SJSRY Policy by RKCL


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SJSRY Policy by RKCL

  1. 1. SJSRY TRAINING POLICY DOCUMENTS Brief Facts of Scheme and Need of documentation -: A scheme namely Swarn Jayanti Sahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY) is running under Local Bodies department through various Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika. RKCL is one of the empanelled training providers under this Scheme. Since RKCL itself is not under direct training, the training is being provided through ITGK’S . Various types of patterns are being followed by Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika’s to place the order under this scheme. In order to avoid such type of differences in Training /work orders, delivery of training, monitoring of training and release of payment, a policy at RKCL level is required. To optimize use of Govt. Funds and effective implementation of the training under SJSRY Scheme it has been decided to frame a concrete policy, in this regard, following documents shall be required in each case/order. Document required from Nagar Nigam 1. Copy of Order in the name of RKCL mentioning name of course before commencement of Training. It is preferred to give limited seats to cover maximum number of ITGK. 2. Terms of payment by Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika Payments in the name of RKCL from time to time as per terms of payment 3. Date of commencement and completion of training (Preferable mention in Work order) 4. Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika shall ensure to place order to local ITGK only i.e. in Tehsil places only and in District in concerning District Head-quarter only 5. Following courses are approved by RKCL under SJSRY Scheme, Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika should ensure to place order only for these training in the name of RKCL. Name of Course Duration Fee Remarks 1.RS-CIT 132 Hours 2700/- Course Material by RKCL 2.RS-CFA 100 Hours 2500/- -do- 3.RS-CEL 100 Hours 2500/- -do- 4. DIGITAL YUVA 100 Hours 2000/- Online content 5. WAVE (C,C++,DTP) 120 Hours 3000/- Online Content 1500/- Online content 6. Personal Finance Mag. 30 Hours
  2. 2. Document required from ITGK 1. Duly singed copy of Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika officer of shortlisted Learners 2. Duly singed copy of Uploaded list of Learners by separate marked of SJSRY Learners 3. If ITGK wants to move for training at Trainers location, he should intimate and take prior Written permission of the same from RKCL before starting the training, however, in any case the training location should not be outside his tehsil/District Headquarter as the case may be. 4. Affidavit in attached format 5. Copy of Visit Report cum completion certificate document as signed by Nagar Nigam /Nagar Palika Officers during Inspection at ITGK 6. Course Completion Certificate in attached format 7. Acknowledgement of KIT Distribution from each Learner along with their address and Telephone or Mobile number. 8 Bills of Reimbursement of KIT/Promotional Material . 9. Online Attendance Records Documents required from DLC’s 1. Visit Report by DLC/ Any other RKCL’s Authorised person/committee (At least 2 visit report out of three - one at the time of beginning, second during any time of course Running and on last day of completion of course.) in attached format. 2. Satisfactorily Training Completion Certificate by DLC/ Any other RKCL’s Authorised person/committee. For payment by Account Dept of RKCL, need following 1. All above documents 2. Cheque from Nagar Nigam /Nagar Palika
  3. 3. Admission & Mode of payment by RKCL-: ITGK shall take all the admission as paid learners in RKCL’s Web portal or any other mode as decided by RKCL and pay the RKCL’s share (In case of RS-CIT) and full course fee in any other course to RKCL . RKCL shall disburse the ITGK share as follows-: RS-CIT-: Since RKCL received its own share only in RS-CIT course fee there is no need to pay ITGK Share. In other courses RKCL shall disburse the ITGK share as per regular admission as disbursed as paid batch Learners Disbursement of amount and other charges as received from Nagar/Nagar Palika 1. Any first or advance payment – Immediate on submission of Approved list of learners 2. Remaining payment on receiving of all the requisite documents, visit report cum training completion certificate from DLC/RKCL’s Authorised person It will be the responsibility /duty of Business Promotion Department of RKCL to ensure all the above requisite documents from the ITGK, ensure satisfactory training, Instruct DLC regarding inspection, gathering visit reports from concerning DLC and documents from Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika and submit to the concerning Department of RKCL RKCL Account department shall track the payment received from Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika as the case may be and issue the invoices to Nagar Nagam/Nagar Palika if required by them, and disburse the payment to concerning ITGK as mentioned above.
