Guide for joining Online Distributed Classroom


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Guide for joining Online Distributed Classroom

  1. 1. By:-Naresh KumawatNetwork And System AdministratorRKCL
  2. 2. What is Distributed Class Room System Distributed Class Room System is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach or learn live, online. With a virtual classroom, educational content and a session scheduler, Distributed Class Room System works best for anyone’s online teaching and learning needs.
  3. 3. Who can use Distributed Class Room System Distributed Class Room System can be used by Channel Network Partner Associated with RKCL. This System can be used with two Roles. It can be used as a Presenter or Teacher who takes the Class and as the Attendee or Learner who learns from the Teacher. RKCL’s WIZIQ can be used by DLCs, PSAs and TFs by prior request to RKCL before 7 days of the Class. Classes will be Scheduled in the free time Slot according to the previously Scheduled Classes.
  4. 4. Go to
  5. 5. WIZIQ Home Page
  6. 6. Click Here to View Upcoming Classes
  7. 7. All Scheduled Classes will list here
  8. 8. Click here to Schedule a New Class
  9. 9. Fill in the Details
  10. 10. Click here to ScheduleClick here forAdvanced Setting
  11. 11. Add Additional SettingsClick Here to Schedule
  12. 12. After Scheduling you can Launch Class from this Link
  13. 13. Copy ThisLink and sendto attendees to invite Members to this Class All Contacts can be invited to this Class through this link
  14. 14. IndividualAttendees can be invited bytheir Email ID
  15. 15. View/EditMessage to be Sent with Invitation
  16. 16. Select Allow
  17. 17. Distributed Class Room System Home Page
  18. 18. Here you can find all the Available AttendeesHere you can chat with allthe members of the Class
  19. 19. From this Link you Can loadContent for your Help
  20. 20. Click Here toCreate a Test
  21. 21. From this Interface you can Design a Test for your Learners
  22. 22. Click here to Attend OnlineClasses Available On WIZ IQ
  23. 23. Available Online Classes
  24. 24. Click Here toView Available Test Series
  25. 25. Available Test Series
  26. 26. Click Here toView/Add Contacts
  27. 27. Click Here to Add Contact
  28. 28. Click on Linksto Add Contactby Various Ways
  29. 29. Click Here to View/Add Courses to your Account
  30. 30. Available Courses
  31. 31. Click Hereto View All the Available Clases
  32. 32. Live and Upcoming Classes Past Classes
  33. 33. Click Here to View/AddTests to Your Account
  34. 34. Click Here to Add your Tests