Introducing the <br />Canon <br />Ipf755 36” <br />Color Plotter <br />
A New Era of Large Format Printing<br />iPF750<br />iPF650<br />NEW 5-Color Technical Documents & General Use<br />36&quot...
What’s New?<br /><ul><li> Space Saving Design
 Fully Front-Accessible Operation
 Standard Support for Gigabit Ethernet
 New Accounting Functions
 New Magenta Ink Formulation
 Sub-ink Tank System
 Top Media Loading
 Media Loading Assistance Functions
 New Design, User Friendly Control Panel
 Environmentally Conscious Design
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Canon 750 Presentation


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Best Large Format Printer for Contractors and Designers

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Canon 750 Presentation

  1. 1. Introducing the <br />Canon <br />Ipf755 36” <br />Color Plotter <br />
  2. 2. A New Era of Large Format Printing<br />iPF750<br />iPF650<br />NEW 5-Color Technical Documents & General Use<br />36&quot;<br />24 &quot;<br />MSRP $ 4,995.00<br />MSRP $ 3,195.00<br />
  3. 3. What’s New?<br /><ul><li> Space Saving Design
  4. 4. Fully Front-Accessible Operation
  5. 5. Standard Support for Gigabit Ethernet
  6. 6. New Accounting Functions
  7. 7. New Magenta Ink Formulation
  8. 8. Sub-ink Tank System
  9. 9. Top Media Loading
  10. 10. Media Loading Assistance Functions
  11. 11. New Design, User Friendly Control Panel
  12. 12. Environmentally Conscious Design
  13. 13. New PF-04 Print Head
  14. 14. Dual Blade Cutter
  15. 15. Stackable Media Basket</li></ul>24” iPF650<br />36” iPF750<br />
  16. 16. What’s New<br />5-color Reactive Ink set<br />2400x1200 dpi max, 4pl ink droplet<br />L-COA Processor<br />Minimum Line Width 0.02mm<br />Line Accuracy ±0.10%<br />Economy Print Mode<br />Borderless Printing<br />Remaining Media Length Detection<br />Software<br />Windows/Mac Driver<br />imageRUNNER Enlargement Copy<br />HPGL/2 and RTL support<br />HDI Driver<br />PosterArtist Lite<br />Microsoft Office Plug-in<br />Remote UI<br />24” iPF650<br />36” iPF750<br />
  17. 17. Faster Throughput<br />Print a D sized output in approximately 28 seconds!<br />Significant speed gain in draft mode<br />A0: iPF710:56 sec<br /> iPF750:47 sec (18% gain from iPF710)<br />Faster continuous printing<br />3-page printing<br />iPF710: 3’18” <br />iPF750: 2’51” <br />Gigabit Ethernet network support<br />iPF755/750: 779 sqft/ht<br />Plain paper in draft mode<br />*Print output in animation is not actual speed<br />
  18. 18. Loadedposition<br />New Features<br />Small Installation Space Requirement<br />Fully front accessible printer operation <br />Fits in tight office spaces<br />Flush wall installation<br />Top Loading Paper<br /> Built-in loading guide rail for assistance<br /> Automatic skew correction<br /> Easy cut sheet loading with built-in media guide<br />New Control Panel<br />New, more intuitive user interface<br />Dedicated buttons for paper cutting and feeding<br />Estimated Time Remaining Display<br />
  19. 19. Environmentally Conscious<br /><ul><li>Reduced overall power consumption
  20. 20. Reduced CO2 emissions due to reduced printer dimensions and packaging (compared to previous models)
  21. 21. Compliance with the U.S. Energy Star energy-saving standard</li></ul>Power on 8 hours and with 10 copies printed per day – low wattage use<br />Comparison<br />Dramatic reductions!<br />T1100<br />W7200<br />iPF755<br />
  22. 22. What’s New<br />HDI Driver<br />Faster Processing of Files<br />Brightness Slide Bar<br />HP-GL/2 or HP RTL Nesting<br />Auto Rotation of HP-GL/2 files<br />Outputs in HP-GL/2 and is no longer raster based<br />HP-GL/2 Pen Setting<br />Hardware pen setting will override the software pen palettes, enabling users to select global pen assignment<br />Line width, Pen color, and join/cap properties can be changed<br />HP/GL-2 Improvement<br />Number of vectors that the printer can handle has been increased<br />Improved “memory overflow” handling caused by erroneous commands<br />
  23. 23. Workflow Solutions<br />Print Plug-in for MS Office -Enables easy printing of documents from Microsoft Office suite.<br />New “Binder” setting for Excel spreadsheets<br />Digital Photo Front Access - Utility to import, edit, and print photos easily . Note:Vista users can print TIFF files easily from DPFA.<br />imageRUNNER Enlargement Copy - Transfers data from an imageRUNNER/imagePRESS device with Universal Send to the imagePROGRAF printer via the Canon Printer Driver<br />PosterArtistLite– Poster creation software that includes the tools needed to create professional posters, signs and banners in just four easy steps.<br />Status Monitor - Allows access to the printer through a network connection.<br />
  24. 24. Product Comparison<br />Information on HP is from<br />
  25. 25. Printer Size Comparison<br />T1100 44”<br />iPF750 36”<br />Illustration to scale<br />
  26. 26. Thank <br />You! <br />Thank You<br />