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  • About YouDevelop an opening statement that will get their attention, and open with it every time!In business for yourself – but not by yourselfWe are a team. Our 22 years is also your 22 years. Our top management team has over 150 years of experience.If you’re new, say that you’re a graduate Of USABG University!You’re part of America’s Best Health Agents, so act like it!Would you have a problem doing business with me?Trust the Presentation!
  • About USA Benefits GroupStabilitySecurity BBBTop producing agencyMultiple carriers Would you have a problem doing business with our company? Trust the Presentation!
  • Follow the 5 PointsOne confinement every 20 years82% of all hospital admissions are critical illness or accident7.6 months of recovery with total or partial loss of income52% of all bankruptcies…59% had health insurance60% of all claims are less than $1,000. Talk about the need to have 1st dollar outpatient careI’m sure that you would want these claims covered at 100% and also have cash to replace lost income!Trust the Presentation!
  • Very important page!Cancer statsHeart statsAccident stats
  • MAKE OR BREAK PAGEStress the PointsCover EVERY pointExcellent outpatient 1st dollar careRate Lock + Unlimited Rx + WellnessZero out of pocket on Cancer + Heart + AccidentsCash for income protectionIf I can get you all of these benefits at an affordable rate, would we be able to do business?
  • How we find you…One Legged StoolCopay health plan onlyHow we leave you…Three Legged Stool Copay health planUnlimited doc + Rx + wellness2 year rate lock + reducing deductible First diagnosis benefitDeath benefitAccident disability incomeWhich stool would you prefer?
  • Real claims…Real peopleUSABG experience with claimsMost survive, but die financiallyNot one of these customers thought this would happenBut all 3 had these events start 9 to 18 months after they applied with our companySo, if this were you, would you rather be insured with me or where you’re at now?
  • USABG Combo Sales Presentation

    1. 1. USA Benefits GroupAmerica’s #1 Online Agency
    2. 2. Your Agent USA Benefits Group Your Robert F Naples Picture Here CLU, RHU, ChFC, AAI, LUTCF Robert F Naples | CLU, RHU, ChFC, AAI, LUTCF 24 Warbler Lane | Durham, NC 27712-9506 Phone: 919-477-1808 | Fax: 919-477-1808 Toll Free: 800-893-3819 | Cell: 919-949-5671 | Insurance & Financial Services since 1969Health | Medicare Supplement | Long-Term Care | Life | Annuities
    3. 3. Doing the shopping so you don’t have to EDUCATION • ABS-Husson University • BBA-St. John’s University-The College of Insurance • MBA-Georgia State University • PhD (ABD)-Georgia State University TRAINING • CLU-Chartered Life Underwriter • RHU-Registered Health Underwriter • ChFC-Chartered Financial Consultant • AAI-Accredited Adviser in Insurance • LUTCF-Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow EXPERIENCE • Insurance & Financial Services since 1969 • Formerly Assistant Professor of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate COMMITMENT • Dedicated to superior customer service • Annual Reviews TOLL-FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE • Personal and Professional Attention • Knowledge and Dependability • Promptness in Handling Your Requests
    4. 4. Providing Insurance Solutions for 22 Years• About USA Benefits Group – Nationwide network of insurance professionals serving small business owners and the self-employed since 1988. – Non-captive agents with the knowledge to work for you, not the insurance company. – BBB rating of A+• Stability – 23 years of providing insurance solutions for the WHAT IF of life! – Over $300 million in business, while insuring thousands of families nationwide. – We have witnessed over a half a billion dollars in claims. We know health care, and what you need to protect your family.• Security – Working with top rated companies as determined by the A.M. Best Company. – Totally secure online platform-HIPAA compliant. – Nationwide fully licensed independent agents.
