Are You A Someday or Today Person?

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  • 1. Are you a "Someday" person or a "Today" person?What do I mean you may ask?Well, its quite simple. If you study anyone who has everaccomplished anything of any significance, you will notice afew common traits, one of which is Taking Action.Weve all heard the saying "Knowledge is Power", BUT, thatstatement is dead wrong. The statement should be revisedto say"Knowledge, Combined with Action, is Power".Whats the point of studying every aspect of real estateinvesting if you never take action on any of it? You wouldhave been better off collecting stamps, at least they may beworth something in the future.Taking action is where and when the magic starts to happen.I promise you, I am no smarter than you, probably knoweven less than you do, BUT, what I do, thatmaybe you dont do, is take MASSIVE action daily! If I getan idea that seems logical, I act on it, end of story. I dosomething TODAY, not next week, not next month, notnext year. TODAY!I want to encourage you to become a "Today" person andstop letting life and all it has to offer, pass you by. If yousimply begin taking action, even baby steps, towardsreaching your goals, you will be further along then about95% of the people walking this earth. I forget who said itbut this has stuck with me for years. The saying goes:Zack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300
  • 2. "If you want to succeed, do the exact opposite of whateveryone else is doing"Its true. Be different. Take action. Enjoy life. Achieve yourdreams. And most importantly, start TODAY! That said, youare officially a client of a company [PA Deals] that can takeyour real estate investing dreams and convert them intoreality. I hope you give us the chance to help you.http://www.padeals.comSincerely,Zack WiestPresident PA Deals.ComZack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300