SysML reading of the three little pigs
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SysML reading of the three little pigs



The fairy tale "three little pigs" written in SysML.

The fairy tale "three little pigs" written in SysML.



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SysML reading of the three little pigs Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 123456789ABCD6EF 8678865B86BD3 1 1
  • 2. 1223 9717A5A56AAD855DA9845A56AAD855DA984 F31AE923758A5A6AA6A56AAD855DA984 <<block>> <<block>> ThreeLittlePigsFairyTale Pig 12345678354 3 12345678354 29A6758234 29A6758234 97654 97654 +pig 6ABA6A31A4 6ABA6A31A4 C7DEA4 { unique } C7DEA4 9629A658A4 9629A658A4
  • 3. 123 01-the-three-little-pigs mother : Pig fiffer : Pig fiddler : Pig practical : Pig @time to leave home Whatever you do, do it the best that you can because that's the way to get along in the world. leaveHome() leaveHome() leaveHome() seekFortune() seekFortune() seekFortune() 12345678569A85B2A85CDE5678A56D5F82857DA8523458856789E5CDE638 8CDE856785F8C656789E5AD678E56DF45678A572688E5D54D54D5965678586567265D5B23 8B285672656785256D58652FD359356785DEF4
  • 4. 35 D  2!54E2"4EB22"9442"9D5#$"4E2"4EB22"9442"9D! 1E25A9BD459442595945E9D5EFD25F45FA5D4B52D25945D54E252D92D454E954F5F <<requirement>> BuildStrawHouse <<rationale>> 1234565789AA2BCD5EFD25DE52525FA5D4B7 565 77 It is the easiest thing to do. <<satisfy>> 112342536788 9A9953BCDE4FC5
  • 5. 3 5
  • 6. F 2!54F2"4FC22"B944B2"9E5 #$"4F2"4FC22"B944B2"9E! 1F25E2A5B944B25959B45F9E5FE25455E49E51F9E5E55B944B2594 E4C2C54F55E4C5FE2 <<requirement>> BuildSticksHouse <<rationale>> 1234565789AAB2CDE5FE25EFBB525A255E49E7 A sticks house is a little bit A565 77 stronger than a straw house. <<satisfy>> 112342536788 9ABBC53 DEF 4 E5
  • 7. 3 5
  • 8. F ABA2542 4922 DC44D2 CF5!" 42 4922 DC44D2 CF 1254C95DC44D25C5CD45CF5F254559CBF <<requirement>> R3 1234565789AB4CBADEF5F25FADD525A2559CBF7 565 77 <<satisfy>> 112342536788 23 9A6BA9CDEF 4 E5
  • 9. 123 06-the-three-little-pigs big bad wolf : Wolf fiffer : Pig @one night "fiffer.isIn( # Let me in, Let me in, little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house i Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin blow( 1234256784873495649AB4CDEF4C7D4B3AE4ED3B48D43A84FA84E588E34566534A3 AED264A2B4AC48734F584E588E345645247547D34DF48AC434A5B43843452 38434524E588E34564D4EE47FF4A2B4EE4FF4A2B4EE49EDC4D47D3452  D849487347A54DF447522475247524A5B48734E588E3456 eat(fiffer) !84DF4D348734CDEF4B5B49EDC487347D34524A2B4A8348734F584E588E3456
  • 10. 123 07-the-three-little-pigs big bad wolf : Wolf fiddler : Pig fiddler's house : House 1fiddler.isIn( Let me in ,Let me in little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin isBlownBy isEatenBy 3456789A6B45C6DEF56B86B45648568A6BD 5B6F56C65B6F56C69BB9566869964AA6EC6996AA6EC69969876864856C  8B66B4564E68A6F6D4CC6D4C6D4C6E6B4569BB956 !B6B456789A69576B4EB64856C6B886EC6EB56B4565D8C69BB956
  • 11. 123 08-the-three-little-pigs big bad wolf : Wolf practical : Pig practical's house : House mother : Pig 1self.isSly() and self.isOld()2 1self.isIn( 1not self.isBlown()2 Let me in ,Let me in little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin huffAndPuff() 1not self.isBlown()2 climbUpTo( boilWater() crawllDown( 1self.isIn(kettleOfWater) 2 @mother's visit Invitation You see it is just as I told you. The way to get along in the world is to do things as well as you can. boilToDeath 1 2 self.isHappy() 3456789A6B45C6DEF56B86B45648568A6D65B6F56C695B6F56C6D56B456789A669964AA6EC6996AA6B99669876864856C  8B66B4564E68A6F6D4CC6D4C6D4C6E6B456! "5996B456789A64AA56EC6AA56B6456D896C8B6987687C6B4EB6D6485 #B6B456789A67E6E696896789A6EC6456D9F5668C6B45688A6B869886A86E67E6CB86B456D6485 34569BB956!6E76B456789A6D9F668C6B45688A6EC69B6E68EC!6A56C6B456A59ED56EC69ED568C6B6E69E!565BB9568A67EB5 "45C6B456789A6ACE996A8C6B45648956C6B456D4FC56456DE795687C6EC6$%&'()'*6!4B6CB86B4EB65BB9568A67EB56EC6B4EB67E6B4565C68A646B89567B46B456!6E6789A 3456C5+B6E6B4569BB956!6C,B5646F8B4568,56'456E-6.86556B66/B6E66B8968634567E6B86!5B6E98C!6C6B45678966B8686B4C!6E675996E686DEC608BCEB596A86B4EB 9BB956!645695EC56B4EB6958C6)C6456/B69,564E965,56EAB51
  • 12. 89B89E7 789B89E7E B612345 E9CBEC!6E6B86BD36E"A6 9#86$88C639#8A% &"E7665E'6(8)E* 1 1