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  • 2. Purchase an Eye-Fi card. This will allow any SD compatible camera to wirelessly send the pictures from the camera to the watched folder for processing. How to install the Eye-Fi Center software on my PC: To install the Eye-Fi Center software on a PC or Mac: 1. Insert the Eye-Fi Card in the supplied USB Card Reader 2. Insert the USB Card Reader into an available USB port on your PC or Mac Note: Please follow the on-screen instructions as the Eye-Fi Center software installs on your PC. If the auto install fails to launch, please follow the steps below: For a PC: 1. Navigate to My Computer. An Eye-Fi icon will appear representing the card, typically as drive E or F 2. Open the Eye-Fi drive and navigate to the START HERE folder, followed by the Windows folder 3. Double click on the Setup.exe to install. You can accept the default path to install the eye-Fi helper too.
  • 3. 1 Click on start
  • 4. 2 Click on windows
  • 5. 3 Click on set up
  • 6. Note: At the end of the installation, the Eye-Fi Center software will launch automatically 4 Click on next
  • 7. 5-B 5-A Click on agree and next
  • 8. 6 Click on next
  • 9. 7 Click on install
  • 10. 8 Click on finish
  • 11. 1. There will probably be an update for the card. Click to download and install the update. 9 Click on up date
  • 12. 10 Click on install
  • 14. 12 Click on next
  • 15. 13 Click on finish
  • 16. 2. After several moments you should see a yellow message balloon stating "Found Eye-Fi Card, Initializing Eye-Fi Card" followed by another stating "Found Eye-Fi Card, launching Eye-Fi Center". Note: 3.If the Eye-Fi manager does not open on its own right click the Eye-Fi icon in the task bar next to the clock and select Open Eye-Fi center. 4. 14
  • 17. 15 Click on open
  • 18. 16 Find your wireless connection
  • 19. 17 Click on agree
  • 20. 4. If this is the first time you have used the Eye-Fi center it will ask you to create a new account. Enter your email address and a password. 18-A 18-B
  • 21. 19 Click on close
  • 22. 5. Once the Eye-Fi manger is open you will need to configure your wireless network. Choose your network from the drop down menu, enter your network password and click the “Add network to card” button. 20-A 20-B Fill in your wireless info
  • 23. 21 Your wireless is now set
  • 24. Using the camera to upload videos select the Videos tab in the Eye-Fi center. 1. Select upload videos to this computer 2. Click the button change folder. 3. Select the folder probably in the summit media network drive that was set up for directory watching IE(M:/imports/Mikes Pictures). You can create a new folder in the watched folder if you are setting up more than one card. This will keep the incoming images separated so they don’t get mixed up. Make sure Do not create date-based subfolders is selected. Click save. 22-A 22-B save
  • 25. 23 Click on user
  • 26. 24 X out screen
  • 27. 25 Test camera the photos will sync to your comp. photos will show loading in the right of your screen
  • 28. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to train your company PRESENTED BY. RANDY S FERRESE SR 824 BLUEBIRD CIRCLE MAYS LANDING ,NJ 08330 [email_address] [email_address] 609 576 4244