Learner process on biz client, solar, era and exam


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Complete process guide for BizClient, SOLAR, ERA 4.0, FInal Exam Software and OASIS.

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Learner process on biz client, solar, era and exam

  2. 2. Where to find BizClient 4.0.How to Download BizClient 4.0.Installation of BizClient.Learner Information Adding on BizClient.Error handling in BizClient.Additional Features of BizClient 4.0.
  3. 3. Biz Client 4.0
  4. 4. To Find BizClient 4.0
  5. 5. 1. Go to http://rkcl.in/solar
  6. 6. ITGK SOLAR Home Page
  7. 7. Click Here to Start Downloading BizClient
  8. 8. 2. How to Install BizClient 4.0Run the Setup After Downloading by Double Click on Setup
  9. 9. After Download RUN Biz Client Setup Click Next
  10. 10. Select Path for Installing Biz Client Click Next
  11. 11. ClickNext
  12. 12. Wait while Processing
  13. 13. ClickHere to CloseWindow
  15. 15. Run Biz Client and Enter Center Code And PasswordClick Here to Register
  16. 16. Click Next to Proceed
  17. 17. Click onSection 1
  18. 18. Click Here toSave Details
  19. 19. Click HereClickHere Click Here to Start sync
  20. 20. Click Here to Go onSection 2 Fill in the Details
  21. 21. Click Here to Attach Photo/Sign Click Here to Attach Photo/Sign
  22. 22. Click here to Print Receipt Enter Receipt Code to Confirm
  23. 23. 1.Click Here2.Click Here 3.Click Here
  24. 24.  Section 1 : No Error Comes in this Section. If find any problem please Un-Install and Remove Folder from C://Program Files/MKCL and install again. Section 2 : Before Filling Section 2, Please use ‘sync’ option. Go to “Utilities -> sync” to start “sync”.
  25. 25.  Section 3 : Attach Photo/Sign by using BizClient Edit Options. Attach Photo/Sign of all the learners. Section 4 : Printer should be connected to the System. If find any issue use “SYNC” option and again try to print. Upload learner data by single click. No need to upload Photo/Sign Separately.
  26. 26.  Please attach Photo and Sign of each Learner and Print Receipt of each Learner to Successfully upload Learner Data. Also Turn OFF Antivirus and Windows Firewall for proper SYNC and Data Upload.
  27. 27. Biz-client Update & SyncBiz Client Update Biz Client Sync Automatically Manually click ‘Sync’ BizClient will check Use when new batch whenever you start for launched available update & Use to get updated download activity calendar Also, user can Use to get updated manually Download Network Partner Details update using Biz-Client Use to get available intake capacity This is software This is data update synchronization No need to install fresh Biz-Client every time
  28. 28. ITGK SOLAR Login:-A Quick look at all the links in ITGK SOLAR Login.How to find different Reports and Learner data Status in ITGK Solar Login.How to Apply EOI for course.How to create New Satellite Center.How to View Intake Capacity.
  29. 29. ITGK SOLAR Login:-How to View WORM Data of ITGK.How to Register Bank Details for NEFT/RTGS.View data send to ERA.View data send to EXAM.
  30. 30. DLC SOLAR Login:-A Quick look at all the links in DLC SOLAR Login.How to find different Reports and Learner data Status in DLC Solar Login.How to Approve EOI for course.How to view various EOI process status.
  31. 31. DLC SOLAR Login:-How to View Network on Google Map.How to View WORM Data of ITGKs.How to Approve Bank Account Details of Centers.How to view Pending NEFT/RTGS Payment.Other Important Procedures.
  32. 32. ITGK Login Important Links
  33. 33. SOLAR Login Page
  34. 34. ITGK SOLAR Home Page
  35. 35. Click Here
  36. 36. ClickHere
  37. 37. SelectCenter Type
  38. 38. Click Center Intake SummaryCode to View Worm Data
  39. 39. Computer TypeWORM Details
  40. 40. ClickHere
  41. 41. Update Contact DetailsCenter Details
  42. 42. Click Here to Update details
  43. 43. ClickHere
  44. 44. Computer TypeWORM Details
  45. 45. ClickHere
  46. 46. Select PSA Select EOI
  47. 47. Click Here to Continue
  48. 48. ClickHere
  49. 49. ClickHere Select This
  50. 50. EOIProcess Status
  51. 51. Click Here to Register Satellite Center
  52. 52. Fill inDetails
  53. 53. Click to Submit EOI
  54. 54. ClickHere
  55. 55. SelectProcess
  56. 56. DummyCenter Code Generated
  57. 57. ClickHere
  58. 58. Register Bank Account Details for Payment Click Here
  59. 59. Enable/Disable BankAccount Details
  60. 60. To Add More Bank DetailsDisable all other Bank Details Fill Details Submit Here
  61. 61. ClickHere
  62. 62. ClickHere
  63. 63. Enter Learner Code Click Here
  64. 64. Click Here ForMoreDetails
  65. 65. ClickHere
  66. 66. Check forPD Learner Select for Select for Status (if Application ERA Send any) Status Status
  67. 67. ClickSubmit
  68. 68. Date ofLearner DataTransfer
  69. 69. ClickHere
  70. 70. ClickHere
  71. 71. ClickHere
  72. 72. ClickHere
  73. 73. ClickHere
  74. 74. ClickHere
  75. 75. ClickHere
  76. 76. ClickHere
  77. 77. ClickHere
  78. 78. ClickHere
  79. 79. Click Here to Download BizClint 4.0 Setup
  80. 80. DLC Login Important Links
  81. 81. DLC Login Home Page
  82. 82. ClickHere
