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The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) is an online toolkit designed to help cities promote and enhance their work on integrated sustainable urban development. It is available free of charge to all European local authorities and offers practical support in integrating sustainability principles into local policies and actions. Find out more at

Click through this general presentation to find out how the second evaluation tool that will enable you to check that a subject (strategy, project...) is developed in an integrated manner.

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Check Integrated Approach

  1. 1. Check Integrated ApproachCheck Integrated Approach
  2. 2. Check Integrated Approach‘* Harbour modernisation CIA’Information provided by
  3. 3. The Harbour (the Norfolk Terrain, SecondHarbour and Havenkwartier Noord) is beingdeveloped into a mixed area for living, workingand leisure. The Municipality will makeand leisure. The Municipality will makesubstantial investments over the coming years tomodernise the harbour (refurbishment of quays,boost fishing industry, new houses, cable car, anew art museum). The final plans for theharbour are less ambitious than the planspresented prior to the economic crisis.
  4. 4. Blue City’s overview of strategies and projects(dashboard)share with other citiesor not (yet)
  5. 5. use commentfields actively
  6. 6. Check on all 25 key objectives of sustainable andintegrated urban developmentcommentfield
  7. 7. Use of comments field• Helps with selecting priorities and decide about impact• Arguments for the score and judgement• Stimulate exchange of arguments and communication with• Stimulate exchange of arguments and communication withteam members and stakeholders• Source of evaluation, score and judgement (e.g. City MasterPlan, page 56- 60)• Reminder to look up things at a later stage• Reminder to talk with chef, deputy mayor, mayor et ceteraabout the objectives, priorities, commitment et cetera
  8. 8. Comment field:- interpretation of results- next steps- etc.
  9. 9. Type of conclusions and further actions• The main priorities of our harbour modernisation are focusing oneconomic objectives• The Plan does not show an integrated approach ? The HarbourModernisation Plan only helps for nine of the 25 key objectives ofsustainable and integrated urban development.sustainable and integrated urban development.• The Plan is rather balanced and integrated ? The objectives that arepositively influenced are important. So even at this stage the Plan isattractive.• Start discussions with other departments to improve and broaden thePlan. All options should be used.• Check with staff members of other department the priorities chosen. Maybe they see benefits in the Harbour Modernisation that we did not yettook into consideration
  10. 10. add reasons,give explanations,ask questions,discuss with others
  11. 11. “The restaurants, shops and leisure activitieswill attract more traffic than the old harbourand its old industrial facilities”
  12. 12. Interdependencies:ideas about possibleconflicts, synergies,trade-offs
  13. 13. interpretation, conclusions,recommendations, next steps etc.
  14. 14. Example of commentIt is clear from the results obtained with the RFSC that themain objectives of the Harbour Modernisation Plans areeconomic. The social objectives are only improve housing,public space and the attractiveness of the area. The negativepublic space and the attractiveness of the area. The negativeimpact on emissions and air pollution does not show in thefinal profile of results, because this negative impact is"compensated" by the positive impact on otherenvironmental objectives (biodiversity, improve builtenvironment). Start discussing with other departments anddeputy mayor to strengthen the plan. Although, politically thedeputy mayor can "sell" this plan as rather integrated.
  15. 15. share withshare withother citiesor not yet