Refueling the Travel Industry with Social Media


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Although the economy has hurt all industries, the destination travel industry has been one of the quickest to jump into the social media world. With great content, willingness to share and interesting topics, it is ripe for social networking. However, clear returns and results have been lacking. This presentation expains why and what to do about it.

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Refueling the Travel Industry with Social Media

  1. THE TARGETED GROUP Refueling the Golf Travel Industry with Social Technologies Richard C. Brasser Golf Travel Marketing Summit August 18, 2010 ©2009 The Targeted Group
  2. TO STAY IN TOUCH Richard Brasser Twitter: @socmedia365 Gvoice: 646.719.0619 Email: LinkedIn: 866-738-8768
  3. The Targeted Group’s Clients
  4. Is Social Media… A waste of time?
  5. This is an actual product People Resist Change!
  6. Just for kids
  7. Leveraging Social Media Implementing Your Strategy
  8. How We Help You Do It Social Media Strategy Roadmap A Social Media Solution will affect many parts of an organization. How will it affect yours? We examine over 130 items critical to developing your social media roadmap. Want a Copy? Follow: @socmedia365 & @TheTG
  9. Research Data: Planning with Social Media Social media is on a dramatic upward trend Number of people that used social media to choose a destination •2006 4% •2007 23% •2010 73% Why? People trust personal recommendations and experience sharing Source Hotel Marketer
  10. What is the number one thing that people want from the travel industry? Authenticity
  11. Real Life Story
  12. Case Study:
  13. Experts sharing: •Honest experiences •Real videos and pics •Special tips •Networking •Experience sharing •Forum questions •Commenting
  14. Common Mistakes!
  15. Common Mistakes • Using social networking but not adding value, conversation or meaning • Using social networking as a new channel for one directional marketing • Wasting time, money and resources to create a diffused, disparate and non-unified communication
  16. Did Kodak miss the mark?
  17. Quick Market Analysis What is working and what is not
  18. The Top Gun of Fortune 500 Brands Overall Brands perform well at messaging and branding, yet falter at setting expectations, enabling peer to peer interactions and fostering advocacy
  19. Key Opportunities Freeware
  20. Best strategies • Make it easy for your happy guests to spread your message • Capture the “experience” and share • Energize existing networks • Twitter offers – case study: us airways • Find circles of influence • Custom Communications platform
  21. Case study: @jowyang • jowyang Being adventurous in Kauai results in rewards, found a waveless cove in Princville at sunrise. (2/2) • jowyang Nice meeting many of you @starwoodhawaii and especially Alvin Wong for his hospitality. The Luau at Sheraton Kauai was an experience • DinanGirl @jowyang gorgeous photo.Thnx for sharing your trip to Hawaii and all your wisdom about social media.I grew up in Hawaii and miss it! • Found a steep locals only trail here in Kauai, let's see where it leads: • Driving in Kauai North Shore, untouched, unspoiled, 1 lane bridges.http:// • starwoodhawaii @jowyang Mahalo for staying w/ us @ #WestinPrinceville Ocean Resort Villas! DOSM Alvin Wong was thrilled to meet you! • natalielent Just got an incredible westin offer from @starwoodhawaiiafter hitting 100k points! But #needmorevacationdays cc @jowyang Total impact of conversation: 2,462,367 real people
  22. Most Important Solution • Understand WHY you are using social networks • Aggregate your messaging internally and externally • Make it easy for the audience and build unified communications with your team • Be human and create social interactions
  23. Key Opportunities Unified Communication Platform
  24. Discussion Time • Ask a few people in crowd