  83. 83. Select Center Type to View Intake Summary
  84. 84. Center Wise Intake Summary Click Here to View WORM Data
  85. 85. ClickHere
  86. 86. ClickHere
  87. 87. Click Here to View Status
  88. 88. Click Here to View Status
  89. 89. ClickHere
  90. 90. ClickHere
  91. 91. ClickHere
  92. 92. ClickHere
  93. 93. ClickHere
  94. 94. ClickHere to view
  95. 95. ClickHere
  96. 96. Enter Learner Code Click here to Search
  97. 97. Click Here to View Details
  98. 98. Various Tabs will show the same data as shown in ITGK Login
  99. 99. ClickHere
  100. 100. Select any one option and click Submit
  101. 101. Click Here
  102. 102. Click Here
  103. 103. Click Here
  104. 104. Click Here
  105. 105. Click Here
  106. 106. Click Here to ViewCenter Wise Exam Statistics Status
  107. 107. Transferred to ERA
  108. 108. ClickHere
  109. 109. ClickHere
  110. 110. ClickHere
  111. 111. ClickHere
  112. 112. ClickHere
  113. 113. ClickHere
  114. 114. ClickHere
  115. 115. Click Here to View FirstCenter Wise Installment Statistics Confirmed Learners
  116. 116. ClickHere
  117. 117. ClickHere
  118. 118. ClickHere
  119. 119. ClickHere
  120. 120. ClickHere
  121. 121. Click Here toView LearnerWise Report
  122. 122. ClickHere
  123. 123. ClickHere
  124. 124. Click Here to Download BizClint 4.0 Setup
  126. 126. Use of ERA DATA TRAVELAR Following task can be accomplished using Data Traveler  Downloading eContent from Central ERA Server  Downloading Assessments from Central ERA Server.  Uploading Solved Assessments  System Backup/Restore To download the eContent you will have to click on the ERA Data Traveler icon on the Server Machine where the ERA Server is installed
  127. 127. Learning E-Content Download Click on Download tab and then on Learning E-Content Download option Follow the given instructions
  128. 128. Assessment Downloading  Click on Download tab and then on Download Assessment option Follow the given instructions
  129. 129. Feedback Downloading • Click on Download tab and then on Download Feedback option Follow the given instructions
  130. 130. Fun Zone Downloading Click on Download tab and then on Download Funzone option Follow the given instructions
  131. 131. Backup and Restore  Click on the Backup/Restore tab  Follow the given instructions and take the backup after uploading ITP details every time. (a zip will be generated).  Which can be restored after fresh installation of ERA. Follow the given instructions
  132. 132. Use of ERA Learner Facilitator1. Learning Facilitator (LF) Login 2. Academics1.1 Learner Management 2.1 View Course Content1.1.1 Downloading Learner 2.2 Enable Midterm Exam Data 2.3 Download E-gifts1.1.2 Dummy Learner 2.4 Download Manager Management 2.5 Upload Manager1.1.3 LF Management Registering LF Updating LF View Existing LF
  133. 133. 3. Tutoring 5. Data Traveler 3.1 Manage E-portfolio 5.1 Assessment Downloading 3.2 Install Quasi-Online 5.2 Feedback Downloading Exam client 5.3 Fun-zone Downloading 3.3 Reports 3.3.1 Learner Login Report 5.4 Back-up & Restore4. Collaboration 6. Skill Games 4.1 Chat 6.1 Basic Mouse Skills 4.2 Forum 6.2 Typing Tutor 4.3 Planner 4.4 Messages 7. Try IT Installation
  134. 134. Learning Facilitator Login Option:-2 Option:-1 Click on the Click here in the Shortcut Icon Programs List
  135. 135. Login Page Normally the Learning Facilitator login will have the following URL: http://<<server machine name>>/ERA4/sysindex.aspx Type your login ID and password Click to login
  136. 136. LF Home Page Use respective menu to perform the task 267
  137. 137. Downloading Learner Data• On the Learner Management Menu, Click on theDownload Learner Data for other courses Link.• There is provision to download the new learners which you require by selecting Month and the specific date.. 1. Select the learning Year 2. Select the 3. Select the Learning Learning month Days 4. Click on the Download Button
  138. 138. Downloading Learner Data  Note: Internet connection is required for downloading. 5. Type your password (password of your SOLARLogin) here and Click on theOK Button to download the learner data
  139. 139. Downloading Learner Data Click on
  140. 140. Dummy Learner Management  On the Learner Management Menu click the Dummy Learner Management Link, following screen will appear before you Click Here to create Dummy learners
  141. 141. 1.1.2 DUMMY LEARNER MANAGEMENT 2. One Dummylearner is created
  142. 142. 1.1.2 DUMMY LEARNER MANAGEMENT Delete the Dummy learners once the permanent login for the learners is created. Click Here to Delete the selected learners
  143. 143. Learning Facilitator Management • Learning Facilitator Management  It will facilitate in Creating, Viewing and Updating Learning Facilitators
  144. 144. Learning Facilitator Management •Learning Facilitator Management Registering Learning Facilitator 1. Fill in all details of new LF3. Your new LF is created 2. Click on Register button
  145. 145. Learning Facilitator Management • Learning Facilitator Management Updating Learning Facilitator 1. Update required details of LF3. Information of LF is updated 2. Click on Update button
