Carbon monoxide
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Carbon monoxide



Air polluter: Carbon Monoxide [CO]

Air polluter: Carbon Monoxide [CO]



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Carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide Presentation Transcript

  • Carbon Monoxide Presenter: Rida Khan
  • CARBON MONOXIDE [CO] • Air polluter • Colourless, unscented, bland and highly toxic gas. • Weighs less than air. • Released through combustion procedures. 2
  • SOURCES • Natural: volcanoes, coal mines, marshes and forest fires. • Power: industries, steel plants, foundries, chemicals and oil refineries. • Human: fossil fuel combustion – gasoline, diesel, kerosene, natural gas, wood, coal and charcoal. • Blocked, broken or leaking chimneys enable entrance of CO. • Vehicles, stoves, heaters, tobacco, generators and fire places. 3
  • EXPOSURE • Industrial workers – due to combustion processes. • Household occupants – due to operation of heaters, vehicles, generators and cooking ranges. • Farmers – due to outdated tractors. • Animals and birds – due to CO concentrations in the atmosphere. 4
  • IMPACTS ON HUMAN HEALTH • Nausea • Vomit • Head ache • Dizziness • Fatigue • Weakness • Seizures • Depression • Confusion • Nervous system damage • • Disorientation • Aching muscles • Sleepiness • Impaired reasoning • Paralysis • Coma • Death • Low birth weight • Foetal mortality • 5
  • EXAMPLES • Logen Square Building, Chicago: 7 people were hospitalized due to CO poisoning. • Boston: Teenager died from CO poisoning. A man in twenties died in his car due to snow-buildup in tailpipe which causes CO to accumulate. 2 children hospitalized. Other of ages 5 and 8 were rushed into emergency due to CO poisoning. 6
  • Continued... • Cornwall, UK: Elderly couple and daughter died as a result of CO poisoning at a caravan site in Tremark Park. • Long Island, New York: Michelle Bracco died after using generator owing to a power failure following Superstorm Sandy. • Newark, New Jersey: 2 teenagers died owing to exposure to CO from a generator. • Pennsylvania: 4 people died from generator fumes. 7
  • Environmental implications • CO increases methane concentration which oxidizes in carbon dioxide • Increases greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. • Interaction with Ultra-violet radiation produces ozone and smog which devastate infrastructure and crops. • Puts wildlife at risk • In humans, it reduces supply of oxygen to tissues, organs and central nervous system. 8
  • EXAMPLES • BBC: world average of CO is 4000 kg per person per year • In UK alone, it amounts to 10,000 kg per person per year. • In 2006, Qatar was ranked at the top for releasing the highest amount of CO – 56.2 tonnes per capita. • UAE stood second at 32.8 tonnes per capita and U.S.A ranked third at 19.0 tonnes per capita. 9
  • RISK MANAGEMENT • Inspect and preserve fuel-burning appliances. Have them checked regularly by a professional for signs of rust or damage. • Thoroughly go through instructor manuals to ensure correct operation of appliances. • Avoid using outdoor appliances, such as BBQ grills, inside homes. CO may become concentrated. 10
  • Continued... • Use CO detectors. They detect long- and short-term CO concentrations. They should be installed in homes. • Install exhaust fans to vent gas from heaters and stoves. • Do not leave the car inside the garage for long periods. 11
  • Overview • CO definition • Sources of CO • Who is exposed • Impacts on human health • Examples of impacts on human health • Environmental implications • Examples of effects on environment • Risk Management 12
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  • Questions? Thank you 15