Regus Case Study: Google


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Learn how Google partnered with Regus to enter new markets quickly, when and where they had to be.

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Regus Case Study: Google

  1. 1. For more information visit or call 855-REGUS-54 Client Entering a word or phrase can create thousands of results on the internet, which is incredible on its own, but technology company Google doesn’t stop there. Applications such as email, maps, translation, media players and even social networking are part of Google’s portfolio of integrated products, almost always free to users. Google adds millions of internet links to its databases every minute, giving everyone instant access to information. It is one of the 10 highest valued companies in the world and one of the top employers. Challenge Google has more than 60 branch offices worldwide. In Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico its offices have all grown significantly along with the local markets. The search engine giant could see the same scenario happening in Colombia, as well as Chile and Peru. But for Google, its centers and new areas of work must share more than targets and responsibilities. Google environments are informal. They include colorful décor, innovatively designed spaces, meeting rooms, games area with televisions, pool tables and video game consoles, and even dining rooms. This atmosphere reflects the company’s unique time management philosophy: 80% of employees’ working hours are spent on tasks defined by the employer and 20% on encouraging creativity to inspire new projects for the engineers. The challenge for Google in Colombia was to retain this philosophy while fulfilling its professional requirements. Solution Google chose Regus offices and solutions. It offered Google specific service plans and a desirable business center location at Regus Avenida Chile in Bogotá, as well as an efficient, well-organized team who can resolve any problem, any time. “Despite us having a rented office in Bogotá, we were able to use special furniture and decorate everything in the Google style. Regus was more than happy for us to adapt the office,” said Susana Pabón, communications manager for Google in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean. Google has had a presence in Colombia for four years, with just a single member of staff. But the country’s economic growth, social stability and high internet penetration and access led to a group of 17 professionals permanently stationed in the country working on business areas and applications offered by the company. Regus allowed Google to retain and incorporate its style, philosophy and values into the workspace. It was able to combine innovation with the comfort and creative solutions companies require of workplaces and meeting rooms. Google case study “Despite us having a rented office in Bogotá, we were able to use special furniture and decorate everything in the Google style. Regus was more than happy for us to adapt the office.” Susana Pabón Communications Manager Google Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean
  2. 2. For more information visit or call 855-REGUS-54 Regus Corporate Workspace Solutions is dedicated to helping global organizations realize the full potential offered by alternative working models. In short we help enable radical transformations in the way they do business. With a global network spanning 600 cities and 100 countries, we are the world’s largest provider of innovative workspace solutions. And by tailoring these solutions to our customers’ needs we enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs, increase profitability, become more agile and provide great working environments for their people. The world of business is changing, and so are the ways businesses work. Organizations are under pressure to do more than improve efficiency – they must increase productivity with fewer resources. This is why most of all Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 businesses are Regus customers. • Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 60% and remove leases from your balance sheet • Establish an instant presence in new markets • Empower your people, reduce their commute and increase their productivity • Provide globally consistent standards for your distributed workforce • Create great working environments for your people to collaborate and work more effectively. Enable professional mobile working practices, wherever your people are Rethink the way you work 1800 locations worldwide