REBNY NYC Benchmarking Seminar: EnergyStar Portfolio Managerr
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REBNY NYC Benchmarking Seminar: EnergyStar Portfolio Managerr



Amber Ackman, CUNY Building Performance

Amber Ackman, CUNY Building Performance

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    REBNY NYC Benchmarking Seminar: EnergyStar Portfolio Managerr REBNY NYC Benchmarking Seminar: EnergyStar Portfolio Managerr Presentation Transcript

    • TitleBenchmarking Workshop Using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager toSatisfy NYC’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
    • IntroAmber Ackman, LEED A.P.Amber Ackman, LEED A.P. Energy Consultant Energy Consultant
    • What is ENERGY STAR?A voluntary partnership between business andgovernment (EPA and DOE) which provides anestablished framework to promote theenvironmental and financial benefits of improvedenergy performanceWhat is ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager? A Web-based interactive energy management tool that allows you to track and assess energy and water consumption across your entire portfolio of facilities in a secure online environment
    • How does ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Work? Normalizes building variables that affect energy consumption •Weather •How occupants use space •Operating hours •Occupant density •Plug load (PCs/person)Creates a whole building “mpg” rating from 1-100
    • How are Buildings Compared? Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)Similar buildings, of similar use in comparable climate zones are compared to each other, buildings are not being rated against otherbuildings entered into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
    • How is an ENERGY STAR Rating Determined? EUI (Energy Use Intensity)-EUI is calculated by taking the total energy consumed inone year (measured in kBtu) and dividing it by the total floorspace of the building.
    • What’s Needed to Benchmark a Building?• Portfolio Manager Username and Password A master account is to be set up for you and individual accounts for each client• Client Contact and Organization Info• Building Basics: Street address, year built, contact information• Building Gross floor area and Space Use types Office, data center, garage, etc.• 12 consecutive months of utility bills for all fuel types Gas, electricity, steam, fuel oil
    • What information needs to be collected? •General Building Information •Address, year built •Space Use Type Information •Office, data center, garage •Energy Use Information- 12 months •ALL energy that served the building •All energy meters and associated account numbers
    • How do we satisfy the WATER benchmarking requirement?Water use will not be required until 2012 when the Department of Environmental Protection hasinstalled citywide automated meter reading (AMR) network
    • Where do we go to access ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?
    • Data Center Definition– ENERGY STAR score is for spaces specifically designed and equipped for high density computing (server racks, data storage silos, etc)– Typically facilities with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)– Usually have dedicated cooling systems– May include: traditional enterprise services, on-demand enterprise services, high performance computing, internet facilities, hosting facilities– Typically about 30-50 kW electric load on the UPS • EPA is working on an official size (energy) threshold– Is not for • Computer training classrooms • Closet with LAN server
    • Data Center Tips• IT Energy Estimates – Intended for buildings with no IT meter(s) – Only permitted for 2 years (until June 2012), after which IT energy measurements are required – Can only be applied to buildings with data centers whose square foot is less than 10% of the total energy – Are permitted for label applications (until June 2012)• Buildings are required to apply estimates and/or provide measured IT Data – It is not permissible to subtract the Data Center space and energy
    • Adding Energy Use Steam
    • Very Important Re: Steam ConEd Bills list: Mlbs. Steam ENERGY STAR Must input as Klbs.
    • Questions?