How To Really Use Linked for the CTT Community


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How To Really Use Linked for the CTT Community

  1. 1. Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark @ReallyLinkedin Building Trust Webinar
  2. 2. Old vs New School of doing business What is LinkedIn (not)? 3 fundamental principles of (online) networking 5 step strategy to be successful on LinkedIn Next steps Agenda
  3. 3. When you hear the word LinkedIn, what do you think of? What’s your relationship to LinkedIn? What is your Association to LinkedIn?
  4. 4. Old vs New School Old ways of Business New ways of Business Flyers, Billboards, Advertising and Direct Mail Online Searching & Personal Recommendations One Way Marketing Two Way Marketing Cold Calling Personal Introductions Information Gathering Research, Create, Target & Distribute Relevant Content Manual Automated Seller Controls Sale Buyer Controls Sale
  5. 5. What is it? What it is not? What is the 1 thing that makes LinkedIn so powerful? What is ?
  6. 6. LinkedIn is the biggest online professional network in the world. LinkedIn is not Facebook, which is mainly used for social networking with friends and family. The 1 thing that makes LinkedIn so powerful is that it shows us how we are connected with the people we are looking for! What is ?
  7. 7. Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn has >225 Million professional users 8yrs to get to 110M and 2yrs to get to 225M It’s had almost 100% growth in the past 2yrs! 12M UK users – 10% growth in 4mths
  8. 8. Why do B2B Top Sellers use LinkedIn? Source: Jill Konrath
  9. 9. Biggest Mistake? Using LinkedIn as a (passive) billboard instead of a (proactive) tool
  10. 10. Example of a Passive Strategy
  11. 11. 3 Biggest Problems Not having clear goals Not knowing who the people in the best position are to help you reach those goals Not measuring activity or knowing how to ? Q: How does this affect your LinkedIn productivity?
  12. 12. Fundamental Principle 1 the REAL Power is in the 2nd Degree 1st Degree: everyone knows 250 people 2nd Degree: those 250 know 125 = 31.250 3rd Degree: 31.250 * 125 = 3.906.250 4th Degree: 3.906.250 * 125 = 488.281.250 5th Degree: 488.281.250 * 125 =
  13. 13. Fundamental Principle 1 the REAL Power is in the 2nd Degree
  14. 14. Fundamental Principle 1 the REAL Power is in the 2nd Degree Everyone knows 250 people = 250 connections If you connect with 10 people = 250 x 10 = 2,500 connections If you connect with 100 people = 250 x 100 = 25,000 connections If you connect with 200 people = 250 x 200 = 50,000 connections If all CTT consultants began connecting with each other, there would be 100,000’s to Millions of overlapping connections!
  15. 15. Leigh Ashton Leigh now can create a continuous flow of appointments with her prime prospects
  16. 16. Fundamental Principle 2 the Networking Attitude Networking Attitude = sharing information in a reactive and proactive way without expecting anything immediately in return “Give and Receive”
  17. 17. Fundamental Principle 3 the “Know, Like & Trust” Factor “All things being equal people do business with – and refer business to – people they know, like and trust.” Bob Burg (USA), Networking Expert
  18. 18. 1 or our 10 Lead Generation Strategies 1. 5 Step Success Strategy Use Advanced Search to identify people who can introduce you to your ideal potential customer
  19. 19. Another LinkedIn Example Total Time on LinkedIn: 6 hours x 24 weeks = 144 hrs Opportunities Created per Hour: 34 Ops / 144 hours = every 4 hours (1.5 a week) Potential Revenue per Hour: $350,000 / 144 = $2,341/hour Jamie Shanks Nets $350,000 in New Opportunities in Just 6 Months “my personal business development ROI with LinkedIn is unmatched by other sales mediums.”
  20. 20. Questions & Answers
  21. 21. If you were to get skilled up on LinkedIn, what would you want to achieve? What would be important for you to have covered in your LinkedIn training? Question?
  22. 22. Special Offer Series of 3 webinars (5th, 12th, 19th September) – 90 Minutes each Customized exclusively for CTT Community Passive, active and proactive LinkedIn strategies Learn how to turn LinkedIn into A visibility and credibility raising platform for CTT and your consulting business We’ll show you how to leverage trust & receive warm introductions to prime prospects Generate leads –activate the dormant trust within the CTT Community This programme is valued at $ 697 Special price for the CTT consultants: Before 30th July $147/£97 Before 30th August $197/£127 – September onwards £247/£157 Register now:
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  24. 24. What does your digital future look like? Register now: