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RES Automation Manager 2012 - What's new...Online Seminar 17 July 2012

RES Automation Manager 2012 - What's new...Online Seminar 17 July 2012



Met RES Automation Manager kunnen organisaties, vanuit een centraal beheerde omgeving, vele dagelijkse taken automatiseren en IT-middelen effici�nter inzetten. Daarnaast vormt RES Automation Manager ...

Met RES Automation Manager kunnen organisaties, vanuit een centraal beheerde omgeving, vele dagelijkse taken automatiseren en IT-middelen effici�nter inzetten. Daarnaast vormt RES Automation Manager 2012 de basis voor RES service orchestration, waarmee gebruikers toegang hebben tot een persoonlijke catalogus met applicaties. Met service orchestration kunnen organisaties beter inspelen op de mobiliteit en vereiste flexibiliteit van gebruikers. RES Automation Manager 2012 is begin dit jaar gelanceerd en levert diverse nieuwe features, waaronder: ? Cross platform management support (waaronder Red Hat, SuSE en AIX) ? Integratie van Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager ? Verbeteringen in schaalbaarheid en prestatie, waaronder de ondersteuning van native 64-bits ? Verdere ondersteuning voor een multi-tenancy infrastructuur; het bijstaan van sytems integrators met Desktop-as-a-Service initiatieven ? Introductie van window support; hulp bij risicobeperking door hetgeen wat beheerd kan worden tijdens kantooruren te beperken Tijdens dit online seminar laat Arie Joosse u graag alle nieuwe features en voordelen zien van RES Automation Manager 2012.



