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Head & shoulders
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Head & shoulders


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  • 1. MarketingStrategy
  • 2. COLOMBIA Websites
  • 5. Portfolio
  • 6. Protección caida HumectaSensitive con aloe Menthol refrescante Relax con eucalipto Citrus fresh For menprevención caida Pureza y brilloManzana fresh Limpieza Suave y manejable 2 en 1 renovadora
  • 7. Portfolio
  • 8. Ocean lift Clinical strength Classic clean Extra strength for Dry scalp care with almond oil men Extra strength Refresh Old spice Deep clean Green apple Active sport Citrus breezeSensitive scalp care with aloe Vera Extra volume Itchy scalp care with eucalyptus Smooth & silky New damage rescue collection
  • 9. Portfolio
  • 10. Classic clean Sensitive scalp care Fresh citrusExtra volume Menthol Hair fall defense Hair endurance for men Ocean energy Moisturizing scalp care
  • 11. Classic Clean / Limpieza renovadora Limpieza renovadora Classic Clean
  • 12. Product componentsActive ingredient: Pyrithione zinc 1%Inactive ingredients: Water, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium laurylsulfate, cocamide MEA, zinc carbonate, glycol distearate,dimethicone, fragrance, cetyl alcohol, guar hydroxypropyltrimoniumchloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium benzoate, magnesium carbonatehydroxide, ammonium laureth sulfate, benzyl alcohol, sodiumchloride, methylchloroisothiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone, sodiumxylenesulfonate.Package 200 ml 300 ml 400 ml
  • 13. Post-sales ServiceColombia is ready for a website where you can find waysto use extra information and can ask questions to experts about the product company. CO/preguntas-frequentes.jspx
  • 14. Product componentsActive ingredient: Pyrithione zinc 1%Inactive ingredients: Water, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamideMEA, zinc carbonate, glycol distearate, dimethicone, fragrance, cetyl alcohol, guarhydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium benzoate, magnesiumcarbonate hydroxide, ammonium laureth sulfate, benzyl alcohol, sodiumchloride, methylchloroisothiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone, sodiumxylenesulfonate.Package 200 ml 300 ml 400 ml
  • 15. Post-sales Service For the United States can be found on the website use forms, frequently asked questions, and also to express through this questions and get advice about what the shampoo benefit you most.
  • 16. Product componentsActive ingredient: Pyrithione zinc 1%Inactive ingredients: Water, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamideMEA, zinc carbonate, glycol distearate, dimethicone, fragrance, cetyl alcohol, guarhydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium benzoate, magnesiumcarbonate hydroxide, ammonium laureth sulfate, benzyl alcohol, sodiumchloride, methylchloroisothiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone, sodiumxylenesulfonate.Package 200 ml 300 ml 400 ml
  • 17. Post-sales Service For the Czech Republic you can find reviews and FAQs and forms of use, but there is a form to ask questions to experts from the company about the product.
  • 18. MarkThe word Head: refers to hair, becauseit is a product that solves the problemof dandruff and hair loss.The word Shoulders: explains that theproblem of dandruff can produce thatwhich it falls on the shoulders causing abad experienceThe legend "100% no sign of dandruff, falling 90% less" speaks about H & Sprovides the security of having a 100% healthy hair, avoiding the fall.• Their logo is based on blue and white color that means freshness and serenity.• The logo is the same one in all the three countries
  • 19. Corporate identity• Was founded in 1937 in United States• Is a multinational consumer goods• has a presence in over 160 countries
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23. Slogan
  • 24. T.VSpots
  • 25.
  • 26. In this commercial appears Andrea Serna, who is a recognized presenterin Colombia, she talks about is really head and shoulders removesdandruff and leaves hair clean. In the commercial show this presenterbecause is a model for many people and is well known in Colombia.They are trying to position you head and shoulders makes hair dandrufffree and clean, also show a test to know that H & S serves and convincepeople. Because every culture in Colombia enters the eye "seeing isbelieving".In the commercial Andrea Serna is happy and cool at work, which givesthe impression that if you use the shampoo you can work all daywithout problem, happy and clean hair. They try to sell in the TV Spot, tothe people who care very much for the care of your hair.
  • 27. Market SegmentMen and women aged 18 to 40 years, stratum 3 - 4to 5, single and married, located on the urban side of the region. People who receive at least minimum wage. The products is designed for people working almost 24 hours a day and are related to several people at work, in addition to their personal appearance need to have your hair clean, fresh and no trace of dandruff.
  • 28.
  • 29. In the commercial the direct message is that your hair will be clean anddandruff-free, it also talks about the 7 benefits that you have when youuse a bottle of head and shoulders shampoo.The peripheral message that the commercial is trying to give us is thatyour hair will look as soft and as clean as the hair of the football playerswhat they want you to do is to buy the product so your hair looks liketheirs. Also when troy asks them if they’ve use his shampoo what theyare trying to give us is that the shampoo is so good that everybodywants to use it too.
  • 30. Market SegmentMen and women from 15 to 45 years of age, married or unmarried, athletes or sedentary people located on the urbanside of the region, Stratum 3, 4 or 5 thatare socially active worried about having their hair clean and dandruff-free.
  • 31.
  • 32. The commercial spot focused on the Czech Republic isabout one guy who was fully occupied previous day and next day won´t be getting better. Then fresh feeling ofearly shower digs straight in your head. They want to try to position in your head, that the life with Head andShoulders is simply. Like: „So, Let´s start a new day, don´t worry about anything“ ! Further now Head-and- shoulders shampoos make head skin cleaner than ever before and remove drandruff and grimes. The people are very stresfull and live in period of chaos and uncertainty of future. This step is a very good idea to calm people and gain their confidence.
  • 33. Market Segment The spot about Head & Shoulders is focus on menand women at the age of 25 - 45 years, stratum A, B, C (High and medium social life) and single and married people. These products are designed forpeople, who pay attention to yourself, they are in a daily contact with other people and they are also hardworking and busy all the time, because this shampoo guarantees them a fresh feeling.
  • 34. Stratum C. RepublicIndication Category Typical profession A High middle class Doctor, accounting B Middle class Teacher, nurse C1 Lower middle class Student C2 Trained Working class Installer, Bricklayer D Working class Shop assistent, Fisher E Lower class Pensioner
  • 35. Attributes Dandruff-free & Fresh The hair has become in recent years one of the Colombians in body parts more carefully by both men and women, and one of its main attractions in personal and social relationships. Treatment, care and cleaning of it has led to the emergence of a large market sector.
  • 36. PreferencesThe Colombian consumer is willing to buy shampoo provided thatsuch products will provide a cosmetic benefit.Quality versus quantity is imposed, so the family shampoos continueto lose weight in the overall market. Colombian consumer placed before the line of shampoo and make a decision about the product you choose is not an easy task today.
  • 37. The formats now are smaller (300 cc container is the mostdemanded, with 30% of total volume), reflecting the factthat families are formed by fewer members, and eveneach adapted to use a shampoo their needs. Año 2006 Año 2007 Año 2008 Segmento Volumen% Valor% Volumen% Valor% Volumen% Valor% Niños 13.6 8.8 13.4 8.2 14.9 8.3 Suavidad 10.2 11.1 8.8 9.7 10.3 10.2 Anticaspa 5.6 11 6.1 11.9 7.2 12.9 Champu+ acondicionador 23.3 33.9 23 32.4 23.6 31.9 Cosmeticos 12.1 18.4 13.8 20.6 13.5 21.4 Graneles 12.9 4.1 10.8 3.3 8.7 2.5 Resto 22.2 12.7 24 13.9 19.8 12.8 TOTAL 100 100 100 100 100 100 MERCADOS DE CHAMPU PARTICIPACION POR SEGMENTOS (2006, 2007 Y 2009)
  • 38. Relationship between the attributes and behaviors:The importance that has taken the hair have a clean, beautiful andmanageable have linked not to conduct credible, so the attribute usedto position not only a person well known to the nationalentertainment, but relate it to their hostess job (which is to seek thetruth and to see to believe becomes a rule) and promotes theconsumption among the people so that they check their attributes"such-dandruff not lose confidence but you earn". Myths About Baldness in Colombian society.