  146. 146. Learning Facilitator Management • Learning Facilitator Management View Existing Learning Facilitator Click to Edit LF Information Click to delete existing LFClick to add more Click to LF block/unblock registered LF
  147. 147. 2. Academics Menu2.1 View Course Content  This will facilitate in viewing the Course content as will be seen by Learner
  148. 148. Assessment Downloading in Data Traveler (Enabling MidTerms) Click on Download Assessment 279
  149. 149. Assessment Downloading(EnablingMidTerms) Click on Download tab and then on Download Assessment optionFollow instructions Put SOLAR password
  150. 150. Tutoring Menu(EnablingMidTerms)  Tutoring Menu >> Install Quasi-online Exam Client………following screen will appear
  151. 151. Tutoring Menu(EnablingMidTerms) Click on RUN
  152. 152. Tutoring Menu Application will download
  153. 153. Tutoring Menu Put ERA server computer nameClick onContinue…
  154. 154. Tutoring MenuSee Confirmation message
  155. 155. LF Home PageClick on Enable Mid Term Link 286
  156. 156. Downloading Learner Dataagain(Enabling MidTerms)• On the Learner Management Menu, Click on theDownload Learner Data for other courses Link.• There is provision to download the new learners which you require by selecting Month and the specific date.. 1. Select the learning Year 2. Select the 3. Select the Learning Learning month Days 4. Click on the Download Button
  157. 157. Downloading Learner Data  Note: Internet connection is required for downloading. 5. Type your password (password of your SOLARLogin) here and Click on theOK Button to download the learner data
  158. 158. Downloading Learner Data Click on
  159. 159. 2. Academics Menu2.3 Download e-gifts  This will facilitate in downloading e-gifts meant for Learners Login 2. Enter center password 1. Click on download button to download e-gift 3. Message of successfully download of e-gift appears
  160. 160. 2. Academics Menu2.4 Download Manager  Academics>> Download Manager >> Download New econtent  Academics>> Download Manager >> Download New Assessment Materials  Following message appears when you click on above two links
  161. 161. 2. Academics Menu2.4 Download Manager  Academics >> Download Manager >> Download Announcements  Academics >> Download Manager >> Download TipsMessage appears after successfully downloading tips
  162. 162. 2. Academics Menu2.5 Upload Manager  All the Learner data will be automatically uploaded once the LF logins Click Yes to upload all the Learner Data After data is successfully uploaded a message confirming the same will be displayed
  163. 163. Tutoring Menu3.3 Reports  It facilitates in viewing the various reports related to the Learners learning progression and Exams Report to See Mid Term / IPT score Report to See TAC score
  164. 164. Click on Exam Objective test reportto see Med Term /IPT score, selectPerformance test type
  165. 165. Select course RSCIT MS OfficeEnglish
  166. 166. Select Specific Month and Click oncalendar Icon to select learning startdate 1. 2.
  167. 167. Select the learning start dateof learner in open calendarwindow
  168. 168. Select Mid Term to see the Mid Termresult or IPT paper to see IPTpaper result
  169. 169. Select Attempt All
  170. 170. Select your Center code
  171. 171. After that you will see theReport of Mid Term / IPTexams
  172. 172. Learner Progress Summery forTake A Challenge Score
  173. 173. Select the Course TAC Hindi orEnglish
  174. 174. Select Month and click on ShowReport
  175. 175. Learner Login report
  176. 176. 3.3.1 Learning Report• Tutoring Menu >> Reports >> Learner Login Report 1. Click here to select the Course 2. Click on here to view the month wise learner login report 307
  177. 177. 3.3.1 Learning Report 3. Select the date on which the RS-CIT Course started
  178. 178. 3.3.1 Learning Report 4. Following report willbe displayed according tothe Learner starting date
  179. 179. 4. Collaboration Menu4.1 Chat  Collaboration menu >> Chat >> Block/Unblock Learner 1. Select course 2. Select Learners 3. Click on Block or Unblock button to block/unblock learners
  180. 180. 4. Collaboration Menu4.1 Chat Collaboration menu >> Chat >> Block/Unblock Learner 1. Select the learner to block 2. Click on block button 3. Selected Learner will be blocked and message will be displayed
  181. 181. 4. Collaboration Menu4.1 Chat  Collaboration menu >> Chat >> Block/Unblock Learner 1. Select the learner to Unblock 2. Click on Unblock button 3. Selected Learner will be Unblocked and message will be displayed
  182. 182. 4. Collaboration Menu4.2 Forum  It facilitates to participate in forum, manage Q & A of Learners and blocking/unblocking specific learner from participating in forum  Collaboration menu>> Forum……following screen will be displayed
  183. 183. 4. Collaboration Menu4.2 Forum  Collaboration menu>> Forum >> Participate in Forum……following screen will be displayed 1. Click on Forum to participate
  184. 184. 4. Collaboration Menu4.2 Forum 2. Select course 3. Click on Ok button 4. This screen will be displayed
  185. 185. Learner Login for Forum
  186. 186. Learner can post Answer here
  187. 187. Learner will answer postedquestion and click Submit.
