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Causes of revolutionary war

Causes of revolutionary war






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    Causes of revolutionary war Causes of revolutionary war Presentation Transcript

    • Causes of the Revolutionary War
    • Death and Taxes• After the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) the British had war debts• To pay for war debts the British began to tax the colonists – OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!!
    • Opposition to taxes• The colonists first complained about taxes• Gradually they became more angry and refused to pay taxes• They organized boycotts
    • Townsend Act 1767• tax on imports of glass, paint, paper, and tea• New York Legislature was suspended until it agreed to quarter British soldiers• Boycotted British goods causing the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party
    • Boston MassacreThe Boston Massacre was the killing of five men by British soldiers on March 5, 1770.
    • Boston Tea Party December 16, 1774• In protest of the tea act• 50 individuals dressed as Indians• boarded three vessels docked in the harbor and threw 90,000 pounds of tea into the water
    • Coercive Acts• closing of the port of Boston until the East India Tea Company received payment for the tea dumped into the harbor.• The Royal Governor took control over the Massachusetts government and would appoint all officials.• British took the right to quarter soldiers anywhere in the Colonies.
    • Common SenseThomas Paine wrote a pamphlet which blamed the King for the problems not the colonists
    • • Drafting the declaration of Independence by JLG Ferris
    • DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCEPURPOSE- justify independence from EnglandIDEAS- 1- all people have natural rights 2- governments get power from the consent of governed 3- when government doesn’t do its job people have the right to alter or abolish it “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!”