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"Premium Senses Fair" is a unique event that brings together private and prominent Art, Fashion, Luxury and Gastronomy with the best of the finest cuisine - A very studied few selection of the upscale representatives of each sectors.

A new concept breaking with the regular standard Fair, here the visitor lives the fair experiences, touches, smells, admires, dances, tastes, listens and not only watches.

During the 2days duration of the event, we calculate the number of visitors will exceed 1000 people. And where, we find important businessmen, artists, and politicians and as well as figures from the world of arts, fashion, luxury, sports and social highlights. The public will be very carefully selected, although the quality will prevail over quantity.

"Premium Senses Fair" is designed for:
- The exhibitors to showcase their products/services to B2B and B2C.
- The visitors to spend most of the day to enjoy the fair with its tastings food, listen to the workshop of the experts and of course purchase the products and services that desires.

The event takes place in the most distinguished and prestigious hotel in the heart of the city, all in consonance with the quality level of the guests and exhibitors.

"Premium Senses Fair" despite being a highly exclusive event, not meant to go unnoticed media level. It has the presence and collaboration of TV, radio, and magazines and increasingly supports new technologies.

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Premium Senses Fair Zurich

  1. 1. RF  Promo(on  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  2. 2. Zurich   Premium Senses Fair Zurich                                                                      WHEN                                                12  &  13  April,  2013                                                                        WHERE                                        The  Dolder  Grand  Hotel                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  3. 3. Concept  Premium Senses Fair  Premium Senses Fair Zurich is  a  unique  event  that  brings  together  private  and  prominent  Art,  Fashion,  Luxury  and  Gastronomy  with  the  best  of  the  finest  cuisine  -­‐  A  very  studied  few  selec(on  of  the  upscale  representa(ves  of  each  sectors.    A   new   concept   breaking   with   the   regular   standard   Fair,   here   the   visitor   lives   the   fair   experiences,  touches,  smells,  admires,  dances,  tastes,  listens  and  not  only  watches.      Premium Senses Fair   Zurich   is  designed  for  the  visitor  to  spend  most    of  the  day    to  enjoy  the  shows,  do  the  tas(ngs,  listen  to  the  presenta(ons  (workshops)  of  the  experts  and  of  course  purchase  the  products  and  services  that  desires.      The  event  takes  place  in  the  most  dis(nguished  and  pres(gious  hotel  in  the  heart  of  the  city  “The  Grand  Dolder  Hotel,  all  in  consonance  with  the  quality  level  of  the  guests  and  exhibitors.   RF Promotion * World Class Luxury Event Management  
  4. 4.            Premium  Senses  Fair  Zurich  –  The  Dolder  Grand  Hotel                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  5. 5. Premium Senses FairAt   Night   of   the   Zurich   will   be   held   the   Gala   dinner   with   live  entertainment,   full   of   surprises   and   giveaways   that   will   end   with   an   evening   of   drinks   and  dancing.       A  complete  magical,  unique  and  unrepeatable  moment  at  The  Grand  Dolder  Hotel.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  6. 6. Format  Premium Senses FairThe   Premium Senses Fair Zurich event’s  performances  take  place  in  a  central  space  where  we  will  enjoy  with:    -­‐            Dance  performances  as  Ballroom  dancing  ,  modern  dance.    -­‐  Music  performances    :  Piano,  singers  -­‐  Tastes  the  most  exclusive  and  premium  finest  food,  caviar,  champagne,  chocolates,..    -­‐  Specialized  workshops  by  experts  on  Art  ,  Music  and  Gastronomy.    During   the   day   you   can   enjoy   gourmet   presenta(ons   from   world-­‐class   chefs,   presenta(ons   of  important   gallery   owners,   art   cri(cs   and   on   current   Marchants   of   the   art   world,   as   well   as   strong  presence  of  major  designers  and  fashion  brands.    The   day   at   the   Premium Senses Fair Zurich   will   be   closed   first   on   the   exhibi(ng   venue   by   our  Evening   Fashion   Network   event   presen(ng   the   last   Fashion   Show,   and   a   networking   sec(on  specialized  in  fashion.    When  leaving  the  Hall  VIP  Guests  will  join  the  Gala  Dinner  .    The   Exhibitors   Stands   divided   into   Art,   Fashion,   Gastronomy   and   Luxury   will   be   surrounding   the  complete  Hall.                              RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management    
