Let's share! How to submit a showcase


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The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) is an online toolkit designed to help cities promote and enhance their work on integrated sustainable urban development. It is available free of charge to all European local authorities and offers practical support in integrating sustainability principles into local policies and actions. Find out more at www.rfsc.eu

Click through this general presentation to find out how easy it is to complete the online template, wait for validation and start sharing showcases with other RFSC cities.

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Let's share! How to submit a showcase

  1. 1. Submit a showcaseSubmit a showcase
  2. 2. Submit a showcaseThe catalogue of showcases in the RFSCInformation provided by
  3. 3. Open to fill inOpen to fill ininformationand copyinformation in
  4. 4. Part A – I General information• Title• Relevant links• Photo, picture, graphFill in your showcase in a template (1)• Photo, picture, graph• Location• Duration• Description• Summary (150 words maximum)
  5. 5. A – II How organised• Resources and skills used andneeded• Organisation of processFill in your showcase in a template (2)• Organisation of process• Main actors and theircontribution
  6. 6. A – III Achievements and results• How results are monitored andevaluated• Key performance indicatorsFill in your showcase in a template (3)• Key performance indicatorsused• Results and impacts, whobenefited
  7. 7. Part B Lessons learned• Key factors for success• Strategies used to overcomeobstaclesFill in your showcase in a template (4)obstacles• What was new for you of thisshowcase• How did your city/organisationlearn form this project• Advice for other cities
  8. 8. Part C Link showcase to the mostrelevant key objectives ofsustainable and integrated urbandevelopment• Click the boxes of the relevant keyFill in your showcase in a template (5)• Click the boxes of the relevant keyobjectives• Pick the most relevant objectives,be selective
  9. 9. Part C Link showcase to themost relevant keyobjectives of sustainableand integrated urbandevelopmentFill in your showcase in a template (6)C development• Main synergies (A & B)• Important conflicts andtrade-offs (A & B)• Give a short explanationfor other cities to learn (C)BAC
  10. 10. Part D Contact details• Name• Function• OrganisationFill in your showcase in a template (7)• Organisation• Web site address• Download logo• Email address• Phone numberand submit
  11. 11. Illustrations submitted for validationshould:• in English, precise and complete• related to several of the 25 key objectivesof the RFSC (integrated approach)• show some (preliminary) results; noshow some (preliminary) results; nopractices in the planning stage only• see the criteria in the user guide• After validation (2 weeks) your showcasewill appear in the catalogue of showcasesand can inspire other cities
  12. 12. The catalogue of showcasesThe catalogue of showcases
  13. 13. Catalogue of illustrations• Simple search engine (Google-like)• Now in the RFSC almost 30showcases from the testingphase ( )• Soon many more showcases• Soon many more showcaseswill be available• Check regularly the catalogueof showcasesvalidatedand visiblefor other citiesnot validated yetor not in sharing status