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    RES Automation Manager 2012 - What's new...Online Seminar 17 July 2012 RES Automation Manager 2012 - What's new...Online Seminar 17 July 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • RES Automation Manager Overview + What’s new in 2012 Arie Joosse© Copyright RES Software.v2012-Mar30.
    • Agenda•Automation manager intro•Business case•What’s new in 2012•Demo© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Efficient IT Automation© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • IT Challenges• Growing Complexity• Increasing Consumer Demands• Decreasing Resources• Human Intervention• Using the Right Solution© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • RES Automation Manager Key Benefits• Manages the Complete Lifecycle• Increases IT Productivity and Efficiency• Increases Quality of Service and Saves Costs• Leverages Existing Technology Investments• Enables IT Service Store System Lifecycle Commision Business as Usual Decommision© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Denk om de business, Kees•80/20 regel•Neem de top 10 Service Desk calls, welke zijn te elimineren?•Tijdwinst = €€•Minder brandjes blussen = meer tijd voor innovatie•First Time Right = minder nazorg•Less End-user downtime•Logging en auditing hebben waarde© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Designed to Get Things Done• Minimizes Scripting with Extensive Built-In Knowledge• Retains Operational Change Knowledge• Removes Dependencies• Lightweight with Small Footprint• Enterprise Control and Easy to Use© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Automation Concept Tasks(Modules, Projects and Computer(s) Runbooks) Dispatcher Schedule Intelligent© Copyright RES Software. Automated Jobv2012-May21.
    • Task Automation ExamplesProactive Maintenance DescriptionPrevent Disk Fillup Delete *.BAK, *.TMP, *.BKF, *.DMP, *.LOGPrevent Printer Errors Restart spooler serviceComply With Regulations Save and clear event logsMaintain Backup Policy Local system state backupMaintain Performance Reboot server farmMaintain Security Check and fix antivirus definitionsVerify Service Send email© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Task Automation Examples (continued)Ad-hoc Maintenance DescriptionPrint Drivers Install new print driversChange Password Change local administrator passwordAdd to Group Add users to distribution listsInstall Software Install application server (SQL, Exchange, Oracle, XenApp, etc.)Query Files Verify file integrityManage Files Change/update HOSTS fileChange Service Change service log-on account/password© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Intelligent Resource Provisioning• Combine Multiple Reusable Modules into Projects or Runbooks• Schedule to Execute in Specific Order on Multiple Computers• Use Parameters to Make Runbook Generic Run Book Job Create Active Directory User Enter Module 1 User Create Schedule Name Linux Account Module 2© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Resource Provisioning ExamplesProvisioning Task DescriptionOnboard Employee 1. Create Active Directory Userin a Single Run Book 2. Add User to Security Groups and Distribution Lists 3. Move User to Organizational Unit 4. Create Home Share 5. Set Home Share Security 6. Create Exchange Mailbox 7. Configure Exchange Mailbox 8. Send Welcome EmailProvision Computer 1. Install OS with Windows Deployment Serverin a Single Run Book 2. Configure IP address 3. Rename Computer 4. Reboot 5. Add Computer to Domain 6. Reboot 7. Install Default Software 8. Configure Windows Firewall 9. Set Default Domain at Logon 10. Remove Annoying Notifications© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Extensive Built-In Knowledge• Over 120 Built-In Tasks• Heterogeneous Support© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Advanced Job Scheduling and Execution• Determines When Tasks will Execute• Jobs can be Scheduled on Agents or Teams• Variables Allow Input of Customer Specific Data at Execution• Conditions and Evaluators Create Intelligent Jobs Variables checked at• Comply with Change Management Policies execution© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Transportability and Reusability• Change Best Practices can be Exported as Building Blocks• Instant Reports to Document Change Best Practices• Parameters make Modules, Projects and Runbooks reusable• Parameters can be Used within Scripts© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Proven Enterprise Scalability• Unlimited Scalability• Windows Domain Independence• Multi-Tenant Support© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Why Upgrade?Isn’t Automation Manager 2011 good enough? Customer Responses and Use cases: • Cross Platform Agent Support • 3rd Party integration platform • Scalability and performance improvements • Multi-tenancy support for Partners • Change Management, more granular control of when change happens • More comprehensive, advanced workflow control • Increased compliance and regulatory management© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • What’s newBuilding on the robust platform of Automation Manager 2011, AutomationManager 2012 enhances existing capability as well as adds new featurescustomers have asked for: – Heterogeneous Agent Support (including Red Hat, SUSE, AIX) – Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager integration – Scalability and performance improvements including native 64-bit support – Further support for multi-tenancy infrastructure, assisting systems integrators with Desktop-as-a-Service initiatives (global variables) – Launch window support, aiding risk mitigation by limiting what can be managed during working hours – Agent automation relationship enhancements (team membership task) – Advanced granularity for security permissions, helping achieve compliance and Regulatory Management – New evaluators© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Architectural changes• Dispatcher Description: – A service that communicates information from the Datastore to target Agents – Caches resource in order to reduce network traffic (scale) – Agents refer to Dispatchers for jobs and resources to execute – Datastore and to Agent supports bandwidth throttling – Acts as a ‘notification relay’ for Job status to Datastore – Can be tiered for scale and performance (Dispatcher Hierarchy)• What’s new in AM2012– ‘Dispatcher+’ – New multi-threading engine – Native x64 agent code – Web API to allow external systems to schedule RES AM jobs – Higher scale now supports 10 times more agents – Automatic Upgrade from existing Dispatcher infrastructure © Copyright RES Software. v2012-May21.
    • Heterogeneous Agent Support• Runbook automation support for non-Windows systems• Native Agent for Linux: – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5, CentOS – SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP3 – AIX 5.3• Linux tasks supported: – Execute Command – Reboot, Shutdown – Download Resource• Installer is a Red Hat Package Manager package• ‘Conditions’ can now be created based on Linux OS © Copyright RES Software. v2012-May21.
    • System Center Configuration ManagerIntegration• Previously Administrators needed to initiate custom scripts to deploy software• Administrators can now include ConfigMgr services within runbooks• New features: – Distribute software to ConfigMgr collections – Distribute software to RES Automation Manager agents – Query ConfigMgr client status© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Global Variables• Share a generic task between managed customers• Runbook, Project and Module parameters can be replaced with global, team or server variables• Global variables can now be used in multi-tenant environments – Per customer parameters can now be defined – Single instance credential!!! – Example: credentials, domain name, mailserver© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Team Membership• Changes to an agent can result in different team membership• Modify team membership as part of a module• Eg: After installing Microsoft Exchange, the agent is added to the Mail Servers team© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • New Evaluators Query Active Directory Computer Query Active Directory Group• Similar to conditions Query Active Directory Object Query Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU)• A condition determines what Query Active Directory User actions should be taken before a Query Certificate Task is executed Query Computer Properties• An evaluator does this afterwards Query Computer Inventory Query Disk Space based on output Query Environment Variables• Execution of succeeding Tasks can Query Event Logs now depend on the results of a Query Files query Query Installed Programs Query Local Group• Evaluators can also now be used Query Parameters to check compliancy rules of the Query Printer Drivers organization Query Service Properties © Copyright RES Software. Query TCP/IP Properties v2012-May21.
    • Launch Windows• Administrators can configure a window of time in which jobs are permitted to be launched.• Outside the launch window, the job will not be allowed• Launch windows can be configured on global, team and agent level• Similar to ‘Maintenance Windows’ in System Center© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Console• Dynamically determine the target computer in a Runbook job based on the console user: – All agents based on active Console user – All agents based on last Console user – Most recent agent based on last Console user• Users, with Service Orchestration can now request software to be deployed on the computer they use at the time of request• Current User and Computer of active session determining factors© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • IntegrationAutomation Manager 2012 now integrates with : – Windows 7/2008 R2 – SQl native Client 2010 – Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Citrix Workflow Studio – Windows Deployment Services (WDS)© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.
    • Thank you Powerfuse is zόόό 2008 21 augustus 2012 16:00 uur© Copyright RES Software.v2012-May21.