  • 39. Attributes Dandruff-free & Cleanliness Wash or not wash your hair daily?An average woman spends in either washing,drying or styling your hair, about 2 ½ hours aweek, trying to make it look good, only in thisaspect of your image, but is it good to do this routine every day? According to a survey by the American magazine Womens Health, 40% of women use shampoo every day, and the remaining 60% of them have decided to leave the daily routine of washing to get a more healthy and shiny hair.
  • 40. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson have declared it and get better results when washing your hair once or twice in 15 days. Therefore it has become a trend for this practice among American women. "I do not need to wash your hair health every day," says Dr. Amy McMichael, a dermatologist at the School of Medicine at Wake Forest University in the United States. The habit has developed because of a culture of healththat seeks the good odor, which by necessity. However, there is Dr. Pamela G. Rojas, PUC Family Physician no scientific evidence that proves that you do wash it less days be healthier. no-lavarse-diario-el-cabello
  • 41. Relationship between the attributes and behaviors:In North American society there is a tendency for women to stop usingthe shampoo every day, as people from the international celebrity andvery recognized stylists say theyve done better leaving daily use,supported this for female dermatologists and groups beauty.To which advertising campaigns are moving a little more in the segmentof men, are hit hardest them dandruff and focusing on cleaning andhygiene is another very important factor within this culture. Thats whywe put an athletes most popular sport in the United States (Americanfootball) and higher medalist Olympic history and promote the 7benefits: (Benefit # 1: Fights Dryness, # 2: Calms Itch , # 3: RelievesIrritation, # 4: Reduces Redness, # 5: Controls oiliness, # 6: RemovesFlakes # 7: Leaves Hair Beautiful).
  • 42. AttributesDandruff-free & Healthy Scalp
  • 43.
  • 44. PromotionHead and Shoulders has had many promotions, considering the passion for thesport in Colombia. For example in 2010 was promoting "Journey to South Africawith Gillette, Duracell and Head and Shoulders"This year in May, P & G made ​a similar promotion called "with Gillette Colombiaand Head & Shoulders earns trip to London Olympics 2012" So, the consumer must purchase more products from these brands to have more chances to win.
  • 45. Other promotions by H & S is offering discount on second unitP&G also makes promotion for Head & Shoulders, promoting one of its products as Oral B Real pictures
  • 46. PromotionHead and shoulders and P&G strategy is to promote and sponsor the Olympic Games and they also sponsor good athletes. They also give you more products from P&G if you buy head and shoulders products. They also got coupons to give to people so the head and shoulders bottle gets cheaper.
  • 47. Promotion H&S Czech Republic, P & G Proud sponsor of moms, London Olympics 2012, P & G, the Olympic sponsorProcter & Gamble alsoprepared a series ofpromotional videos calledThank you, Mom! That fromthe perspective of motherstells about educationOlympians. Procter and Gamble offered many trips for children and mums during the holidays 2012.
  • 48. Thousands of athletes have trained hard for the Olympic Games, the brand head & shoulders has launched a new type of shampoo sports fresh.Whether youre faced with any challenge, head & shoulders shampoofresh sports is the best way to start your day and give you theconfidence and the courage. Spirit shampoo Head & shoulders sports fresh is Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer and world ambassador for the brand.
  • 49.
  • 50. Channel of distribution In Colombia can be found Head & Shoulders in places like supermarkets and drug stores in its 3 presentations.In places like grocerystores consumers can find H & S in small packages
  • 51. Channel of distributionThe way of how they distribute the product in the states or thechannels of distribution are, supermarkets and drug stores,supermarkets as Walmart, target, Kmart and big drug stores such asWalgreens and CVS pharmacy
  • 52. Channel of distribution Products are mostly distributed to the supermarkets,chemist´s and many distributors sell products of H&S in their e-shops.
  • 53. ¡Thank you!