RECUWATT Conference - Emmanuel Serna lecture


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"View and trends of waste management and waste-to-energy in Eastern Europe" by Mr. Emmanuel Serna, Researcher at the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council, Germany

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RECUWATT Conference - Emmanuel Serna lecture

  1. 1. WtERT GERMANY Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council Overview of Waste-to-Energy Situation in the EU-12 M.Sc.-Ing. Emmanuel Serna Recuwatt Conference Mataró, Catalunya-Spain 28 March 2011OUTLINE WtERT Germany Waste Management in the EU-12 Status and Trends of EU-12 WtE Plants (Incineration)
  2. 2. OUTLINE WtERT Germany Waste Management in the EU-12 Status and Trends of EU-12 WtE Plants (Incineration) ROOTSGlobal Changes - Availability of resources Range of coverage for non-renewable energy sources 40 Crude oil 22 62 58 Natural gas 74 132 Uranium 39 324 363 Hard coal 125 2.836 2.711 Brown coal 261 4.274 4.013 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 Years Reserves Resources Source: BGR Study on Energy Resources 2009; diagram modified
  3. 3. ROOTSGlobal Changes – Climate changes Development of the global mean temperature Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). "Climate change 2007“ ROOTSMSW Generation slowly increases in Europe Municipal waste generation per capita in Europe Source: European Environment Agency
  4. 4. BACKGROUND Waste-to-Energy… is part of recycling management Avoidance Re-use Quell e: www.e gb-b ocho Recycling Energy Waste Disposal is history… recovery today the accepted objective of every Disposal responsible waste economy strategy must be the use of waste as a resource ORIGINSFoundation 1995 2003 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 WTERT WTERT WTERT WTERT WtERT WTERT WTERTEEC Foundation Japan, UK, France Council China Canada Greece Germany Brazil m5 ES13 ES12
  5. 5. Diapositiva 8m5 Expanded Information: History of WtERT The Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University was founded in 1995 by Professor Nickolas Themelis with the original mission of directing “engineering research on processes and products that balance the increasing use of materials, the finite resources of the Earth, and the need for clean water, soil, and air”. (EECCU) Over the years the center focused on sustainable waste management in the USA, and, together with the Integrated Waste Services Association, formed the WtERT Council in 2002. WtERT has important academic partners which conduct analytical and experimental researches. The findings of WtERT and its partners are then reported in the WtERT bi-annual meetings and also in the webpage. The academic partners are the National Technical University of Athens, the University of Thrace and the University of Patras from Greece, the Politecnico di Milano from Italy, the Sheffield University from the UK, the SUNY Stony Brooks Marine Sciences Research Center from the USA, and the Zhejiang University from China. mserna; 17/05/2010ES12 WtERT Objectives: To identify the best available technologies for the treatment of various waste materials, conduct additional academic research as required, and disseminate this information with its publications, the WtERT web page, and annual meeting. Bring together engineers, scientists, and managers from industry, universities, and government with the objective of advancing the goals of sustainable waste management globally. Emmanuel Serna; 26/05/2010ES13 Foundation dates of WtERT Sister Organizations: November 2006 - WtERT China May 2007 - WtERT Canada July 2008 - WtERT Greece Emmanuel Serna; 26/05/2010
  6. 6. RESEARCH TOPICS Thermal Treatment Anaerobic Treatment Current Landfill Gas Utilization GOALSNetworking & Communication Consulting Networking State of the Art technologies Organize Scientific meetings research Knowledge transfer
  7. 7. JOIN NOW • More than 200 WtE Experts • News • Discussion forum • Events • Technical reports • Much more… www.wtert.euOUTLINE WtERT Germany Waste Management in the EU-12 Status and Trends of EU-12 WtE Plants (Incineration)
  8. 8. NEW EU MEMBER STATES SINCE 2004 “EU-12“Incineration > 28% and Landfill < 25%Incineration > 8% and Landfill 26-65%Incineration > 8% and Landfill > 65%no incineration Bulgaria *non-member states Cyprus Sweden Czech Republic Estonia Finland Hungary Latvia Estonia Lithuania Denmark Latvia Lithuania Malta Ireland UK Netherlands Poland Poland Germany Belgium Luxembourg Czech Rep. Slovakia Slovakia Austria France Hungary Slovenia Slovenia Romania Italy Romania * Bulgaria Portugal Spain Greece * Joined EU in 2007 Malta Cyprus EUROPEAN WASTE TREATMENT IN 2009 Source: Eurostat 2011
  9. 9. WASTE GENERATION ~ 72% ES11 Source: ETC/RWM 2008EUROPEAN WASTE LAW ES7EU Directives promote Since 1995,recovery + recycling landfilling in Europe2008/98/EC on Waste has fallen from ► Regulates and dictates waste management in the EU 62% to 38% ► Protection of the environment and human health ► Reduction of adverse global impacts ► 5-Step Waste Hierarchy implemented (Avoidance, Re-use, Recycle, Recovery incl. Waste-to-Energy, Safe Disposal)1999/31/EC on the Landfill of Waste ► Strict requirements for landfill construction ► Controls type of waste to be landfilled2000/76/EC on the Incineration ofWaste ► Prevent ion or reduction of pollution caused by incinerat ion plants ► Sets emission limits