  7. 7. Program  Premium Senses Fair Zurich     Recep(on   Welcome  by  Directors   Guided  Tour  Art  Exhibi(on   Guided  Tour  Finest  food  fair   Exclusive  food  &  drink  Tas(ng   Art  Cri(c  Presenta(on   Fashion  Show  -­‐  Fashion  Designers     Pres(ge  Chef  –  Presenta(on  &  Workshop   Art  Merchant  Art  Presenta(on   Exclusive  Tas(ngs   Modern  Theatrical  Dance   Cocktail  prepara(on  live  show   Evening  Fashion  Network   Fashion  Show   Gala  Dinner  /  Performance   Exhibi(on  Closing  Doors   Farewell                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  8. 8. Music  and  Dance      The  privileged  a`endees  at  the  Premium Senses Fair Zurich  event    will  enjoy  from  very  selected  figures  of  Music  and  dance.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  9. 9. Premium Senses Fair Zurich    Ar(sts  –  Pain(ng  &  Sculpture      Being  surrounded  by  the  best  works  of  painters  and  sculptors  of  interna(onal  stature.        We  will  have  3/4  highly  known  painters  who  exhibited  at  the  covered  area  as  well  as  3  sculpture  ar(sts  who  can  do  it  inside  or  outdoors    All  works  will  be  put  up  for  sale  and  enjoy  a  presenta(on  of  each  of  the  individual  ar(sts  involved.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  10. 10. Tastes  Premium Senses Fair Zurich    The  Tas(ngs  takes  an  important  role  in  the  event  as  we  will  delight  visitors  not  only  with  the  best  gourmet  products  in  exhibi(on  but  also  their  suppliers,  leading  na(onal  and  interna(onal  brands,  whom  will  let  us  know  with  their  tastes  and  explana(ons  the  art  and  essence  or  their  food.    Tas(ngs  will  be  held  throughout  the  whole  day  –  Caviar,  Seafood,  Wine    (tas(ngs),  Champagne,  Cheese,  Iberian  Ham,  and  Chocolate.  Cocktail  show  and  more.                        RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  11. 11. Fashion  Premium Senses Fair    Fashion  is  represented  by  pres(gious  brands  and  innova(ve  in  their  field.    We  will  conduct  fashion  show  of  swimming-­‐wear,  Jewelry,  Prêt-­‐à-­‐porter,  casual  wear  and  another  to  close  the  ceremony  and  gala  a`endees  to  the  gala  dinner.    The  fashion  sector  will  also  feature  the  Evening  Fashion  Network;  an  event  within  the  show  already  has  been  successful  in  other  ci(es  aimed  at  networking  for  fashion  professionals.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  12. 12. Objec(ves  Premium Senses Fair    •  Direct  Sales  B2B  and  B2C  –  Direct  Sales  by  Firms,  given  the  a`rac(ve  display  and  presenta(on  of  the  products  and  services  of  the  companies  par(cipa(ng  in  the  event.    •  Selected  media  coverage  to  achieve  brand  awareness.    •  Entertainment  for  the  visitors.    •  Mee(ng  Point  of  diverse  professionals  will  certainly  be  an  ideal  sehng  for  networking  between  companies.    •  Reach  a  target  audience  interested  in  premium  and  luxury  products.    •  Point  of  informa(on  to  the  public  on  developments  of  selected  sectors.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  13. 13. Audience  Premium Senses Fair    The  visitor  will  be  chosen  thoroughly,  not  only  for  the  organiza(on  but  also  for  the  exhibitors  will  have  the  opportunity  to  invite  their  most  valued  customers.    We  guarantee  the  a`endance  of  businessmen,  execu(ves  and  people  involved  in  the  sector  of  lifestyle,  fashion  &  luxury  industry  and  of  high  economic/social  relevance.        And  these  shall  be  convened  by  the  organiza(on  via  direct,  communica(on  agencies,  in  press  before  the  event,  through  elite  social  clubs,  business  associa(ons,  na(onal  and  foreign  investors,  diploma(c  community  as  well  as  the  hotels  clientele.      