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Business 400 Inc. is a new Business Association spanning the entire North Georgia 400 Corridor.

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Busines 400 Introduction Presentation1

  2. 2. OUR VISION BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS IN THE 400 CORRIDOR The goal of BUSINESS 400 is to provide the Highway 400 community with opportunity. The opportunity to effectively network. The opportunity to view the 400 corridor as a single economic engine that we share in common. A common association offers the opportunity to unify our businesses, our city and county governments, our business associations, and our charities and non-profits. Our goal is to positively impact the 400 community and the way these various entities interact. A true network highway.
  3. 3. SHORT TERM POSSIBILITIES The short term goal of BUSINESS 400, simply put, is to do more business. Our monthly networking events are to be held at The Metropolitan Club, the first Tuesday of each month, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. These events are designed to expand our sphere of influence throughout the 400 corridor. We will function as a business to business and a business to consumer network. We will encourage participants to function as a business to community network. The future of the Highway 400 business corridor is bright. BUSINESS 400 wants to cast more light on the companies and individuals that make the 400 corridor business community a shining light in a dark economy!
  4. 4. LONG TERM POSSIBILITIES The long term goal of BUSINESS 400 is to evolve into a multifaceted association that has a voice in the many issues that influence the progress of the 400 corridor business community. We intend to survey the BUSINESS 400 participants as to their views on a variety of issues. This is not a political effort, but a practical effort. It is intended to help guide the various entities that make decisions regarding the issues affecting the 400 business community. The knowledge and experience of the business community can provide input to develop more effective policy regarding the 400 corridor.
  5. 5. A SPIRIT OF COOPERATION The Chambers of Commerce and other business associations can embrace this spirit of cooperation to move their local organizations forward as they move the 400 corridor forward as a whole. There will be a concerted effort encouraging more businesses to join local chambers and associations, and increase their level of participation in those groups, individually, and the 400 corridor as a whole. There is a strength in numbers, a rising tide lifts all boats opportunity, at the core of BUSINESS 400.
  6. 6. PEOPLE DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE. The soul of BUSINESS 400 will be the involvement of charities and nonprofits. We will encourage the Business 400 membership to create programs that not only benefits the charities, but also involves them in events designed to increase the profile of the charities and their business partners in the greater community. The skills developed in the process of moving businesses forward can aid charities and nonprofits, as well. The sharing of those skills can be mutually beneficial. Business can do well by doing good.
  7. 7. NETWORKING WE CAN’T BAIL YOU OUT, BUT WE CAN LIFT YOU UP! How? Networking. Our Network For Success family held an incredible network event at the beautiful METROPOLITAN CLUB. Networking ran rampant! Weeks later, we are still hearing from business people, amazed at the record turnout, as well as the energy and opportunity at the event. People are working overtime, expanding relationships begun that night. Network For Success has many new members, and a waiting list, as a result!
  8. 8. OCTOBER 14TH AT THE METROPOLITAN CLUB Networking at it’s best! 438 people in attendance! Value of the 57 door prizes? Over $3000.00! Value of the six cash prizes? $1000.00! NETWORKING VALUE? PRICELESS!!!
  9. 9. THE METROPOLITAN CLUB • THE METROPOLITAN CLUB, under the capable management of Mark Simpson, hosted a truly impressive event. Seasoned networkers and business professionals agreed it was the best network event they had ever attended. • We are thrilled to have Mark, his facility, and excellent staff, as hosts for B4’s monthly network functions. We want to provide a first class networking opportunity in a first class venue. That IS THE METROPOLITAN CLUB!
  10. 10. THE PEOPLE BEHIND BUSINESS 400 RON and MARIE DINSMORE make up the Dinsmore Team, a NUMBER 1 EXPERT, Remax real estate team. They are members of the 100% Club, Platinum Club,and Million Dollar Club, and are in the top 100 realtors in Georgia. PAUL ROMANICK is the creator of the CITRUSOLUTION CARPET CLEANING PROCESS. There are 44 independently owned locations nationwide, with 28 locations in the Metro Atlanta area. Together Ron, Marie, and Paul have developed the NETWORK FOR SUCCESS network family. Together, with their NFS family, Ron, Marie, and Paul organized the Oct.14th networking event at THE METROPOLITAN CLUB. That event set a high standard for network events! Ron, Marie, and Paul intend to take networking, in the form of BUSINESS 400, to yet another level of excellence!
  11. 11. THE FIRST 400 • What is the FIRST 400? The FIRST 400 people to join will receive a $50.00 discount on the first year of membership. They will also be able to access event table space sooner, as tables at our events will be allocated in the order of their membership number. • Tables will NOT be sold to the highest bidder with the deepest pockets. Every member will be playing on a level field. If you want a larger presence in BUSINESS 400, put more of your people in our membership. Put more of your people in a position to meet more of our people. That’s how networking works!
  12. 12. READY TO JOIN? • We have covered WHY. NETWORKING! • And WHAT. Spectacular network events! • And When. The first Tuesday of every month. • And Where. The luxurious METROPOLITAN CLUB. • And now for the HOW? • Call 1-877-581-1039 or e-mail BUSINESS 400 at marie@business400.com to receive membership information.