Benchmarking New York City

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Laurie Kerr, Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability

Laurie Kerr, Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability

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  • 1. Benchmarking New York City Laurie Kerr Sr. Policy Advisor, Mayor’s Office Jan. 28, 2011
  • 2. The Rule for Benchmarking • Hoping that it will be out for public review by Feb. 3 • Delay due to NYC being the first in the nation to codify benchmarking • Will be posted immediately on the website for the Greater, Greener Buildings Plan: • Use the Rule as posted for this year’s benchmarking
  • 3. Steep Learning Curve on the First Year • Learning curve for everyone: industry, the utilities, and city government • That’s why scores for commercial buildings won’t be posted for one year, and residential for two years • That’s why we’re working with partners to provide a suite of resources to industry
  • 4. Resources • Frequently updated website with bill language, Current the rule, instructions, and other resources • Trainings provided by AEA with NYSERDA funding • On-line trainings and help by EPA • Step-by-step instructions by UGC and C. Matthews To Come • Hotline for questions by CUNY and DOB with NYSERDA funding • Step-by-step and FAQ on aggregated Con Ed data
  • 5. Upcoming Issues? • The City is committed to working with industry, the EPA, the utilities, and our other partners to solve the problems as they arise • Thanks to the industry, which is leading the nation on this, as so many other areas • Difficult to be a leader, since you have to solve all the unanticipated questions