Target:      -­‐  Highly  or  very  highly  affluent  person,  demanding  in  taste  and  passionate  for  exclusive  experiences,  products,  and  services.    Well  known  of  best  the  market  has  to  offer  -­‐  Age  Group:    Most  predominant  35-­‐60  years  old.  -­‐  Educa(on:    Most  predominantly  with  superior  educa(on,  and  interna(onal  minded.                        RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  14. 14. Marke(ng  Plan  Summary    Premium Senses Fair    The  Marke(ng  Plan  will  consist  of  the  following:    •  Produce  Press  Pack  for  the  Event  once  venue  has  been  iden(fied  and  secured.  •  Create  and  Produce  material  for  TV,  Radio,  Online  and  Print  adver(sement.  •  Create  and  send  Private  invita(ons  to  Media  Lists  and  VIP  Clients.  •  Direct  Marke(ng/Promo(on  to  VIP  Guests  via  Specialist  PR  Agency  and  Personal  Networking.  •  Search  Engine  Op(miza(on  (SEO).  •  Social  Media  Release  (SMR)  or  Social  Media  News  Release  (SMNR).  •  Create  opportuni(es  for  free  print,  radio  and  TV  coverage  with  major  Swiss,  UK  and  French   Channels.    •  Select  list  of  best  Media:  Print  Publica(ons  for  PR,  Radio  sta(ons  for  PR  and  TV  networks  for  PR.  •  Distribu(on  of  Promo(onal  Material  to  Venues.  •  Website  promo(on:  we  have  developed  a  marke(ng  package,  which  will  be  distributed  to   monthly  subscribers  of  online  Luxury  Lifestyle,  Fashion  &  Entertainment  Magazines.  •  Create  a  presence  on  Online  Social  Communi(es:  BEST  OF  ALL  WORLDS  (BOAW),  Facebook,   ASMALLWORLD  (ASW),  Senatus,  LinkedIn,  Luxury  Society,  Fashion  Industry  Network,  ASW  Inner   Circle,  and  also  in  other  Social  Networking  Plaporms  Promo(on.                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  15. 15. Informa(on  display  Premium Senses Fair  A  total  of  30  spaces  for  the  exhibitors,  each  ones  being  an  outstanding  representa(ve  of  its  class  and  not  compe(ng  with  any  other  exhibitor  present.    DISPLAY  AREA  AND  RATES  Features  Stands  (Spaces):  -­‐        6  Bronze  spaces  1,5  x  2,0  m:    1,200  Euro  –    CHF  1,500  (+  Taxes)  -­‐  20  Silver  spaces  of  2.0  mx  2.5  m:  1,800  Euro  –  CHF  2,150  (+  Taxes)  -­‐   4  Gold  spaces  of  3,0x  3.5  m:    2,750  Euro  –  CHF  3,300  (+  Taxes)  Included  within  the  price  of  the  stand  (space):  -­‐  2  free  (ckets  access  for  a`ending  the  dinner.  -­‐  Possibility  to  buy  4  more  (ckets  with  25%  discount.  -­‐  Discounts  on  professional  video  report  and  other  ac(ons  or  promo(onal  material.    Condi7ons  of  Employment  of  exhibi7on  spaces:  -­‐  Moun(ng  &  Dismantling:  Informa(on  will  be  given  to  you.    -­‐  Exhibitors  are  needed  to  bring  their  furniture  and  facili(es,  as  the  reserved  spaces  are  empty.    Upon  request  the  organiza(on  can  provide  furniture  for  the  exhibitor,  which  will  be  outsourced  and  budgeted  separately.  -­‐  Advance  payment  of  50%  of  the  total  amount  for  the  stand  (Reserve)  must  be  paid  before  the  end  of  month  February  2013.  -­‐  Remain  payment  of  the  stand  will  need  being  paid  by  the  end  of  March  2013.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  16. 16. FASHION  SHOW  SHOWCASE  &  RATES   Premium Senses Fair :    A  total  of  maximum  5  fashion  brands  for  the  fashion  show.        Op(on  1:    Bronze  spaces  1,5  x  2,0  m:  CHF  1,500  (+  Taxes)  PLUS    CHF  2,000  (+  Taxes)  Silver  spaces  of  2.0  mx  2.5  m:  CHF  2,150  (+  Taxes)  PLUS  CHF  1,500  (+  Taxes)  Gold  spaces  of  3,0x  3.5  m:  CHF  3,300  (+  Taxes)  PLUS  CHF  1,000  (+  Taxes)      Op(on  2:    Fashion  show  only:  2,500  Euro  –  CHF  3,000  (+  Taxes)      Included  within  the  price  of  the  stand  (space)  and  Fashion  Show:  -­‐      4  free  (ckets  access  for  a`ending  the  dinner.  -­‐      Possibility  to  buy  4  more  (ckets  with  25%  discount.  -­‐      Discounts  on  professional  video  report  and  other  ac(ons  or  promo(onal  material.    Condi7ons  of  Employment  of  exhibi7on  spaces  and  fashion  show:  -­‐          Backstage  area  +  models  …    -­‐          Moun(ng  &  Dismantling:  Informa(on  will  be  given  to  you.    -­‐  Exhibitors  are  needed  to  bring  their  furniture  and  facili(es,  as  the  reserved  spaces  are  empty.    Upon  request   the  organiza(on  can  provide  furniture  for  the  exhibitor,  which  will  be  outsourced  and  budgeted  separately.  -­‐  Advance  payment  of  50%  of  the  total  amount  for  the  stand  (Reserve)  must  be  paid  BEFORE  the  end  of  month   February  2013.  -­‐          Remain  payment  of  the  stand  will  need  being  paid  BEFORE  22  March  2013.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  17. 17.            Premium  Senses  Fair  Zurich  –  The  Dolder  Grand  Hotel                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  18. 18.            Premium  Senses  Fair  Zurich  –  The  Dolder  Grand  Hotel    
  19. 19. Sponsorship  Premium Senses Fair  We  offer  4  levels  of  sponsorship  and  all  of  them,  if  desired    can  be  combined  with  a  stand.    *  Fair  Sponsor:  10.000  Euro  /  CHF  12,000  (+Taxes)      Premium  Senses  Fair      Main  sponsor  …  (Name)  *  Gala  Dinner  –  Only  1  Sponsor:  5.000  Euro  /  CHF  6,000  (+  Taxes)    *  Sponsorship  Silver  –  4  Sponsors:  2.500  Euro  /  CHF  3,000  (+Taxes)    *  Sponsorship  Gold  (Partners)  –  2  Sponsors:  4.000  Euro  /  CHF  4,800  (+  Taxes)      Silver  Sponsorship  (4)  includes:  CHF  3,000  (+Taxes)    -­‐  Presented  and  announced  by  the  Directors  of  the  Fair  at  side  events  and  presenta(ons.  -­‐  Sponsor’s  banner/logo  to  the  home  page  of  the  official  website  of  the  Fair.  -­‐  Sponsor´s  name  will  be  included  and  listed  in  printed  material  (posters,  flyers…),  media  press  releases  and  will  be  displayed  weeks  prior  to  the  event  in  numerous  local  businesses,  Online  Lifestyle  Magazines,  and  Online  Social  Networking  Communi(es  adver(sing  the  fair.  -­‐  10  Tickets  to  the  show  to  invite  VIPs,  clients,  or  friends.  -­‐  2  VIP  passes  at  half  price  -­‐  includes  all:  Fair,  dinner  show  ac(vi(es,  tas(ngs,  access  to  the  VIP  area.    Gold  Sponsorship  –  Partner  (2)  includes:  CHF  4,800  (+  Taxes)  -­‐  Major  men(on  in  wri`en  and  media  interviews  at  radio  /  TV  -­‐  Strong  presence  on  the  Internet  and  our  website.  -­‐  Sponsors  men(on  in  interviews,  press,  media,  and  online.  -­‐  15  (ckets  Instead  of  10  to  the  show  to  invite  VIPs,  clients,  or  friends.  -­‐  Merchandising  (Possibility  of  including  promo(onal  material  in  our  Welcome  bag)  -­‐  Feature  Video  -­‐  Graphic  Presence,  Roll  Ups,  Posters  in  the  Fair.                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  20. 20. Organizers  Premium Senses Fair    The  Premium Senses Fair Event  is  organized  by  a  group  of  private  companies  with  extended  history  and  experience  on  the  organiza(on  of  Exclusive  Luxury  and  Lifestyle  Events.      *  RF  Promo5on  Ltd.,  Directors  and  organizers  of  Premium  Senses  Fair  Zurich,  are  a  world  class  luxury  event  management  and  promo(on  company  specialized  in  sehng  up  and  managing  luxurious  events  for  private  individuals,  corporate  companies,  leading  brands,  charitable  founda(ons  and  specializing  in  organiza(on  of  B2B  mee(ngs  and  events.  Its  unique  and  relevant  exper(se  is  applied  not  only  to  meet  the  objec(ve  of  your  event,  but  our  full  service  management  aims  to  elevate  the  public`s  percep(on  of  your  brand  through  quality,  uniqueness  and  innova(on.      Style  de  Luxe,  is  the  brand  of  events  organized  by  RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  Fashionable  and  chic  evenings;  cocktails  and  champagne,  always  held  in  a  luxurious  concept  in  the  world,  the  center  places  the  interna(onal  jet  set.      *  MÓN  2  Company  based  in  Barcelona,  Spain  is  pioneer  in  the  design  of  unique  and  unprecedented  Luxury  fes(vals  and  fairs  as  Luxury  Experience  Barcelona  in  2010  and  Luxury  Style  Fair  in  2012.  Also  well  known  organizers  of  seminars  and  congresses  related  to  Luxury  marke(ng,  Lifestyle  and  fashion.    Founders  and  Designers  of  “Premium  Senses  Fair”  will  soon  take  it  to  other  major  ci(es  as  Dubai,  Moscow,  and  Miami.      
