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  • NComputing takes an ordinary PC and allows it to be shared by many users. Each user has their own keyboard, monitor, mouse and speakers Each user has their own applications Each user has their own preferences and settings and data files But all of the computing happens on the shared PC. You have just one system to manage, one system to backup. And even though it is very sophisticated technology, it only takes just minutes to install and configure.
  • RKCL Technical Process Update

    1. 1. Image Assisted Data Entry Biz Client ProcessesMinimum Infrastructure Setup of IT-GKs For Next Year Extenda / N-Computing Concepts How to Generate and Increase Intake Capacity Important Links In SOLAREnhancements in SOLAR - EXAM Data Processing e-Learning Based Academics WAVE Courses Introduction
    2. 2. • Application Form: –What is new about the application form?
    3. 3. • Application Form: –Can I use Xerox copy of Application Form? –No
    4. 4. • Application Form: –Can I punch/staple Application form for filing purpose?
    5. 5. • Application Form: –Can I use same Application form for WAVE courses? –Yes
    6. 6. • BizClient –What will recommended process for data entry in Biz-Client?
    7. 7. Data entry process in BizClient • Scan Admission form with 100 -300 DPI & save it in .jpeg format • Browse image folder & select scanned admission form image and ‘New form’ option to start data entry • Image assisted data entry will begin • Automatic photo-sign will be cropped & attached
    8. 8. Data entry process in BizClient • Make correct data entry in Section 1 & 2 • Print fee receipt of confirmed learner & enter ‘print code’ to complete • Upload Learner data immediately • Do not upload form/photo/sign separately • Verify uploaded learner data, photo, sign, form in SOLAR
    9. 9. Select ‘scanned admission form image’
    10. 10. Admission Form: Basic Data entry
    11. 11. Admission form data entry
    12. 12. Admission form data entry
    13. 13. Print Fee receipt & enter receipt code
    14. 14. Upload Learner data, photo, sign, form at a time
    15. 15. • BizClient –When to use Synch & Updater option?
    16. 16. Bizclient Update & Sync• BizClient Update • BizClient Sync – Automatically – Manually click ‘Sync’ BizClient will check – Use when new batch whenever you start for launched available update & – Use to get updated download activity calendar – Also, user can – Use to get updated manually Download Network Partner update using BizClient Details or BizClient updater – Use to get available – This is software update intake capacity – No need to install fresh – This is data BizClient every time synchronization
    17. 17. BizClient : Important Tips• Use ‘Run as Administrator’ option• Do not use without proper installation of Bizclient• Do not tamper BizClient database• One computer = One ALC’s BizClient• Do not uninstall BizClient unnecessarily• Use DotNet version specific to Windows OS Version• Do not use same form number for multiple learners
    18. 18. BizClient : Important tips for uploading• While uploading learner data, BizClient uploads learner data, photo, sign, form images to SOLAR. So do not upload unnecessarily• During Learner verification by ITGK, if learner details get rejected, then only re- upload correct photo/sign/form• Verify uploaded details in SOLAR login
    19. 19. Minimum Infrastructure Setup For Next Year
    20. 20. The Smart QuestionWhy do we need to buy 10 or more computers, when we just one would serve the purpose ?
