Hurricane conference local response by R Seltzer


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Hurricane conference local response by R Seltzer

  1. 1. Hurricane Conference “Local Response” June 9, 2010 Robert W. Seltzer Chief, Central Coventry F.D. Task Force Leader, RIUSAR TF-1
  2. 2. “Local Response”  Definition of “Interdependencies”
  3. 3. “Local Response” Interdependencies = Mutually dependent
  4. 4. “Local Response” Interdependence is a dynamic of being mutually and physically responsible to, and sharing a common set of principles with, others. Interdependence recognizes the truth in each position and weaves them together. It can also be defined as the interconnectedness and the reliance on one another socially, economically, environmentally and politically.
  5. 5. “Local Response”  Interdependencies exist within our own communities – Police, Fire, EMS, DPW, Human Services  Interdependencies exist within surrounding communities – Mutual Aid Resources  Interdependencies exist with our State partners – RIEMA, National Guard, State DOT, State Police, State Fire Marshal’s Office, HEALTH, etc.
  6. 6. Interdependencies We all work State/ Tribe towards FEMA OFA the same Local goal. Volunteer Agencies Media The success of the local IC and Private Sector the recovery of the disaster survivor and the impacted community
  7. 7. “Local Response”  Local Event Occurs – Local Community uses Task Force Approach  Law Enforcement  Fire Service  Emergency Medical Services  Department of Public Works  Human Services (Sheltering, etc.)  Building Officials
  8. 8. NORTHERN CONTROL METRO CONTROL Smithfield Fire Alarm Cranston Fire Alarm Alt. N. Smithfield Fire Alarm Alt. Providence Fire Alarm Alt. Warwick Fire Alarm EDITION 2004 MUTUAL-AID PLAN Major Fire Incident Haz-Mat Incident Multiple Fire Incidents Decon WMD Incident Specialized Apparatus MCI Supply Support Mass Casualty Incident Command Post Support Urban Search & Rescue Team Incident Management Team RESOURCE ASSIGNMENT CARDS SOUTHERN CONTROL EAST BAY CONTROL Exeter Fire Alarm Portsmouth Fire Alarm Alt. Westerly Emergency Dispatch Alt. Newport Fire Alarm
  9. 9. Dispatch 154.37 mhz Fireground Ch 2- 151.22, Ch 3- 159.36, Ch 4- 154.265, Ch 5- 159.750 EMERGENCY PHONE: 274-3344 PROVIDENCE City 18.1 sq ml BUSINESS PHONE: 275-1150 HEADQUARTERS PHONE: 243-6060 E-2 10 Branch Ave. Zip 02904 L-7 E-9 223 Brook St Zip 02906 R-3 L-8 Decontamination Trailer Batt.Chief-3 E-10 847 Broad St. Zip 02907 L-5 E-3 325 Washington St. Zip 02903 Haz-Mat Trailer TL-1 (Headquarters) Sp. Haz.-1 E-11 274 Reservoir Ave. Zip 02907 R-4 Div.Chief-1 E-12 426 Admiral St. Zip 02908 L-3 E-4 270 Rochambeau Ave. Zip02906 Mini Pumper 2 E-5 155 Humboldt Ave. Zip 02906 E-13 Foam Unit 776 Allens Ave. Zip 02905 Air Supply Unit R-1 Foam Tender E-6 489 Hardford Ave. Zip 02909 R-2 E-14 630 Atwells Ave. Zip 02909 Mini Pumper 1 L-6 Dive Trailer (SCUBA) E-7 151 N. Main St. Zip 02903 L-4 E-15 136 Mt. Pleasant Ave. R-5 Zip 02909 Collapse Rescue Trailer E-8 201 Messer St. Zip 02909 TL-2 Batt.Chief-2
  10. 10. Hazardous Materials Teams HAZ MAT TECH / WMD Woonsocket Teams and Assigned Cumberland Communities Burrillville North Woonsocket Smithfield Providence Smithfield Lincoln Central Falls W. Warwick Glocester Hope Valley th Pawtucket Nor nce e v id Pro Cranston Providence Johnston e nc Newport Navy ov t Pr Eas ide Foster Scituate Warwick Cranston Barrington Warren w t ar s k W We ic Warwick Coventry Bristol East Greenwich West Greenwich h ut Tiverton mo h o ut rts Exeter rtsm Po Po n North stow Naval Kingstown Station M idd e on Jam let Little ow Compton int n Richmond pk South Ho Kingstown ett Newport N ns n tow ga rles rra Cha Na W E Westerly New Shoreham (Block Island) S HAZ-MAT Technician Team
  11. 11. Mass Casualty Support Trailers MASS CAL Supply Support Woonsocket Assigned Cumberland Communities Burrillville North Smithfield Cumberland EMS Pawtucket FD Smithfield Lincoln Central Falls T F Green FD Glocester Scituate Amb Corps h Pawtucket Nort ence vid Pro Portsmouth FD Providence Johnston id st ce ov Ea Hope Valley Amb en Pr Foster Scituate Charlestown EMS Cranston Block Island FD Barrington East Warren a r st k W We ic West w Warwick Coventry Bristol East West Greenwich Greenwich uth Tiverton mo uth rts mo Exeter Po ts Por wn North esto Kingstown M idd Jam le to Little wn Compton Richmond on int South pk Kingstown Ho ett Newport N ns n stow ga arle rra Ch Na W E Westerly New Shoreham (Block Island) S Mass Casualty Supply Support Trailer
  12. 12. Mass Victim Decontamination Teams MASS VICTIM DECON / WMD Teams and Assigned Communities Woonsocket Cumberland Burrillville North Smithfield E. Providence FD N. Providence FD Smithfield Lincoln Central Falls Hopkins Hill FD Glocester h Pawtucket Westerly FD Nort ence vid Pro Kingston FD Providence Johnston id st ce ov Ea N. Kingstown FD en Pr Foster Scituate Newport FD Cranston Barrington Warren a r st k W We ic Warwick w Coventry Bristol East Greenwich West Greenwich E th Tiverton ou x uth sm Exeter mo Exeter rt e Po ts West East Por t wn North e East esto Kingstown M idd r on Jam le to Little wn Compton Richmond int W pk e West South Ho s Kingstown t ett Newport N ns Charlestown ga rra East Na West W E Westerly New Shoreham (Block Island) S Mass Victim Decontamination Team
  13. 13. R.I. Urban Search & Rescue Team R.I. Task Force - 1
  14. 14. RIUSAR @ Coventry Bridge Collapse
  15. 15. Statewide Teams – Local Response  Hazardous Materials Teams  Mass Casualty Trailers  Mass Victim Decontamination Teams  Urban Search & Rescue Team What do all of these teams have in common?
  16. 16. Interdependencies… With the local communities. All of these teams are comprised of first responders (as well as some civilians) from all the local communities around the State.
  17. 17. “Local Response” Without these local communities working together, the regional teams would not exist!