  188. 188. Here answer posted by learner willvisible
  189. 189. 4. Collaboration Menu 4.3 Planner It facilitates in managing personal calendar as well as providing activity calendar for Learners Collaboration >> Planner…..Following screen will be displayed
  190. 190. 1.2..
  191. 191. Now Learner Login
  192. 192. Now Learner can see the Calendarform by facilitator and can createhis own
  193. 193. Here Learner will see the Calendarposted by facilitator
  194. 194. Collaboration Menu4.4 Messages  It facilitates in posting announcements and thought of the day meant for the Learners login  Collaboration menu >> Messages……following screen will be displayed 3. Click on save button 1. Select message type: Announcements or Thought of the day 2. Select course,Details ,Start & End Date 4. The message or announcement will appear here & will be able to edit or delete it
  195. 195. In Learner login at Home page eachlearner will see that message posted byfacilitator
  196. 196. 6. Skill Games Mouse and Keyboard Games are provided
  197. 197. 6. Skill Games Click on the respective icons to install the games
  198. 198. 6. Skill Games Click on Run to run the Installer directly or click on save if you want to save the file on the system
  199. 199. 6. Skill Games Save the file on the system
  200. 200. 6. Skill Games Click on Run to run the application installer
  201. 201. 6. Skill Games Click on Run to run the application installer
  202. 202. 6. Skill Games The installer will open, click on next to continue
  203. 203. 6. Skill GamesThe installer will open, click on next to continue Click on Yes to begin Installation
  204. 204. 6. Skill Games Click on Start to begin Installation
  205. 205. 6. Skill GamesClick on Next button Click Exit button to start the program
  206. 206. 6. Skill GamesThis is how the game will start
  207. 207. 6. Skill GamesYou have to click with mouse In each stage/level there will be ainside the colored area in least colored square and its size will get possible time reduced as you proceed
  208. 208. 6. Skill GamesProceed similarly for installing the Keyboard game
  209. 209. •WAVE Courses C and C++
  210. 210. www.rkcl.in31st August 2012
  212. 212. Eligibility :• RS-CIT or Equivalent course in Computer Fundamentals. Mode-of-Delivery:• Self- learning sessions.• Interactive eLearning content delivered through RKCL’s eLearning Platform namely ERA ( eLearning Revolution for All)• Available at WAVE – ITGKs.
  213. 213. Medium of Learning:• The medium of learning is English ONLY for C & C++.• The medium of learning is English and Hindi both for DTPSoftware for Hands-on:• Borland C++ 4.5• Turbo C ++ V 3.0• In Design CS 4 for Desktop publishing
  214. 214. Duration: 120 hours (12 weeks; 5 days per week; 2 hours per day) Certification: VMOU, Kota.
  215. 215. SYLLABUS FOR C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGEModule 1: Getting Started with C ProgrammingModule 2: C Language FundamentalsModule 3: Essentials for C ProgrammingModule 4: Input and Output Functions Module 10: PointersModule 5: Decision and Control Flow Statements Module 11: PreprocessorModule 6: Working with Arrays Module 12: Structures and UnionsModule 7: String Manipulations Module 13: File Management in CModule 8: Functions Module 14: Working with Mathematical FunctioModule 9: Storage Classes Time Utility Module 15: Character Handling Functions Module 16: Sorting Module 17: Advanced Types Module 18: Linked Lists Module 19: Advanced Data Structures
  216. 216. SYLLABUS FOR C++ PROGRAMMING LANGUAGEModule 1: Getting Started with C++ ProgrammingModule 2: C++ Language FundamentalsModule 3: Data Types and Operators Module 11: Static Members and MethodsModule 4: Flow of Control Module 12: Inheritance and ‘friend’ KeywordModule 5: Handling Arrays Module 13: Inheritances RevisitedModule 6: Pointers Module 14: PolymorphismModule 7: Manipulators and Default Arguments Module 15: Operator Overloading andModule 8: Object Oriented Programming EncapsulationsModule 9: Constructors and Destructors Module 16: File Management SystemsModule 10: Behaviors and Properties Module 17: Templates Module 18: Exception Handling and Enumeration Module 19: Graphics
  217. 217. ASSESSMENT AND EXAMINATION PATTERNLearner is given ERA login ID and password for accessing thee-Content in ERA (eLearning Revolution for All) by using theheadphone.Faculty (Learning Facilitator ) is also given login id andPassword to monitor the progression
  218. 218. THE EVALUATION STRUCTURE, INCLUDING INTERNAL EVALUATION & EXAMINATION Section 1: Learning Progression: (RKCL- VMOU Mandatory) 25 Marks Total Marks 100 Section 2: Interim Performance Tests (IPTs) on Differential Skills: 25 Marks Section 3: Online Practical Tests on Integral Skills: 25 Marks Section 4: Mini-projects leading to Socially Useful and Productive Outputs (SUPWs): 25 Marks
  219. 219. CRITERIA FOR PASSING THE EXAMINATION SUCCESSFULLYAggregate score of 40 Marks out of 100 with: Section 1 Section 2 – 25 Marks on 25 Marks on learning IPTs progression Section 4 – Section 3 – 25 Marks on 25 Marks on Final Exam assignments in ERA
  220. 220. 6. Learning & examination is conducted at the Learner’s IT-GK as per the prescribed schedule.7. The final Certificate shall be provided to learner through IT- GK by VMOU where he have enrolled after successful completion of the course and passing the requisite examinations.
