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Introduction to Online Marketing for Musical Artists and Bands
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Introduction to Online Marketing for Musical Artists and Bands


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Online marketing advice for new artists and bands on using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter effectively to drive sales and generate fans from a record label executive.

Online marketing advice for new artists and bands on using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter effectively to drive sales and generate fans from a record label executive.

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  • Erica asked me to come here and talk about social media. However, since this is my last RE presentation, I thought I’d give you a top down complete look at online marketing and where social networking fits into your overall plan so you can avoid a common REnet symptom of social not working. If you don’t know me, then here’s the low down. I focus on the only important thing in online marketing – the lead. I use all the channels on the Internet that return ROI, and I don’t care about the ones that don’t return results even if I am popular there. So, this won’t be your typical SEO/social networking presentation. This is the overall strategy for your online marketing plan.
  • What does any of that mean? We as a planet are more connected, we can communicate with each other better through the power of technology and because of technology our collective mindset has changed in the ways we want to be sold. Instead of being sold, we want to find what we want to buy. So, as a marketer, you need to be aware that people want to be pushed less and pulled more – meaning you need to attract them to your business more. The customer needs to find you instead of you finding the customer. The good news is Inbound or attraction marketing is far less expensive than the traditional outbound marketing so you can se ROI much sooner.
  • This is a 2008 study of small businesses. What does it mean? If we know what percentage of leads come from each source we know where to focus out time and money. A total of 51% of your time and dollars should be dedicated to your online marketing.
  • Transcript