  21. 21. Interna(onal  Organiza(on  Premium Senses International Fairs    Premium Senses International Fairs have  all  the  following  common  characteris(cs  and  structure.    All  our  Premium Senses International Fairs are  based  on  the  premise  of  “Thinking  Globally  and  Ac(ng  Locally”  genera(ng  important  synergies  at  an  interna(onal  level  helping  to  get  all  the  best  from  our  Fairs  .          Local  Partner  /Directors    are  in  charge  of  all  the  local  exhibitors  and  sponsors    also  giving  you  the  possibility  for  nego(a(ng  interna(onal  contracts  to  exhibitors  assis(ng  on  several  fairs.      Our  partners  in  all  cases  are  either  companies  dedicated  to  the  marke(ng,  promo(on  or  event  management  for  luxury  ,  lifestyle  and  fashion.    To  assure  the  success,  our  partners  are  usually  very  well  connected  to  top  public  and  private  ins(tu(ons.                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  22. 22. Fairs  Structure  of  Premium Senses International Fairs    Premium Senses International Fairs have  the  same  basic  structure  and    are  composed  of  the    following  :  -­‐  Exhibitors  Space:    From  30  to  50  exhibitors  depending  on  venue  in  which  there  is    a  maximum  of  3   exhibitors  per  categories  and  sector.    -­‐  Entertainment:    Mainly  consis(ng  on  Live  Music  and  Live  Dance.    -­‐  Conferences:   Top   representa(ves   from   the   sector   of   Arts,   Luxury   ,   Fashion   ,   Gastronomy   and   Lifestyle    cover  most  of  the  day.  -­‐  Dinner  with  Show:  To  close  the  fair  we  enjoy  of  a  Gala  Dinner.    -­‐  Tastes:   the   gastronomy   sec(on   is   fundamental   ,   the   visitors   enjoying   from   very   special   tastes   ,   wine  ,  caviar,  cheese  and  chocolate.              Networking:    We  reserve  a  space  of  networking  where  the  par(cipants  are  mo(vated  to  share  with  others.                                                                                    Main  objec(ve:    We   have  developed  a  new  concept   where   the   interac(on   or   the   visitors   with   the   fair   its   exhibitors,   the  entertainment  and  other  par(cipants  is  very  high,  a  Fair to  enjoy  with  all  the  Senses,  to  smell,  admire,  hear,  to  live  …  a  LUXURY  GIFT    TO  THE  SENSES.                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  23. 23. 2013  Interna(onal  Events  Program  Premium Senses International Fair    Premium Senses International Fair has   chosen   the   ci(es   and   countries   of   highest   relevancy   and  growth    in  the  luxury  market  to  cover  all  5  con(nents  during  the  next  two  years,  for  this  we  have  made  exhaus(ve  marke(ng  research  to  be  able  to  sa(sfy  most  of  our  local  exhibitors  which  will  follow  us  not  only  in  their  local  city  or  country  but  also  abroad.        AGENDA  2013:    Barcelona:          9  of  March,  Hotel  Rey  Juan  Carlos  I      Zürich:                      12,13  of  April  –  The  Dolder  Grand  Hotel  (Named  one    of  15  best  resort  hotels  in  Europe)    Doha:                          29,  30  of  June  –  The  Ritz  Carlton  Hotel  (Winner  best  middle  east  hotel  2012)        Miami:                      2,3  of  November  –  Hotel  Fontainebleau  ,  Miami  Beach  .    Oslo:    September  of  2013  –  Hotel  in  process  of    confirma(on.      AGENDA  2014:    -­‐  Shanghai  in  March      -­‐  Baku,  Azerbaijan  in  May  -­‐  Moscow  –  Sao  Paolo  –  Zurich  –  Geneva  –  Barcelona  –  Montreal                    RF F  Promo(on  L* World Class LuxuryEEvent Management        R Promotion td.  –  World  Class  Luxury   vent  Management  
