Innovative practice- Sand Painting


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Innovative practice- Sand Painting

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE PRACTICES IN EDUCATION END OF “CHALK AND TALK” Learning through our Emotions, Sandpainting Noelia Calle Hernández – IES La Serna, Fuenlabrada Rosa Fernández Alba – IES León Felipe, Getafe
  2. 2. END OF “CHALK AND TALK” Experience: “Learning through our Emotions, Sandpainting”.
  3. 3. ABSTRACT•This experience shows how Technologyhave been integrated to work with and froman emotional point of view in Arts and Crafts,although it could very well be adapted andcarried out in other subjects as Image, Musicor Home-Class.
  4. 4. CONTENT STANDARDS FOR THIS EXPERIENCE LINKED TO the Spanish National Curriculum within the context of Secondary Education for Arts and Crafts 1º ESO, with reference to the Decree 23/2007 of 10 May 2007 CLASS LEVEL - 1º ESO- 7th GRADE AREA- SUBJECT - ARTS AND CRAFTS UNIT: “COLOUR THEORY”
  5. 5. CONTENT AND OBJECTIVESStudents will be able to:•Get to know a different artistic expression within the VisualArts.•Promote TEAM work•Learn and discover different ways to express their emotions•Learn to learn•Practice the contents learnt in the Unit “The Colour”•Develope their Digital Competence in tone with theEmotional, the Artistic and the Social.
  6. 6. Methodology- Assessment• Assessment Tool: A mixture between formative and summative• Learning Theory: Piaget’s Constructivist approach, using Indirect instruction and experiential learning• Time frame: 2 Class Periods of 45 min. “Watch, feel, experiment, do and finaly analyze what has been done”
  7. 7. TEACHING TECHNIQUES• We start watching a video about “the art of painting with sand”, and following the inquiry teaching model, students will be asked to explain what they feel and think about it, and search for the name of this type of art.
  8. 8. LABORATORY METHOD• Online Tool:• Students will be asked to paint using this Tool in groups of 2-3 students.• Different types of music will be played, and they will try to express or connect with the emotion or emotions they feel.• They will then analyze the connection between the colours and shapes the used and their emotions (Group Discussion)
  9. 9.• Exhibition of their Art Works in the Gallery.
  10. 10. Awareness Training• They will collect pictures of the process.• They will make a video of each sesion using free software online, Photopeach and Animoto.• They choose the images, the speed of the video and the music for the final editing.
  11. 11. Final Products• Photographic video of the experience in Photopeach.
  12. 12. Technological Resources Needed • Computer Laboratory with screen projector and speakers. • Camaras or Smartphones • Internet Connection
  13. 13. Conclusion “Learning through our Emotions, Sandpainting “It is an easy, attractive and engaging activity,rewarding for both students, teachers andparents… - THE END - July 2012