  221. 221. R S - C I T E X A M I N AT I O N , E VA L U AT I O N A N D C E R T I F I C AT I O N - 2 01 1
  222. 222. EVALUATION STRUCTURE RS-CIT Total Marks 100 Final Examination Internal Evaluation Weightage in Final Score : 70Weightage in Final Score:30 Marks Marks (Mandatory) (RKCL) (VMOU) Section I Section II Learning Mid- Term Examination Section III Process(TAC) (60 min, 50 questions, Actual Examination (25 Marks) 25Marks) (60 min, 50 (Mandatory) questions, 70 Marks) Aggregate score of 40 Aggregate marks for passing in score of 28 Aggregate score of 12 Section I & II & III marks for marks for passing in passing in Section I & II No separate passing criteria Section III
  223. 223. RS-CIT EVALUATION WILL COMPRISE OF THREE SECTIONS, AS ENLISTED BELOW Learning Process section will comprise of the marks a learner gains by completing the Learning process (TAC) Take –a – challenge In RKCL’s ERA Framework. Mid-Term Examination will be a supervised examination conducted by RKCL at all the RS-CIT ITGK locations on pre specified dates. Final RS-CIT Examination will be conducted by VMOU on monthly basis at selected number of Exam Centers at the end of the course. The pattern of the examination will be unchanged. Learner has to pass in Final RS-CIT Examination, irrespective of his score in other two sections, to receive the final RS-CIT Certificate.
  224. 224. Passing Criteria for RS-CIT CourseFollowing is the criteria for passing the RS-CIT Examination successfully: Aggregate score of 40 Marks (in Sections I, II & III) out of 100 with: Minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing in Internal Evaluation (i.e. Section I & II) with mandatory attendance for Mid-Term Examination & TAC Minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing Final RS-CIT Examination (i.e. Section III) No Separate Passing Criteria Passing criteria is same for fresh as well as re-exam learners.
  228. 228. COURSE IS LOADING…
  229. 229. After course loading and learner confirmation by SOLARlearner allocated to WAVW courses will login In ERA4.0 Courses List
  230. 230. Learner’s Dash Board Course Topics Take a Test option
  231. 231. Select the Course Topic
  232. 232. Start Learning Topic wise
  233. 233. Now See the Score inLearning on learner Dash Board
  234. 234. Interim Performance Test Section in Take A Test
  235. 235. After Selecting any IPT by learner
  236. 236. Warning message for Attempt No.
  237. 237. Instructions for learner
  238. 238. After attempting the IPT see thescore on Dash Board of learner
  239. 239. Assignment Submitting sectionClick on Paper
  240. 240. Select he AssignmeAlready Attempted Assignment
  241. 241. Exam Super Wiser Password
  242. 242. 1. Click to Download the Instruction and Question Paper
  243. 243. Assignment Will Download like this
  244. 244. After completion o Assignment by Learn learner will upload th ZIP file here click o Brows ButtonClick on attach and comment about Assignment
  245. 245. ClickHere
  246. 246. Now Click on Submit
  247. 247. These Details will filled by Learner Facilitator Click onSubmit toupload theassignme nt
  248. 248. Now See the Score inAssignment on learner Dash Board
  249. 249. Select Mid Term/Final Exam in Take A Test SectionDetails of Paper
  250. 250. Warning message for Attempt No.
  251. 251. Instructions for learner
  252. 252. Now See the Score inAssignment on learner Dash Board
  253. 253. CD Cover
  254. 254. डीवीडी को एरा सववर कम्पटर में लगाये ू और फिर माय कप्यूटर ओपन करें ं
  255. 255. डीवीडी पर माउस का राइट क्ललककरें और ओटो प्ले करें
  256. 256. ओटो प्ले करने पर ये स्क्रीन आएगी
  257. 257. यहााँ कोसव क नाम क आगे े े चेक बॉलस करें माउस का क्ललक करें
  258. 258. कोसव लोड करते समय एरा सववर कप्यटर में ं ूइन्टरनेट कानेलटं होना जरुरी है इन्टरनेट से सेटटंग डाउनलोड होगी
  259. 259. कौसव लोड होना स्क्टाटव हो जाएगा
  260. 260. ये मेसेज आने पर ओके पर क्ललक करें
  261. 261. माउस काक्ललक करें
  262. 262. अब लनवर िसससलटे टर े लोगगन करें
  263. 263. लोगगन करें इंटरनेटएलस्क्प्लोरर 8 ब्रोउसर होना चाटहए
  264. 264. माउस काक्ललक करें
  265. 265. यहााँ कौसव सलेलट करें
  266. 266. यहााँ आपको टोपपलस क े नाम टिखें गे पढने केसलए फकसी भी एक को सलेलट करें
  267. 267. यहााँ आपको टोपपलस क नाम टिखें गे ेएक को सलेलट करें और पढ़ना स्क्टाटव करें
  268. 268. पढाई परी करने क ू ेबाि यहााँ कौसव होम पर क्ललक करें
  269. 269. यहााँ लोगआउट परक्ललक करें
  270. 270.  The learning environment of ERA 4 will provide you the access to the Multimedia content with rich Voice over and narration text and lots of Interactivity. You will enjoy ePortfolio section where you will be able to carry your work done, in soft copy format. Now you will be able to write your online notes in My Notes, set bookmarks, schedule your personal calendar etc. ERA will help you to assess yourself on the Practice and Performance tests as well as assess your skills in Take a Challenge and Try IT Section. You will surely enjoy collaborative learning with the chat and discussion forum .