  24. 24. Objec(ve    Premium Senses International FairsPremium Senses International Fairs are  intended  to  provide  a  global  and  interna(onal  promo(onal    plaporm  to  companies  dedicated  to  luxury  sector,  premium  products  and  services  who  want  to  take  advantage  of  the  tools  and  structure  that  we  provide  them;  going  abroad  with  adjusted  costs  due  to  our  ac(ng  as  a  group  in  a  private  commercial  mission.            It  brings  a  very  effec(ve  mix  of  services  provided  to  a  fair’s  exhibitor  together  with  a  support  on  commercial  and  promo(onal  ma`ers.        In  each  fair,  the  number  of  exhibitors  is  inten(onally  reduced.      Support    and  Services  Provided:    -­‐  Marke(ng  Research  and  assessment  for  the  Interna(onal  venues  we  are  present.    -­‐  Logis(c  Support  for  their  stands  and  material,  either  transpor(ng  it  or  providing  it  on  loca(on.  -­‐  Hospitality  arrangements.    -­‐  Special  Travel  Deals.    -­‐  Support  on  arranging  commercial  mee(ngs.    -­‐  Merchandising  and  prin(ng  materials.    -­‐  Stand  Personnel  on  loca(on,  stewardess,  models  ,  translators,  etc…                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  25. 25. Advantages  of  joining  Premium Senses International Fairs    -­‐  Special  condi(ons  and    discount  on  prices  for  the  exhibitors  a`ending  several  fairs.  Star(ng  from  a   10%  up  to  a  5%  discount  on  each  addi(onal  fairs  with  a  a  maximum  of  5  fairs  per  year.      -­‐  Global  media  presence  –  Our  media  tradi(onal  or  internet  provide  all  year  round  promo(on  of  our   past  exhibitors  in  different  languages.    -­‐  Marke(ng  and  Sales  –  Detailed  marke(ng  research,  assessment  and  consul(ng  on  best  countries  to   take  your  products  or  services.      -­‐  Logis(cs  and  Transport  –  We  will  take  care  of  all  necessary  travel  arrangements  for  your  goods/ products  and  your  own  hospitality  issues.  -­‐  Professional  and  Personal  Connec(ons  –  Our  fair  has  also  the  Club  approach:  personal  and   professional  rela(onships  with  other  exhibitors  and  collaborators  will  be  easily  made  as  the   organiza(on  will  facilitate  the  mutual  networking  and  collabora(on  between  local  and  interna(onal   exhibitors  and  with  the  sponsors.                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  26. 26. Venues  Premium Senses International Fairs      We   decide   the   placement   of   our   Premium Senses International Fairs by   selec(ng   in   each   specific  ci(es,  the  top  5  stars  hotels  GL.        Our  requirements  are:     -­‐  A  minimum  of  800  m2  up  to  1500  m2.     -­‐  Excellent  Exhibi(on  areas  with  all  the  technical  supports  at  our  disposal.     -­‐  Logis(c  facili(es  and  the  safety.   -­‐  Best  Hospitality  facili(es  and  services.     -­‐  Exclusivity  and  discre(on  if  necessary.      For   our   Gala   Dinner,   we   require   a   Ballroom   of   minimum   400   m2   for   250+   of   our   most   dis(nguished  guests.  The  pres(ge,  media  and  social  importance  of  these  selected  hotels,  also  give  to  the   Premium SensesInternational Fairs a  plus  in  its  promo(on  and  pres(ge  recogni(on.                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  27. 27. Venues  Premium Senses International Fairs  Hotel  Ritz  Carlton  –  Doha                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  28. 28. Sector  represented  Premium Senses International Fairs     v  -­‐  Fashion     v  -­‐  Cosme(cs   v  -­‐  Jewelry     v  -­‐  Watches   v  -­‐  Arts     v  -­‐  Architecture   v  -­‐  Travel     v  -­‐  Gastronomy     v  -­‐  Luxury  Travel     v  -­‐  Technology       In  largest  venues,  we  will  also  have:   v  -­‐  Real  Estate   v  -­‐  Cars   v  -­‐  Jets   v  -­‐  Yachts                    RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management  
  29. 29.              For  more  informa(on  and  queries  about  Premium Senses Fair ,    please  contact:              RF  Promo(on  Ltd.                Premium  Senses  Fair  Zurich    E:  ja@rfpromo(          M:  +41  (0)  76  431  00  68                      RF  Promo(on  Ltd.  –  World  Class  Luxury  Event  Management