  4. 4. Annexure forming part of SJSRY Policy (To be printed on 10/- Stamp paper duly notarized) AFFADAVIT I ---------------------- (Name OF Owner/Partner/Director/Secretary/Others)S/o----------------------Proprietor/Partner/Director/Secretary/Other of ----------------------------------(Name of ITGK)-----------------------------(Code of ITGK)-----------------------------------------------------------------------(Address of ITGK) do hereby declare that -: I am an Authorized ITGK of Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Ltd. My ITGK address is ------------------------------------------------------------- and ITGK code is ------------------ I/We had got an order under SJSRY Scheme through order No-----------------------------Dt--------------for the period of Financial year --------------- from ----------------------------(Name of office of Nagar Nigam/Palika) Against the said order I had admitted ------------(No of learners) as approved /sanctioned by Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika under following courses of RKCL RS-CIT B)RS-CFA C)RS-CEL D)DTP E)Digital Yuva F) Other-Specify I had deposited/will deposit the RKCL Share of above courses in the Batch of month of -------------------(Mention here name of month in which batch admission took) and take the admission under paid batch of these courses and thereafter shall be eligible for getting ITGK Share as and when receiving the same from Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika and in any case the payment shall not release by Nagar Nagam/Nagar Palika the RKCL share already paid shall not be refundable. The learners are getting training on regular basis and I/we are maintaining complete proper records of all these learners including their attendance records/age/qualification/BPL Number records/Kit distribution acknowledgement etc. as required under Guidance and the same is as per SJSRY scheme Norms No Learner as registered by me has previously availed the benefit of the said training under the scheme for same courses. I/We also hereby undertake that all the Learners are bonafide and eligible for the SJSRY scheme as per norms given by approving Authority of Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika I/We shall produce all the records at the time of any inspection to be carried out by either RKCL authorized person/committee and any other person or Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika officials. I/We also hereby confirm that we had distributed/shall distribute the Learning KIT/ Promotional Material and Course material to these learners and the cost of the KIT/Promotional Material shall be reimbursed by RKCL on submission of proof of purchasing the same from registered dealers or Nagar
  5. 5. Nigam /Nagar Palika may directly reimbursement the cost of the KIT to the ITGK after verifying the genuineness of the bills and ensure proper distribution of the same. I shall also undertake not to make any Surplus /Profit on distribution of KIT items. I/We hereby agreeing to accept ITGK share in Installment as decided by RKCL I shall submit all the requisite documents/records to RKCL office from time to time as required by RKCL It shall be my sole responsibility to fulfill all the terms and conditions of the SJSRY scheme including but not limited to placement of the Learners as per SJSRY scheme norms If any amount is found recoverable at any time by Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika/RKCL or during any Audit/Inspection, the same shall be deposited by me without any delay either to RKCL or Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika as the case may be. I/We understand that RKCL has reserve the right to cancel the training at any stage if our ITGK if found involved in unethical practices. Witness-: For ------------------(Name of ITGK) (Signature) Name in Full-: Designation Mobile No-
  6. 6. Forming part of SJSRY Policy Visit Report cum Training Completion Certificate (To be submitted by DLC/RKCL authorized person to RKCL) This is to certify that we had visited the ITGK Namely ---------------------------------------------(Name of ITGK) having permanent address----------------------------------------and ITGK Code--------------------------and training under SJSRY Scheme is conducted at -------------------------------------------------------------. The said ITGK had conducted the training of --------Learners in following courses under SJSRY Scheme and the training was started on ---------------and completed satisfactorily on ------------------A) RS-CIT B)RS-CFA C)RS-CEL D)DTP E)Digital Yuva F) Other-Specify During the course we had conducted at least 2 (out of 3) Visits on following Dates First Visit on ------------Second Visit on--------Third Visit on ----------We had found -----Learners (same as were approved by Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika) during the above visit and found the training satisfactorily. The ITGK had also distributed the KIT/Promotional Material along with course Material to all the trainees. (Seal & Signature of DLC/Authorised person By RKCL with Mobile No & Name) Date and Time of Visit-: (Seal & Signature of ITGK)