  271. 271. 1. Learner Login 2.2. Chat 1.1. Features in Learner 2.2.1. Initiating Chat login 2.2.2. Messaging and 1.2. Course Homepage Emoticons Features 2.2.3. Chat 1.3. Try IT NEW 2.3. Forum 1.4. Take a Challenge 2.3.1. Posting Questions NEW2.Course Collaboration 2.3.2. Posting Answers 2.1. ePortfolio 2.3.3. Viewing Questions 2.1.1. Course Work 2.4.Planner 2.1.2. Open Work 2.4.1. Creating a 2.1.3. My Portfolio Calendar 2.4.2. Setting a Calendar
  272. 272. 2.4.3. Viewing a 3.1.3. IPT Interface Calendar 3.1.4. IPT Result 2.4.4. Editing a Calendar 3.2. Mid –Term Examination 2.4.5. Calendar by LF 3.2.1. Mid –Term 2.5. Feedback Examination Process 2.5.1. Language for 3.2.2. Mid –Term Feedback Examination Instruction 2.5.2. Feedback form 3.2.3. Mid –Term3. Assessment Examination Interface 3.1. Interim Performance Test (IPT) Questions 3.1.1. IPT Process 3.1.2. IPT Instructions Questions
  273. 273. 3.3.4 Mid –Term Examination Result4. Learning in ERA 4.1. Learning Process 4.2. Bookmark 4.3. Notes 4.4. Search 4.5. Full Screen
  274. 274. Enter User Name /Password to Login
  275. 275. Download Pop-up showing the daily Exam and Login eGift details of Learner
  276. 276. 1.1 FEATURES IN LEARNER LOGIN Select Language Learner Details
  277. 277. Course DetailsLearnerDetails Calendar
  278. 278. Chat ForumLearner Feedbac Photo k Enjoy Fun zone activities
  279. 279. Select Desired Course Select Desired TopicDashboard Data ePortfolio Activities
  280. 280. 4.1 LEARNING IN ERA Quick Navigation eContent with rich voice over and animation
  281. 281. 4.2 SETTING BOOKMARK Step 2 : Click on Bookmark Select the Bookmark to jump to the desired page Step 4: Click on Set BookmarkStep1: Select the Page to Step3: Set the Name ofenter the bookmark the Bookmark
  282. 282. 4.3 NOTES Step2: Click on My Notes Step 4: Enter your Notes and saveStep1: Select the Page Step 3: Click on Add toto enter the Notes add the notes
  283. 283. 4.4 SEARCHING CONTENT Click on Search Content Enter the Keywords to be searched and click on search button Click to view the content
  284. 284. 4.5 FULL SCREEN IN ERA 4 Click to view the content in Full Screen Mode Click to close the Table Of Content
  285. 285. NEW Click on Try IT button to test your skills
  286. 286. NEWClick on Run button to initiate Try IT
  287. 287. NEWApplication downloading will start
  288. 288. NEW Click on the desired topic you want to attemptRead the instructions carefully This is the Interface of Try IT application
  289. 289. NEWQuestions for MS Word
  290. 290. NEW Click on particular topic to start testQuestions for MS Excel
  291. 291. NEW 1. Read the instructionscarefully and click on START This screen will appear button
  292. 292. NEW2. After clicking on START button click on ok button to continue
  293. 293. NEW Click on Preview button to preview the Output
  294. 294. NEW This is the required Output
  295. 295. NEW Click on the Step button to have a look at steps to follow
  296. 296. NEW All the steps required to You can click on Hint button ifcomplete the output will be you are not sure how to listed complete the step
  297. 297. NEWAfter Clicking on Hint button Click Yes to see the Hint or this Popup will come up else Press NO to cancel using Hint Using Hint will make you lose your mark for that particular step by 50%
  298. 298. NEWAfter Clicking on Hint button Hint for completing the Step this Popup will come up will appear Using Hint will make you lose your mark for that particular step by 50%
  299. 299. NEW After completing a stepsuccessfully, you will see a BLUE Correct against that step
  300. 300. NEW After completing all steps successfully you will click onSubmit button to view the result
  301. 301. NEW Scorecard for that particular Output will be displayed
  302. 302. NEW
  303. 303. Q. What is “Challenge”, and how to “Take a Challenge ” ?A. Challenges are very Interesting, Challenging skills based on1. Windows2. MS Word3. MS Excel4. MS PowerPoint5. Internet6. PIM7. MS Access
  304. 304. 1.4 TAKE A CHALLENGE NEW Click on Take a Challenge button to test your IT skills
  305. 305. NEW Select Language of yourchoice for Take a Challenge
  306. 306. NEW Click on particular topic to attempt questions After reading the Question Click on Start button to ProceedAll the topics will be displayed on Left hand side
