Fire Safety Management


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Making fire safety management easy - our web based portal and how it works

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  • Web-based:Accessible anywhere, office, on the move, home workers etc, all you need is a browserpoint-and-click interface is intuitive for anybody to useSecure way to store assessments:-Add users – no restrictions on number of users, define their permissions (what can they do, what can they see)-Everything in one place – from assessments to property details, to responsible people, even to asset data if requiredOngoing Management of remedial actions:-why is this important? The assessment is just the start of the process – how are you going to maintain the assessment once it’s been done?Configurable and flexible reporting:In built dashboarding and standard reportscustomisable, report on all information by any typeUse your own reporting or ‘BI’ software if you want toIntegrable:We appreciate customers have different levels of in-house technical supportTie riskbase in with your own systems – the data output is yours to do what you want withWhether simply tying in with asset management software or a detailed /complex integration with your housing
  • Consistency is not only important when we look at the ‘data’ angle – risk assessment across larger portfolios is vastly devalued unless we have the consistency to draw comparisons between properties as well as across an entire portfolioIn theory, two assessors should be able to produce an FRA of a building and both assessments should look the same.In reality that’s not the case. Whilst subjective views and experience of the assessor is vital to a balanced risk assessment, if the same hazard is identified as different types of risk and with different remedial actions – we can’t report on it, or take a wider view of what’s wrong with a portfolioHow does consistency reduce cost?
  • Fire Safety Management

    1. 1. Web-based<br />Fire Safety Management Tool<br />Contact us on 0330 660 0460<br />
    2. 2. The Portal<br />Real time risk management<br />Secure way to store assessments & data<br />Ongoing management of remedial actions<br />Configurable and flexible reporting<br />Complements your Asset Management systems<br />An always ‘up-to-date’ assessment<br />
    3. 3. Easy to use, familiar user interfaces.<br />Just right click on any item to get a menu of functions for fast navigation.<br />
    4. 4. Efficiency<br />Online and mobile/tablet risk assessment<br />No more re-entry of data<br />Fewer mistakes - right first time<br />Reduced project lead times<br />Faster, more accurate assessments<br />Visit us at<br />
    5. 5. At-a-glance access to information.<br />Detailed task and remedial action management.<br />Automatically update assessments as work is completed.<br />
    6. 6. Consistency<br />Identify and score risk more consistently<br />Strategy created for Remedial actions<br />Increased ability to standardise<br />Improved data quality = improved risk reduction<br />Consistency as a quality component, produces reliable data for analysis and cost reduction.<br />
    7. 7. Intelligent questionnaires ensure accurate and consistent assessment.<br />Remedial actions can be assigned from predictive options.<br />
    8. 8. Long Term<br />Strategic approach – our job is to reduce risk effectively at the lowest cost<br />Well structured data provides a solid foundation to work with in the long term – even when we’re gone<br />Reducing our costs to you whilst improving quality and reducing your administration<br />
    9. 9. Flexible reporting on data – either online, as a PDF, emailed or integrated in to your existing systems or as raw data in a spreadsheet.<br />Contact us on<br />0330 660 0460<br />