    21. 21. NComputing Product Suite
    22. 22. NComputing Represents Disruptive Innovation vSpace TM27
    23. 23. 3 Ways to Connect to Host Computer PCI CARD X-seriesETHERNETL-series ETHERNET M-series28
    24. 24. The X-series The X-series connects via PCI card. RJ45 connector On access device PCI card with 3 or 5 ports Cat 5/6 cables Why? • Great multimedia performance. • Lowest cost.29
    25. 25. Most Selling Solution : NComputing Setup for a team or a lab. 3 HOST PCs Administrator 33 USERS – All attached simultaneously11 users per Desktop Computer 30
    26. 26. Basic NComputing vSpace & X-series (11 Users on 1 Local Host) Data Center End-user Environment on Windows Server or Linux running on host HW X-series Access Rest of network: LAN Device - Storage 1 Gb/s - Internet - WAN - App servers… X-series PCI Card USER 7 USER 8 USER 9 USER 10 USER 1131
    27. 27. Basic NComputing vSpace & X-series (Multiple Local Hosts) Data Center End-user Environment Rest of network: - Storage - Internet LAN - WAN 1 Gb/s - App servers…32
    28. 28. The L-series The L-series connects via standard Ethernet networks. Ethernet switch Ethernet port Ethernet cabling on access device Why? • Unlimited distance between client and computer.33
    29. 29. L-series Product Overview  Most flexible  Highest # of users per PC  Ethernet = no distance limits  5 watt per user  Up to 30 users per computer  Includes vSpace virtualization software34
    30. 30. Basic NComputing vSpace & L-series (30 users on 1 Remote Host) Data Center End-user Environment L-series Access Device Server HW on: 100 Mb/sWindows LAN Server 1 Gb/sor Linux 1 Gb/s Rest of network: - Storage - Internet - WAN - App servers… 35
    31. 31. 1000+ Users from a Single Rack using L-Series Data Center End-user Environment Full Rack of Server HW runs inserver VMsall running on ESX LAN Rest of network: - Storage - Internet - WAN - App servers… 36
    32. 32. L300Features: • Up to 30 User per HOST • Two USB 1.1 ports for keyboard and mouse. • Displaying full screen motion picture DVD quality video. • Maximum performance and minimum bandwidth efficiency. • Stereo speaker and microphone jack. • Widescreen display support up to 1920X1080. • Includes two USB 2.0 auxiliary ports in addition for USB peripherals. 37 37
    33. 33. Connections38
    34. 34. 3939
    35. 35. The L Series Comparison40
    36. 36. NComputing - The Greenest Computing on Earth Cut Electricity up to 90% – Only use 1 to 5 watts of electricity (compared to 110 watts for PCs) – Radically cut electricity costs and carbon footprint – Lower heat generation means cooler work area No Obsolescence – Solid State device has 10 year life and no moving parts to fail – Only one PC to replace/upgrade and many users benefit Reduce e-waste – NComputing devices only weigh 100 grams (compared to 10 kg for PCs) Save on the Other “Green”41
    37. 37.  Desktop virtualization hardware and software Revolutionizing the economics of computing The greenest computing on earth 4,00,000+ seats deployed in less than 4 years Yogendra Lakra Regional Sales Manager: North And East India +91-9910062110 ylakra@ncomputing.com42
    38. 38. Supported Antivirus List Supported Antivirus List AV Name Version Windows OS WinXP Vista Win7 STD Win2k3/2k8 ENT Win2k3/2k8 Bit Defender ANY Symantec Enterprise ANY MacAfee Enterprise ANY Kasper sky Enterprise Any E Trust Any Symantec End point 2010 Kaspersky Total Internet security 2010 2010 K7 Total Internet security 2010 2010 AVG Any Panda Any Avast Any 4343
    39. 39. Limitation • Front end Development Applications. • 3D Graphic gaming. • Single user Application. • Digital Key signature based application. • Full Screen DOS Based application. 4444
    40. 40. • Intake Capacity Generation Process: –What is the process for Intake Capacity Generation?
    41. 41. Intake capacity generation• ALC should upload valid computer through WORM Software and confirm uploaded computer as ‘SERVER’ or ‘CLIENT’• Within 24 hours, Centralized WORM software will verify uploaded computer configuration and generate intake capacity• 1 Server + 1 Client = 24 intake (extra client=24 intake)
    42. 42. • Intake Capacity: For Regular Setup: –What will happen, if I mark all the computers as “Client/Server”?
    43. 43. • Intake Capacity: For Regular Setup: –What will happen, if I mark all the computers as “Server” ?
    44. 44. • Intake Capacity: For Extenda Setup: –What will happen, if I mark Extenda Card data as “Client” ?
    45. 45. • Intake Capacity: –Is it possible to edit/delete the WORM data after confirmation from solar ?
    46. 46. • Intake Capacity: –Is it possible to increase the intake capacity at any given time?
    47. 47. Intake capacity generation• ALC can upload WORM data anytime as per requirement for additional intake capacity• Also, ALC can delete client PC to reduce intake capacity• Balance Intake capacity will be updated automatically after batch completion of particular learners
    48. 48. Intake capacity generation • Intake capacity will not be generated for computers not confirmed by ITGK and Rejected by RKCL
    49. 49. • Intake Capacity: –Do I need to create Virtual Satellite Center for additional intake capacity? –No
    50. 50. • Intake Capacity: –What will happen, if I upload duplicate machine data on solar?
    51. 51. Worm Data Approval Process• Computer will be checked for availability of recommended configuration• Computer must be unique in RKCL Network• Duplicate computer will be rejected
    52. 52. Worm Data Approval Process• Computers details with partial information will be rejected, mostly computer not connected to LAN will be rejected• On approval/rejection, system will send email to respective ITGK
    53. 53. • Reports: –Which are important links in solar? –Can you please explain few of the links?