  307. 307. NEW After reading the Question Click on Start button to ProceedQuestion will be displayed here
  308. 308. NEW After you complete the Challenge Successfully , you will see following two messages Proceed to next challenge only after this message appears else your marksfor that particular challenge will not be recorded
  309. 309. NEW If you attempts for a particular steps goes wrong, it will bes shown as cross marked Every step for a each challenge willhave three attempts based on which marks will be awarded to learners
  310. 310. NEW If you three attempts for a particular steps goes wrong, a hint will be shown to you so as to proceed further If your three attempts for thatrespective step goes wrong your marks will get deducted
  311. 311. NEW If while attempting the challenge your attempts go wrong a message will be displayed at the end of the challengeYou can reattempt the Challenge asmany times as you want and score full marks
  312. 312. NEWIn this way you need to complete all the Challenges for all the available topics.The marks scored here will be counted in your Learning Progression Remember to proceed to next Challenge only when message of successfullyscoring of full marks appears. If you proceed directly without letting the message appear then your marks will not be recorded
  313. 313. { E-Porfolio Activity In ERA 4.0
  314. 314. Learner Login
  315. 315. Select Course from List
  316. 316. Course Home Page Click on e-PortfolioButton
  317. 317. E-Portfolio Home
  318. 318. List of e-Portfolio in Course work tab
  319. 319. Click on Attach a File button to uploadsolved assignment
  320. 320. • Enter Size of attached file Browse the assignment file Learner will give remark and the attach the assignment
  321. 321. Suppose the assessment file is saved ondesktop must be in .ZIP format
  322. 322. Browse for file to upload and click onOpen
  323. 323. After Learner Remarks and attached file size clickon attach button
  324. 324. Learner can remove file or upload a new if wrongfile is attached after that click on Submit
  325. 325. See the Solved assignment in My Portfoliosection and wait for Facilitator evaluation
  326. 326. Learner can re download Assignment anytime by click
  327. 327. Now Facilitator will login for e-Portfolio evaluation
  328. 328. Click on Manage ePortfolio link
  329. 329. Select Course RSCIT MS Office English for RSCITlearner for WAVE course Learner select according
  330. 330. Facilitator will see the ePortfolio submitted byLearner, here status is Submitted and Open forRemark.
  331. 331. facilitator first download it andevaluate
  332. 332. Assignment download by facilitator
  333. 333. Facilitator will open the assignmentand check
  334. 334. After checking facilitator will fill following forumand Approve or Reject the ePortfolio submittedby learner and allow for Exhibition
  335. 335. Browse For Thumbnail Icon
  336. 336. Click on Submit finally
  337. 337. Now Status is Considered forExhibition
  338. 338. Now Status is Considered forExhibition
  339. 339. Select the duration of publish Assignment givereason for that and finally click on Publish button 1. 2. 3. 4 .
  340. 340. Edit Existing Exhibition
  341. 341. Compiling ePortfolio for HTML file SelectLearner Name 1. 2.
  342. 342. Click on Compile button
  343. 343. Saving the Compiled ePortfolio
  344. 344. Compiled Portfolio will save withLearner Name
  345. 345. Now Extract the ZIP file
  346. 346. Compiled ePortfolio will look like this,click on html file to open
  347. 347. ePortfolio submitted by learner and compiledwill open in Internet Explore browser
  348. 348. Course Work tab
  349. 349. Now learner will login to see theevaluation done by Facilitator
  350. 350. Course Home Page
  351. 351. Consider for Publish will display ineach learner’s login
  352. 352. By clicking on View All Exhibition each learnerwill see the list of published assignment
  353. 353. Open Work Section where learner cancreate portfolio and solve it by own
  354. 354. Browse for solved assignment
  355. 355. Click on attach button
  356. 356. Click on attach button
  357. 357. Click to view the attached open work
  358. 358. Suppose Facilitator just approve the eportfoliosubmitted by learner not publish
  359. 359. Select Course
  360. 360. Facilitator will see the ePortfolio submitted byLerner, here status is Submitted and Open forRemark.