    5. 5. Choose Benefits That Meet Your Family’s Needs An individual can expect a major claim (excluding maternity) once every 20 years The American Hospital Association states that of these hospital admissions, 82% are due to either critical illness (68%) or accidents (14%) Average 7.6 months of recovery with total or partial loss of income 75% of all healthcare dollars are spent on these claims and 52% of all bankruptcies are caused because of them – even though 59% had health insurance But 60% of all medical claims are less than $1,000, so you need excellent 1st dollar outpatient care including, doctor visits, wellness and unlimited Rx benefits 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 $0 - $500 $500 - $1,000 - $5,000 - $10,000 - Over $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 $25,000
    6. 6. The What If of Life• Cancer – Every 24 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer – 50% of families use up all or most of their savings – In the last 10 years the survival rate has gone up 30%• Heart Attack/Heart Surgery – 1.2 million heart attacks & 800,000 surgeries per year – Every 26 seconds someone in the US is having a coronary event• Accidental Injuries – There is an accident every minute in the US that requires ER treatment or a hospital stay – 2 Million hospital stays per year – 30 Million ER visits per year due to accidents – Plus over an additional 30 million doctor visits• Average of 7.6 months of recovery
    7. 7. Points to Ensure You Get What You NeedDoes your current plan:• Have unlimited doctor office visits• Have unlimited wellness benefits after 3 months• Have unlimited Rx benefits• Give you 100% of all PPO discounts to help cover out-of-pocket expenses• Provide a reducing deductible up to 50%• Guarantee the rates for 2 YEARS for financial security• Pay the deductible for CANCER then cover claims at 100% to $3 million, plus provide $42,000 cash so you can recover• Pay the deductible for HEART ATTACK then cover claims at 100% to $3 million, plus provide $42,000 cash so you can recover• Pay the deductible for ACCIDENTS then cover claims at 100% to $3 million, plus after 90 days pay $1,500 per month for 2 years• Pay a death benefit of $100,000 to your family if you die
    9. 9. What if this happened to you? What would you do? $314,137 OUR GOALS ARE VERY SIMPLE Breast Cancer USABG COMBO PLAN• 65 days of confinement and 3 surgeries• 10 MONTHS OF LOST INCOME Pay The Bills 100%• Bill paid 100% + $62,000 lump sum cash for Provide Income + You Recover living expenses and to recover $442,427 Heart Attack• 94 days in the hospital, 2 surgeries and staff infection• 13 MONTHS OF LOST INCOME• Received $50,000 on diagnosis $487,000 Multiple injuries, fall from roof• 105 days of confinement and 7 surgeries• 19 MONTHS OF LOST INCOME• Bill paid 100% + $1,500 for 16 months
    10. 10. A Few Questionsto make sure you get what you want • How old are you? ___ Spouses name and age? _____ • How many dependant children will be covered? ____ • Does anyone have any pre-existing health conditions? _____ • Is anyone taking any prescription drugs regularly? ___ • Has anyone been hospitalized in the last 5 years? ___ • Is anyone currently pregnant? ____ Are you planning a larger family?_____ • Do you spend more than $350 (individual) or $750 (family) per year on prescription drugs? _____ • Do you go to the doctor more than 7 times (individual) or 14 (family) due to sickness? _____ • What is your current monthly cost? _____ Have you had any/many rate increases? _____ • Do you have a managed-care plan or HMO plan? ___ • What do you like about your current coverage? ____ • What do you dislike about your current coverage? _____ • What do you feel is the most important reason why you should carry health insurance? _____
    11. 11. Getting Started/Enrollment Procedure • Complete application for health insurance Submit initial deposit of first month’s premium and an administrative fee. (varies per company) • Future premium payments made by Monthly Bank Draft (M.B.D.) Ensures your coverage won’t be interrupted because of a missed payment. Other options may vary. • 1-3 Week Evaluation Period May be longer depending upon medical requirements. • Insurance company issues your new policy After your application has been reviewed and approved. Do not cancel previous coverage until approved. • Deposit is fully refundable If your application is not approved by the insurance company.
    12. 12. Can you afford to be without Health Care Protection? Examples of doctor and hospital expenses • Diabetes Mellitus (73 days of hospital confinement) $90,755 • Cervical Cancer (95 days of hospital confinement) $114,147 • Closed head injury – vehicle accident (105 days of hospital confinement) $152,392 • Gastritis and acute vascular insufficiency (194 days of hospital confinement) $242,427 • Septic shock due to Weil’s Disease (Multiple hospital confinements) $949,583
    13. 13. Summary• Dedicated to paying catastrophic hospital and doctor bills 100%.• Plus provide income protection for CANCER + HEART + ACCIDENTS.  82% of hospital admissions are due to either critical illness (68%) or accidents (14%)  Average 7.6 months of recovery with total or partial loss of income Robert F Naples | CLU, RHU, ChFC, AAI, LUTCF 24 Warbler Lane | Durham, NC 27712-9506 Phone: 919-477-1808 | Fax: 919-477-1808 Toll Free: 800-893-3819 | Cell: 919-949-5671 | Insurance & Financial Services since 1969 Health | Medicare Supplement | Long-Term Care | Life | Annuities