    54. 54. Verify Learner details in SOLAR
    55. 55. How to check photo-sign uploaded status?
    56. 56. How to view learner’s photo-sign approval status
    57. 57. How to check learner-wise admission status?
    58. 58. How to make learner fee payment?
    59. 59. How to view learner confirmation status?
    60. 60. How to view learnerconfirmation status?
    61. 61. How to view learner’s ERA marks (internal score)?
    63. 63. VMOU Data Verification Phase in SOLAR: • Is there any Process by which Exam data quality can be improved ? • Is there any Process for checking eligibility of Learners for final exam by ITGK before one month of Exam Conduction dates ?
    64. 64. VMOU Data Verification Phase:• Once learner data correction phase is over, the data will be made available for VMOU processing.• VMOU will process the learner data . VMOU will check Photo , Sign and Gender and approve the same• The report of rejected learners (along with details of rejection reason and rejected photo/sign) will be available in DLC Login.
    65. 65. VMOU Data Verification Phase:• DLC should follow-up with centers to correct the rejected learners’ data.• The learners which are not approved by VMOU after the schedule will not be eligible for that exam event.• These learners’ data will not be transferred to VMOU.
    66. 66. Next
    67. 67. Approach of Learning Content
    68. 68.  Content based on Outputs / Case studies Outputs will be based on S.U.P.W : Socially Useful Productive Work Learner will select the output of his choice and will start learning with it Learners will be able to create and produce outputs in MS Office that they can use in day to day life and at there work place
    69. 69.  To link learning to work and life …..
    70. 70. Enters hisLogin ID / Pw
    71. 71. Selects the Activities he would like to doduring his Learning
    72. 72.  New and Innovative approach to assess the differential skills through marks in Learning Progression (Performance Oriented) Learning Progression marks will be Based on “Challenges”
    73. 73. Challenges are very Interesting ,Challenging skillsbased on1. Windows2. MS Word3. MS Excel4. MS PowerPoint5. Internet6. PIM7. MS Access
    74. 74. Learner clicks on Take achallenge button in his ERA Login
    75. 75. • TAC on change indent of paragraph in MS Word.• TAC on hiding spelling and Grammar errors in word doc• TAC on use Table of Content in MS Word.• TAC on use of Footnote in MS Word.• TAC on convert text in to column format in MS Word.• TAC on format the text in to 3D Effect in MS Word .• TAC on use Drop Cap on given word in MS Word.• TAC on Download Feature Template in MS Word.
    76. 76. • TAC on stack the given two window.• TAC on apply dashboard on picture.• TAC on Mail Merge.• TAC on add to home page for particular page.• TAC on add search provider in internet explorer.• TAC on Download Feature Template• TAC on Add the Recipient to New email Message
    77. 77. RKCL‘s
    78. 78. WAVE ’s New Courses Diploma in Desktop Publishing WAVE Certificate in C Programming WAVE Certificate in C++ Programming Personal Financial Management
    79. 79. WAVE ’s New Courses-DDP Diploma in Desktop Publishing Duration: 120 hours: (12 weeks; 5 days per week; 2 hours per day) Fees: Rs. 3000/- (inclusive of course fees, examination fees and certification fees) (In Design CS 4)
    80. 80. WAVE ’s New Courses-C WAVE Certificate in C Programming Duration: 120 hours : (12 weeks; 5 days per week; 2 hours per day) Fees: Rs. 3000/- (inclusive of course fees, examination fees and certification fees) Medium: English Basics & Principles Programming in C Software for Hands-on: Borland C 4.5 Turbo C V 3.0
    81. 81. WAVE ’s New Courses-C++ WAVE Certificate in C++ Programming Duration: 120 hours : (12 weeks; 5 days per week; 2 hours per day) Fees: Rs. 3000/- (inclusive of course fees, examination fees and certification fees) Medium: English Basics & Principles Programming in C++ Software for Hands-on: Borland C++ 4.5 Turbo C ++ V 3.0
    82. 82. WAVE ’s New Courses-PFM Personal Financial Management Duration of the course – 8 weeks ( 2months) Daily 1 Hour; Conducted 4 days a week; Total 28 hours Fees: 1300-1500/-(Including Service Tax) The course consists of fourteen modules on various aspects of day-to-day finance, various concepts and terms used in the financial world , Improves ability and confidence to manage personal finance