  361. 361. After selecting the assignment facilitatorfirst download it and evaluate
  362. 362. After checking facilitator will fill following forumand Approve or Reject the ePortfolio submittedby learner and allow for Exhibition
  363. 363. List of Course and Open work
  364. 364. Assignment is just approved and notconsider for exhibition
  365. 365. Facilitator can Post new assignmentsItself
  366. 366. Fill the details for posting portfolio andattach trailer and reference for portfolio
  367. 367. Learner login
  368. 368. Course home page
  369. 369. Learner will see the posted assignmentby facilitator in list
  370. 370. Click hereSuppose Facilitator rejects theassignment solved by learner
  371. 371. Facilitator login
  372. 372. Select course
  373. 373. Select assignment
  374. 374. Rejecting the assignment byFacilitator
  375. 375. See rejected Status here
  376. 376. 2.2.1 INITIATING CHAT List of Friends Logged in to the chat Click to start the chat
  377. 377. 2.2.2 MESSAGING & EMOTIONS Enter the Text Message / Emoticons and click on Send
  378. 378. 2.2.3 CHAT 2.2.3 Chat Chat Window
  379. 379. 2.3 FORUM- POSTING QUESTIONS Step 1 :Click to Post Step2 :Select the the Question course you wish to post the questions Step 3 :Enter the Title for the QuestionStep 4 :Enter the questionin this Open Work Section
  380. 380. 2.3.2 POSTING ANSWERS Select the Question you want to answer Enter your Answer and submit
  381. 381. 2.3.3 VIEWING QUESTIONS Click to view the Questions posted by your colleagues Select the Course Questions posted by your colleagues
  382. 382. 2.4 CALENDAR- CREATING A CALENDAR Click to create your calendar
  383. 383. 2.4.2 VIEWING A CALENDAR Enter scheduled Academic Activity and save your task
  384. 384. 2.4.3 SETTING A CALENDAR Fill in the necessary details and you can post your own work in this Open Work Section
  385. 385. 2.4.4 EDITING A CALENDAR Edit / delete / Update your Calendar Click to View the calendar set by your Learning
  386. 386. 2.4.5 CALENDAR BY LF Activity Set by Learning Facilitator
  387. 387. 2.5 FEEDBACK Select the Set of Feedback you want to attempt
  388. 388. 2.5.1 FEEDBACK- SELECT LANGUAGEClick to select the Language for Feedback
  389. 389. 2.5.2 FEEDBACK FORM Give the Feedback and Submit it.
  390. 390. 3.0 ASSESSMENTS Select the type of Test You can give Practice Test for IPT and Mid Term as well Select the Objective Tests for Practice
  391. 391. 3.1.1 IPT PROCESS You can select the Practice Test Enter your RKCL Learner ID Enter the Learner password you use for ERA If you don’t know your Click Next to continue Learner ID, ask your Learning Facilitator
  392. 392. 3.1.1 IPT PROCESS Select the Exam Name
  393. 393. 3.1.1 IPT PROCESS Select the desired Language
  394. 394. 3.1.2 IPT INSTRUCTIONS Read the Instructions carefully and start the exam
  395. 395. 3.1.3 IPT INTERFACE Time Count Down is displayed Total, Attempted and Remaining Count of Objective & Practical Questions is shown You need to submit answers for Objective and Practical Question of all the 3 level of Questions
  396. 396. 3.1.3 IPT INTERFACE At the end of every level, a message is displayed
  397. 397. 3.1.3 IPT INTERFACE Once you click on End examination . Following confirmation message will be displayed
  398. 398. 3.1.4 IPT RESULT Click to view question attempt report
  399. 399. 3.1.4 IPT RESULT You can print the question attempt report if required
  400. 400. Mid-Term Examination• As per the academic calendar Mid- Term exam will be enabled in your login.• Follow the below mentioned process to solve the Mid-Term examination.
  401. 401. अब लर्नर लॉगिर् Mid Term परीक्षा चलार्i क्ललक करें Take A Test
  402. 402. चयर् IPT test
  403. 403. ककसी भी परीक्षण का चयर् करें
  404. 404. यहााँ सर्नरकप्यूटर का ं र्ाम दर्न करें और र्ारीरखें(कोक्ति र्ए) पर ुक्ललक करें
  405. 405. क्ललक करें OK
  406. 406. शिक्षार्थी वर्स्िार से सचीू से लर्नर आईडी दर्न करें और शिक्षार्थी का पासर्डन भी दर्न करेंक्ललक करें NEXT
  407. 407. ये लर्नर आईडी है
  408. 408. पेपर का चयर् करें और क्ललक करें र्ेलस्ट(next)शमड टमन क शलए इसे सेलेलट े करे
  409. 409. क्ललक करें ok
  410. 410. लर्नर IPT परीक्षण यहााँ िरू होिा है ु
  411. 411. 3.2.4 Midterm End Exam Once you click on End examination . Following confirmation message will be displayed
  412. 412. 3.2.4 Midterm End Exam ResultClick to view question attempt report
  413. 413. 3.2.4 Midterm End Exam Result You can print thequestion attempt report if required
  414. 414. • महत्र्पणन र्ोट: ू• मध्यार्गि परीक्षा(Mid Term) सफलिापर्क चलार्े क शलए ू न े यह अंिररम प्रदिनर् टे स्ट (IPT Test) चलार्I आर्श्यक है .
  415. 415. 4.0 Let’s Learn in ERA !
  416. 416. Group Login in ERA 4.0
  417. 417. Enter first user nameEnter user password
  418. 418. Select Course
  419. 419. Enter group size as 2
  420. 420. Enter second user Enter namepassword Click on next button
  421. 421. Learner’s Name Learner’s Photo
  422. 422. By Login as a group, you will be able to view the e-content and usevarious learning features such as Bookmark, notes etc. The featuressuch as chat, forum and examination are not available in Group loginand you need to Login individually for accessing the same.
  423. 423. RS-CIT Online ExamCompleter Installation for Exam Software Map Network Drive Activation & Update Online Problem Solving in Installation Some Other Important Points Live Examination Demo.
  424. 424. RS-CIT FINAL EXAMINATIONServer Installation
  425. 425. ClickHere
  426. 426. ClickHere Click Next to Proceed
  427. 427. ClickHere to Install