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I have come to rely on LinkedIn as a tool for my position and want to share with you how I set it up and use it on a regular basis.

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Linked In, My Personal Tool 2009 04

  1. 1. LinkedIn … for your Professional Development Presented to the RCLCO Team and CFO Network Bethesda Spring 2009
  2. 2. LINKEDIN WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT THIS I believe LinkedIn is a useful business development tool, whether the “business” you are targeting right now is you or your current position. In the past two months I ve personally invested the time to build my I’ve network, and now simply maintain it. LinkedIn is now a tool for me. I want to share that with others, and am certain that my investment to build the network has paid off already. This is how I’ve used it. •Leveraged my contacts for three specific needs, and been successful in accomplishing my task •Confirmed ith 2-3 ll •C fi d with 2 3 colleagues th t th t h that they too have recently come t rely on tl to l this tool •Challenged me to document my own career; has identified key goals for myself in where I want to grow •Accomplished both RCLCO business development and Kelly Jennings Accomplished professional development by re-establishing contacts and reaching out to them proactively and not •Eliminated my paper rolodex with an electronic one in many cases 1 RCLCO P-number
  3. 3. LINKEDIN DISCLAIMER It’s likely that the information in this presentation is only 50-75% of what LinkedIn has to offer. Please pass along to me any features you’ve found useful, I’d love to learn more. They say LinkedIn is a way to find a job, and network how marketable you really are. If you are seeking other employment, then I believe LinkedIn would help you get there. But I still feel strongly that to build up your own p personal business development, this is a g p , great tool to help with j p just that. I have used some quotes from the LinkedIn website as to the best use of some areas. 2 RCLCO P-number
  4. 4. How I have maximized LinkedIn 3 RCLCO P-number
  5. 5. PROFESSIONAL “HEADLINE” BEYOND YOUR TITLE This can be your brand, your skill set, your area of expertise. In your rolodex of connections, this is the one liner others see. Is this how you want yourself reflected? Examples • Leave out your title: “Experienced leader of accounting finance Experienced accounting, finance, and technology teams in Small-Mid Sized growing businesses” • Include your certifications: “Vice President, LEED-AP” • Include your college degree: “Masters of Political Science, Yale University (’04)” • Include your company’s name: “Vice President of Character Development Vice Development, Disney International” 4 RCLCO P-number
  6. 6. SUMMARY LIST AREAS OF EXPERTISE Summary y This area will be searchable when people are looking for someone. Be sure to include your passions/expertise Light up your Profile with your voice. Use specific adjectives, colorful verbs, active construction ('managed project team,' not 'responsible for , p project team management'). Act naturally. Don't write in the third person unless that formality suits your brand. Picture yourself at a conference or client meeting. How do you introduce yourself? That's your authentic voice, so use it. 5 RCLCO P-number
  7. 7. JOB HISTORY & EDUCATION IMPROVE YOUR CONNECTIBILITY Job History & Education y Put in all of your positions, current and past Put in your university (expand to high school if that’s your target audience) 6 RCLCO P-number
  8. 8. CONNECTIONS MULTIPLE AVENUES TO FIND CONNECTIONS Classmates Once you identify your education, you can search by g graduation y year Colleagues Once you enter your job history, you can search by history employer Import Contacts Search your Outlook contacts or your Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Invite Contacts individually Last Name, First Name, Email required (be sure you have input into LinkedIn all your email addresses, so people can find you) 7 RCLCO P-number
  9. 9. CLAIM AND DISPLAY YOUR WEB PRESENCE GRAB YOUR VANITY URL AND ADD YOUR WEBSITES Your URL with LinkedIn Follow the link to search for what is available and grab it before its taken Remember your brand (WinklerDev) List Any Websites you have See the recommended choices for ideas RCLCO Business Development can be done here 8 RCLCO P-number
  10. 10. ACCOUNT SETTINGS YOUR PERSONAL EXPOSURE AND INTERUPTION Too many options to list li t Add both work and personal email; set one as the primary for notifications Notify connections (or not) when you update status (recommended) What is displayed i Wh t i di l d in your public profile Determine when and how you see any messages/updates Filter your invitations 9 RCLCO P-number
  11. 11. ACCOUNT SETTINGS WHAT UPDATES DO YOU WANT ABOUT YOUR NETWORK On your home page or not y g How many items What are those items Remember that you can set up settings so that you get a weekly email 10 RCLCO P-number
  12. 12. USING LINKEDIN STATUS UPDATES Status Update It will be on here until you remove it Advertise yourself, advertise your company Announce an addition to your profile (SlideShare posting) Connect with your connections by commenting on their Status Update p Refer to a website 11 RCLCO P-number
  13. 13. USING LINKEDIN ATTACH FILES TO YOUR PROFILE USING SLIDESHARE Your Profile will list any y presentations you post to SlideShare You must register for SlideShare and install the tool first, first see Applications (there are other applications) Get permission to publish the information Post only PDFs y Use your status update to announce this posting 12 RCLCO P-number
  14. 14. USING LINKEDIN RECOMMEND PEOPLE, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD Received Recommendations View them all at one time Choose to show or not show them Request an update to a recommendation Sent Recommendations Display them where? Increase your exposure Reward where reward is due Request Recommendations Choose what you want to be recommended for, from whom, , , and send a personal message Seems reasonable if you are moving jobs, but be careful about asking – some think it’s an imposition 13 RCLCO P-number
  15. 15. USING LINKEDIN ANSWERS? DO YOU HAVE ONE, OR NEED ONE? Answers, and Questions See what questions your network is asking Ask questions to specific people in your network Search by category that interest you Thoughtful questions and useful answers build your credibility. The best ones give p p a g people reason to look at your Profile. Make a point of answering questions in your field to establish your expertise, raise your visibility and most visibility, important, to build social capital with people in your network. Questions are able to be answered for 7 days y 14 RCLCO P-number
  16. 16. Thank You. Kelly Jennings, VP of Finance & Administration at RCLCO www linkedin com/in/kellyjenningscpa 15 RCLCO P-number