  10. 10. Diapositiva 15ES11 Waste production is strongly related to the population and the development of the national economy, measured with the gross domestic product (GDP) [Zunft 2009]. As the EU has helped member states to increase their wealth and to standardize the possibilities in the whole union, the union’s population has grown wealthier and has changed its production and consumption patterns [EEA 2007b], and therefore creating more waste than before. Emmanuel Serna; 29/09/2010Diapositiva 16ES7 EU Law is directly binding or has to be implemented into national law. National Law can have more stringent requirements than EU. Emmanuel Serna; 26/05/2010
  11. 11. OUTLINE WtERT Germany Waste Management in the EU-12 Status and Trends of EU-12 WtE Plants (Incineration)No information found Cyprus Latvia Malta Landfilling Recycling
  12. 12. BulgariaObjective: n/a (European Commission is suing Bulgaria forfailing to improve its WM infrastructure)Name Capacity (t/a) StatusSofia n/a Should start operating in 2012(MBT Plant) (Project co-financed by EU) 100 % 0% 0% 0% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted RomaniaObjective: 17% of total MSW shall be incineratedName Capacity (t/a) StatusTimisoara 150,000 Feasibility study doneBucharest 750,000 Feasibility study doneBrasov 150,000 Feasibility study doneRegion 1 300,000 Early stage of developmentNorth-Eastn/a 300,000 Early stage of development 99 % 1% 0% 0% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted
  13. 13. LithuaniaObjective: At least 3 WtE Plants ~ 360-420 kilo tons/yearName Capacity (t/a) StatusVilnius 250,000 n/aKaunas n/a Waiting for construction permitKlaipeda 272,000 Under construction Operation to start in 2013Siauliai n/a Feasibility study under preparationPanevezys n/a Feasibility study under preparation 95 % 3% 0% 2% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted EstoniaObjective: 2 MSW incineration plants + 1 RDFName Capacity (t/a) StatusTallinn 220,000 Construction to begin in 2012Kunda Nordic n/a Working as co-incineration plant with RDFCement Plant since 2010 75 % 14 % 0% 11 % Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted
  14. 14. SloveniaName Capacity (t/a) StatusCelje 25,000 Under operationLjubljana 60,000 Under construction, to be finalized in 2015Maribor n/a Early stage of development 62 % 34 % 1% 3% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted SlovakiaName Capacity (t/a) StatusBratislava 140,000 Under operation Modernized in 2003-2004Kosice 80,000 Under operation Efficiency improvement until 2013Zilina 80,000 Early stage of development 82 % 2% 10 % 6% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted
  15. 15. Czech RepublicName Capacity (t/a) StatusSAKO Brno 210,000 Under operation Totally renewed from 2002 to 2010SKO Praha 310,000 Under operationSKO Liberec 96,000 Under operationPlzen Region 60,000 – 100,000 Construction to start 2012, until 2016Pardubice / 20,000 Early stage of developmentHradec KraloveVysocina 100,000 Planned by 2018Karvina 200,000 – 350,000 Early stage of development 83 % 3% 12 % 2% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted HungaryName Capacity (t/a) StatusBudapest I 420,000 Under operation Totally renewed from 2002 to 2005Budapest II 300,000 Early stage of development. (2020?)Közep-Duna 125,000 n/aEszak-Balatoni 125,000 Early stage of development. (2015?)Eszak Mo. 200,000 n/aEszak-Kelet Mo. 150,000 Early stage of development. (2015?)Del-Dunantuli 100,000 Early stage of development. (2015?)Del-Alföldi 220,000 Early stage of development. (2020?)Hajduboszormeny - Cancelled due to public unacceptance of WtE!!! 75 % 13 % 10 % 2% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted
  16. 16. PolandName Capacity (t/a) StatusZusok (Warsaw) 40,000 Under operationLodz 250,000 Should start operating in 2014-2015Krakow 250,000Warsaw 265,000Bialystock 100,000Gdansk 250,000Upper Silesia 500,000Poznan 200,000Szczecin 180,000Bydgoszcz and 180,000TorunKoszalin 120,000Olsztyn 120,000 Withdrawn 78 % 14 % 1% 7% Landfilled Recycled Incinerated Composted WtE IN 2010 Existing Facilities ► Brno ► Praha ► Liberec ► Celje ► Budapest ► Warsaw 1 ► Slovakia 1, Slovakia 2 Image: Google Maps
  17. 17. WtE IN 2015? Existing Facilities ► Brno ► Praha 1, Praha 2 ► Liberec ► Celje ► Budapest ► Warsaw 1 ► Slovakia 1, Slovakia 2 To be constructed ► Tallin ► Vilnius ► Klaipeda ► Kaunas ► Lodz ► Warsaw 2 ► Bialystok ► Gdansk ► Katowice ► Poznan ► Szczecin ► Bydogoszcz & Torun ► Olsztyn ► Koszalin ► Ljubljana ► Maribor ► Timisoara ► Brasov ► Bucharest Image: Google Maps ► North-East Romania INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT WtE IN EASTERN EUROPE?WtERT Annual Meeting EuropeWhen? 12-13 September 2011Where? Warsaw, PolandTopics? - Waste Management in Eastern Europe - Politics, Society and Law - Technology: Status and Developments I mage: Suc haMarco - and more
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