    • 2. 2009 State of Technology Mary McKnight,
    • 3.
      • Outbound Marketing
      • Inbound Marketing
      The Shift in the Sales Process Mary McKnight,
    • 4. Where do leads come from? If 51% of your leads come from your online efforts, 51% of time and money should be dedicated to your online strategies. Mary McKnight,
    • 5.
      • On Page SEO
      • Off Page SEO
      • Domain & URL structure
      • Title tags & meta data
      • Rich, relevant content with strong internal and external linking
      • Backlinks from authoritative domains with quality anchor text
      SEO – 16% of leads Mary McKnight,
    • 6. Search Volume
      • Google :: 70.93%
      • Yahoo :: 16.58%
      • Bing :: 8.91%
      • Ask :: 2.54%
      • AOL :: .28%
      • *Data from 2009 Search Study
      • *Chart from SEOmoz 2009 Ranking Factors
      Mary McKnight,
    • 7. What is natural first page Google placement worth?
      • 1. 56% of clicks
      • 2. 13% of clicks
      • 3. 10% of clicks
      • 4. 4% of clicks
      • 5. 5% of clicks
      • 6. 3% of clicks
      • 7. .4% of clicks
      • 8. 3% of clicks
      • 9. 1% of clicks
      • 10. 3% of clicks
      Mary McKnight,
    • 8. Finding the right keywords
      • Make sure the keywords you are targeting have value.
      • Use research tools like SEO Book’s Keyword Tool
      • Determine the traffic value of #1 position for a prime keyword using this formula ::
      • Total Daily Traffic for Keyword x 56% = Total Estimated Traffic to Site
      • Ex. 159 x 56% = 89 visitors per day from Google
      Mary McKnight, Consider that the search term “Lady Ga Ga nude” is the second most popular search for her. From a reputation management standpoint, her team may want to flood results for that term with “clothed pics” so any nefarious pics can be pushed to the bottom of the results and rarely seen. THIS CONTENT FLOODING TECHNIQUE IS KEY TO REPUTATION MANAGEMENT AND REPAIR ONLINE BUT SHOULD ALWAYS BE DONE FROM NON ARTIST RELATED DOMAINS. EXCELENT USE FOR BAD REVIEWS!
    • 9.
      • Database Collection
      • Outbound Efforts
      • Website/blog RSS feed
      • Newsletter
      • Twitter
      • Facebook fans and groups
      • Specialized db of fans
      • Prove your fan base with social sites
      • Prove your salability with iTunes
      • Only send something when you have something important to say
      • Group contacts based on interest or type and message them with targeted content
      • Always include a call to action that links back to your lead generator
      • Keep messages short and use accepted copywriting practices
      Email Marketing – 14% of leads Mary McKnight,
    • 10. Fast Facts
      • 80% of consumers subscribe to permission-based email messages from companies.
      • 71% of U.S. online marketers have used email marketing in the past 12 months, and an additional 12 percent plan to use it within the next 12 months.
      • U.S. Internet users spend 15% of total Internet time one mail.
      • JupiterResearch forecasted that email marketing spending will grow to $2.1 billion by 2010 in the United States.
      • According to Forrester, the value of the email marketing market will grow by 12% per annum, hitting $2.3 billion in 2012.
      • Email has among the highest return on investment (ROI) index of all marketing channels.
      Mary McKnight,
    • 11. Resources
      • Be sure to include a link to your property search and lead generator in the signature line of your email (this link is 10 times more likely to be clicked than a link to your homepage)
      • Make your email signature a call to action! The best call to actions are specific like “see us live at Firestone on Oct 23” or “Check out our new music now on iTunes”
      • Graphical call to actions are 10 times more likely to be clicked than text links on both email and your website
      • Touch or drip email campaigns of 8 emails per year create 30% more business per annum from your existing database.
      Mary McKnight,
    • 12. Authentic Messages Create Customers Mary McKnight,
    • 13.
      • Why Pay for Traffic?
      • Best Practices
      • Pay Per Click Campaigns on Google generate immediate targeted traffic to your site
      • If implemented correctly they have very high conversion rates
      • Set a budget based on keyword value
      • Hire an AdWords professional (typical fee 15% of campaign)
      • Direct PPC traffic to conversion landing pages, NOT your home page!
      • Use split testing for ads
      • Use geo targeting for ad buys when touring
      • Measure your results with analytics programs
      PPC – 13% of leads Mary McKnight,
    • 14.
      • Conversion Page
      • Conversion Paths
      • Conversion pages are designed to “convert visitors to customers”
      • They offer little text and many places to “take action” that result in generating a fan in your marketable database or a sale over at iTunes
      • Ideally, there is little else a visitor can do on a conversion page other than take action and convert on EVERY single LINK they click.
      What Kind of Pages Do You Buy Traffic To? Mary McKnight,
    • 15. Facts & Tools
      • Adwords Traffic Estimator
      • 28% of all search traffic in Google goes to the sponsored paid links
      • The #1 position is not always the most profitable in PPC
      • The combination of first page natural and paid search can increase your traffic by more than 300%
      Mary McKnight,
    • 16.
      • The Networks To Use
      • Productivity Tools
      • Facebook – 300M
        • Personal Page
        • Business Page
        • Group
      • Twitter – 44.5M
        • Sharing
        • Conversation
      • LinkedIn – 43M
        • Business Growth
        • Talent
        • Employment
      • 49 Amazing Social Networking Stats
      • Friend Feed
        • Aggregates social content
        • Pushes content to Twitter
      • Google Reader
        • RSS reader
        • Allows you to share content
      • Tweet Deck
        • Desktop/mobile Twitter client
        • Allows you to publish to multiple accounts
      Social Networking – 8% of leads Mary McKnight,
    • 17. Action Items
      • ALWAYS fully fill out your social profile and include your web address.
      • Talk to others 12 times more than you talk about yourself
      • Aggregate and distribute your content among your social profiles for efficiency
      • Network UP not laterally (AKA DON’T SOCIALIZE WITH OTHER REALTORS)
      • Prior to the advent of online social networks, the accepted Dunbar number (average number of friends a single person can keep in touch with) was 150
      • Tools like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, when used correctly can increase that number 10 fold
      • Social networks can be used effectively to drive traffic and business back to you and your website
      Mary McKnight,
    • 18. Facebook
      • Most affluent users of any social network
      • 300 million users
      • The largest group of users is over 25 years old
      • System offers advertising, group and business page creation and the ability to segment “friends” for targeted messaging
      Mary McKnight,
    • 19. Facebook Strategies
      • Personal Page (Wall)
      • Business Fan Page ( hire Sacrilicious for Fan Page Customization )
      • Local business or real estate group with regular messaging
      • Continued “friend” acquisition
      • Organize your friends into lists so you can message them appropriately
      • The name of the game is sharing things that interesting to your industry and business and to you personally!
      Mary McKnight, Sacrilicious’ fan page welcome page and content were specifically designed to interest ANYONE, not just musicians and labels, but people in general. We want to be able capture the interest of anyone so when we promote a band, we can use our own fan pages. Think like a consumer. Don’t be all self serving and self promotional – provide content that is INTERESTING – it can be about your life and the things you like. Sharing more general info they will be more likely to listen to your album, chart and event updates.
    • 20. Twitter
      • 44.5 million users
      • 1382% growth in usage from Feb 08- Feb 09
      • 81% are 25+ years old (median age – 31)
      • 58% have a college degree
      • 53% female
      • 35% live in urban areas
      • 55% live in suburban areas
      • 83% of users earn more than $30K/year
      • 10% of users earn more than $75K/year
      • * Twitter Statistics
      Mary McKnight,
      • This is Twitter on the web
      • Not easy to use
      • Does not update in real time
      • This is Twitter in TweetDeck
      • View conversations
      • Multiple column views
      • Multiple accounts
      • Real-time updates
    • 21. What to Tweet
      • Talk to others 12 times more than you talk about yourself
      • Share content you find online (select a mix of things you find personally and professionally interesting)
      • NETWORK UP by talking to people you would LIKE to meet.
      Mary McKnight,
    • 22. Viral Videos Create Traffic & Brand Value Mary McKnight,
    • 23. Viral Content
      • Very little of what goes on in the RE world is “viral”
      • Here are some examples:
      • Puke in My Mouth
      • OK GO: Here it Goes Again
      • Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Profile
      • When creating viral content – look for inspiration from sites that do it all the time:
      • (look in the offbeat section)
      • Often, retweeting or sharing funny youtube or posts from around the internet is good enough to garner some viral value in your sphere.
      • Find sites you like and use RSS to Twitter to auto post updates from them.
      Mary McKnight,
    • 24. Measuring Your ROI
      • Use a tool like
      • & to track web traffic, clicks and conversion
      • Regularly check your competitor’s sites on &
      • Monthly check your website’s SEO with &
      • Closely monitor your search position for keywords, incoming links and traffic from search engines
      • If your traffic grows but your conversion does not, consider hiring a professional to analyze your website for landing page optimization and conversion psychology
      • If your traffic begins to decrease, immediately hire an SEO to analyze your site as this can be an indicator of serious problems
      Mary McKnight,
    • 25.
      • TO BOOK MY TIME, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email_address]
      Mary McKnight Mary McKnight,