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The Rocking Chair Test by Zack Wiest
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The Rocking Chair Test by Zack Wiest


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports

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  • 1. The Rocking Chair TestI read a great article last evening and wanted to pass the information on.This is a great exercise. Do you know what The Rocking Chair Test is?Me either until last night.I’ll give you a hint; it’s not a method for choosing thebest rocking chair in the store. This test is a great toolto help when it comes time to make those difficult lifechanging decisions.Decisions like: Should I quit my job and start my own business? Should I follow my childhood dream and be an artist? Should I pack up my car and drive cross-country?We all come across questions like those during our life. Often we just shutthem out, choose the safe choice, and go with the familiar. The rocking chairtest is a great way to ensure you can live your life without regret.Next time you reach a fork in the road and are not sure which way to go, dothis.Imagine yourself as an old man or woman. I usually imagine myself in my80’s. Then sit yourself down in your rocking chair, get comfortable and lookback at your life. Look back to where you are right now struggling with thedecision of what to do.Then as an 80 year old, imagine- What if I never did this? How would I feel? Would my life be different? Do I regret not taking the chance?
  • 2. Continue with questions such as- Is this something that would haunt me andI would always wonder about? Do you find yourself with the feeling likesomething is missing? Is there a sadness or longing?Get specific and feel your way through the answers.What if I stayed here in my hometown, would I regret not taking the chanceto explore when I was younger? What if I didn’t at least try to follow mydreams would it be something that I always looked back upon andwondered, what if?In life, we find we are more disappointed by the things we didn’t do then theones we did. So if you are feeling regret as an imaginary 80 year old, take itto heart. Use this tool as a shot of courage to go for something you reallywant. Live your life fully and release regret. Regret for things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for things we did not do that is inconsolable. -Sydney HarrisThat’s it, that’s the rocking chair test. Next time you are trying to decidewhich way to go, put the rocking chair test to work for you.Log onto right now to be part of the most exciting real estateopportunity found anywhere.PA Deals, LLC