Greener Greater Building Plan Overview

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NYC Energy Benchmarking Seminar …

NYC Energy Benchmarking Seminar
Russell Unger, Urban Green Council

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  • 1. What You Need to KnowAbout the New York CityGreener, Greater Buildings PlanRUSSELL UNGERUrban Green CouncilExecutive Director
  • 3. Why Existing Buildings?NYC Greenhouse Gases NYC Buildings in 2030
  • 4. FOUR LAWSOne for all buildings: • NYC Energy Conservation CodeThree for large buildings: • Energy & Water Benchmarking • Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning • Lighting Upgrades & Sub-metering
  • 5. Timeline12/2009 Four bills signed into law5/2010 BENCHMARKING City-owned buildings due7/2010 NYC ENERGY CODE Effective Date for all construction5/2011 BENCHMARKING Private buildings due1/2013 AUDITS & RETRO-COMMISSIONING Early Compliance reports due Commence staggered report deadlines1/2025 LIGHTING & SUBMETERING Compliance reports due
  • 6. New York City Energy Code. . . is now based on the New York State Energy Code. . . with a few changes.REQUIREMENTS All additions, renovations and repairs to comply with new construction requirements of the 2010 New York State Energy Code • Even if the work involves less than 50% of a system • Areas outside of work not required to comply • Compliance to be indicated on construction docs
  • 7. New York City Energy CodeSCHEDULE• In effect July 1, 2010APPLIES TO• All buildings• All work requiring DOB construction submissionEXEMPTIONS• Designated State or National Historic Landmarks• Buildings eligible for the the Historic Register
  • 8. New York City Energy CodeSUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: • Statement of Compliance • Energy analysis • Construction details • Progress inspections
  • 9. THREE LAWS FORLARGE BUILDINGSWhich buildings are covered? 1 building more than 50,000 sq. feet 2+ buildings on same tax lot more than 100,000 sq. feet 2+ buildings in condo ownership more than 100,000 sq. feet
  • 10. BENCHMARKINGWhat is it?
  • 11. BENCHMARKINGREQUIREMENTS • Report energy and water consumption • Use EPA online Energy Star Portfolio Manager • Input building data, occupants and operating hoursSCHEDULE • Report benchmark scores for previous year by May 1st • Beginning May 1, 2011 for privately-owned buildings • Benchmark annually thereafter
  • 12. BENCHMARKINGEXEMPTIONS: NoneContact Con Ed for your energy use data
  • 13. AUDITS & RETRO-COMMISSIONINGAUDITS • Analyze cost effective energy efficiency upgrades • Report with costs and paybacksRETRO-COMMISSIONING • Re-tuning systems in an existing building Examples: • changing filters • calibrating lighting sensors • ensuring pipe insulation
  • 14. AUDITS & RETRO-COMMISSIONINGSCHEDULEEvery 10 years starting in 2013 owners must complete anEnergy Efficiency ReportStaggered deadlines based on block numberFirst deadline exemption for: - Building less than 10 years old - Renovated building in compliance with NYCECC
  • 15. AUDITS & RETRO-COMMISSIONINGEnergy Efficiency Report (EER): ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit Retro-commissioning ReportAll “base” building energy systems covered: • Heating & Cooling • Lighting • Domestic hot water • Envelope Systems
  • 16. AUDITS & RETRO-COMMISSIONINGEARLY COMPLIANCE• If EER is filed prior to 2013 . . .. . . next filing is due 10 years after its first “scheduled” filingFor example, if a building scheduled to file in 2018 files in2013, the next filing for that building would be due in 2028
  • 17. AUDITS & RETRO-COMMISSIONINGAUDIT EXEMPTIONS . . . If• Energy Star rating for 2 of the last 3 years, or• LEED for Existing Buildings certification in the last 4 years, or• Prescriptive energy upgrades performedRETRO-COMMISSIONING EXEMPTIONS . . . IfLEED for Existing Buildings certification in the last 2 years, andearned the following points: • Commissioning Investigation • Commissioning Implementation
  • 18. LIGHTING & SUBMETERINGREQUIREMENTS• Upgrade Lighting Systems Commercial Spaces (Common + Tenant Areas) Residential Spaces (Not included)• Install Sub-meters All floors over 10,000 sq feet All tenant spaces over 10,000 sq feet• Submit Monthly Electrical Statements to Tenants• File Report with Dept. of Buildings
  • 19. LIGHTING & SUBMETERINGSCHEDULE• All to be completed January 1, 2025EXEMPTIONS• Residential dwelling units (and spaces serving only them)• Assembly spaces in houses of worship
  • 20. Questions?