. External : R-Keeper bonuses Given bonuses can be charged automatically, when card is used during payment of R - Keeper bill . Game - Keeper card is payment card, it can be replenished by means that will be took off automatically when guest pays bill in restaurant, café refers to game complex. Game - Keeper cards works the same as other R - Keeper payment card . Bonus can be charged, when bill is paid by certain currency. Guest can use card when he pays bill, in order corresponded bonus will charge on this card. Or guest can pays the bill (part of bill) by points from Game - Keeper card. System will write-off entered sum from the balance of the card and charge bonus, but under condition that bonus will be charged in R - Keeper during payment of given currency. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 29. Manual bonuses Administrator of game room can fix point-bonus on the account of guest card through cash desk of Game-Keeper or through application « Card management ». Given function is available only if worker has corresponded access right. All manually fixed bonuses can be tracked in reports. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system
  • 30. Operation concept of Game-Keeper system Bonuses that were charges to the card summed with the current balance of points. When guest pays for games, system first writes-off the sum of point-money (bought points) and only than point-bonuses.
  • 31. Hardware part of the system is connected to coin-receiver and can be run remotely Reader and display ( it is mounted on external part of the panel ) Game controller ( it is mounted inside of machine )
  • 32. Hardware Game controller Ethernet – is an electronic device that contain microprocessor, lan interface Ethernet and it manages the final executive mechanisms. It was designed to support game machines of different types and it can be connected to turnstiles, ticket printers, prize shops. Game controller consists of LCD or display with light-emitted diodes and card reader with magnetic stripe and also power unit. It is connected directly to the local net. It does not require usage of interface computer. If it is hard to lay the local net to some places of game complex, you can use wireless decision – Wi-Fi connection and use Ethernet controller .
  • 33. Hardware Game controller Ethernet LCD and magnetic reader
  • 34. Entrance to game-zones can be organized in two ways: Reader and LCD ( it is mounted to the turnstile ) Game controller ( it is mount inside turnstile ) Entrance to game-zones is eqipped by turnstile, to which controller and reader are connected Tickets to enter the game-zone is printed on printer, to which controller and reader are connected Game controller Reader and display
  • 35. Game-Keeper ver. 2 Prize cash Settings OLAP - reports Info-kiosk Cash 2 Cash 1 Ethernet Game controller RS 485 Machine Reader with LCD Game room 2 Game room 3 Game room 1 Central SQL - server Manual of card types Base of all cards Magnetic card Internet kiosk Card reader Fiscal printer Note-receiver Card dispenser Touch screen TCP/IP Local SQL - server Net topology of Game-Keeper ( version 3 .0) Ethernet Game controllers Ethernet Ethernet RS 232 Interface server Interface controller 232 / 485 Ethernet Game-Keeper ver.1 Game-Keeper ver. 2 Game-Keeper ver. 3 Controllers RS 485 Sluice Ethernet/RS 485
  • 36. Software Communication Applied Provides connection between net of game controllers with local computer lan and supplies transfer of command and messages from controllers to server and back. GkAgent Gk3Host Gk3Tools Gk3NetMonitor 1.gkCashier-cash application 2. gkBooth-kiosk application and informational kiosk 3. User Manager-application of user management 4. gkRefs-manager program 5 . gkReports –application for reports 6. Software of prize shop
  • 37. Software Any computer with fiscal register, monitor and specialized keyboard can be used instead of cash station . Main functions of cash stations are : Cash 1. Sell and card activation 2. Sell of service package г 3. Replenishment of card balance by cash 4. Card return and its deactivation 5. Card search in data base by its number 6. Account movement from one card to another ( if card got spoilt ) 7. View of current card balance on guest demand All operations at cash need authorization of cashier. Cashiers can have different rights.
  • 38. Cash
  • 39. Software Kiosk Kiosk is a specialized device combining a computer, a touch-screen monitor, a magnetic card reader, a note-receiver and a receipt printer in a shockproof case. Kiosk functions : 1. View the current balance of account 2. View account history 3. Account replenishment by cash and giving out the fiscal check 4. Card selling with specified nominal
  • 40. Independent kiosk Kiosk bundling : Magnetic reader Note receiver Fiscal printer Card dispenser
  • 41. Informational kiosk Touch-Screen R-Keeper TS
  • 42. Software Informational kiosk Informational terminals can be used instead of kiosk but without card dispenser, note-receiver, and fiscal registrator and correspondently without function of account replenishment. Sensor monoblock stations like Touch-Screen R-Keeper TS can be used instead of informational kiosk. Functions of informational kiosk:: 1. View of current balance of account 2. View the history of account
  • 43. Software User management Program of user management is used to create in the system users with specified access rights.
  • 44.  
  • 45. Software Manager functions: Manager program 1. Replenishment and editing of machine list 2. Creation of tariff rules (prices) 3. Creation of timed periods 4. Creation of service package 5. Forming of list of card levels 6. Forming list of personnel
  • 46.  
  • 47. Software Reports Standard report building program allows building reports on the base of standard models. User has the possibility to analyze different facts:
    • Card return
    • Transactions on cards
    • Game statistics on game machines
    • Attendance statistics
  • 48.  
  • 49.  
  • 50. Software Reports OLAP - report building program allows building multidimensional report on the base of so-called cubes. User can build reports his own reports analyzing situation in necessary dimensions. System has the possibility to build three cubes: 1. on cash stations 2. on game machines 3. on cards
  • 51.  
  • 52.  
  • 53. Software Prize shop Cashier station of R-Keeper with additional functions of account replenishment and changing the tickets to toys is used as prize shop. Therewith system of R-Keeper FarCards and interface modules of Game-Keeper are used here .
  • 54. Prize shop
  • 55. Distributor: R-Keeper Vietnam, 129 Bis Ly Chinh Thang, District 3, HCMC Tel: (08) 08-2775 Hotline: 0903 747 937